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    View File Red Gaming's Critical Mass Wdx Here's my version of critical mass by red gaming,decent machine with a decent sound paclage,one off reel symbols to boot,massive thanks to fruitsim for the pictures of his machine,wizard for mfme and matty.n for the classic this is based on.All short cuts are normal MFME V6.1 ONLY,CHEERS. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 23/05/19 Category Red Gaming  
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    View File Nudge Shuffle MK1 System80 Hi Guys. Welcome to my second layout. Since I found out that this game was in fact a System 80 game in an SRU cabinet (thanks Ploggy), and that Dad (dadsfme.co.uk) had the roms I thought I would put my house moving/waiting around time to good use. Unfortunately there was practically no artwork for this when I started, so I redrew everything from scratch, using an old flyer Ploggy posted, and endlessly watching 3 low res videos on youtube. Anyway after about 60-70 hours of clicking away, and learning new techniques, I came up with something resembling the original game. Thanks go to Tommy c for providing some additional pics, Vectra666 for his input, Dad who has been testing the layout, and giving feedback, and of course Wizard who has made this all possible:) Have fun......Amusements Submitter Amusements Submitted 27/05/19 Category JPM  
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    View File JPM Samurai German here´s my next release from a german jpm machine with impact tech called samurai. have fun video from my youtube channel: MFME 6.1 Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 17/06/19 Category JPM
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    Well managed to get some fme work done today,richy sent me some fruity images which iv'e managed to have a look at this evening. A photo of this machine was in em,i've managed to sort this base out from the image i had,it's not the best,the button graphics will be changed at the end as the cancel buttons a little rough,just finished lamping it ready for mfme.
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    I did a 4K remake of Andy Capp (Dutch). It was a lot of work so i hope you all enjoy. Andy Capp 4K-v1.1.zip
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    View File Barcode £6 DX New version of barcode £6. Thanks to Spa for images from his google drive. Vectra for help with the reels and checking things. Wizard for the emulator. Enjoy. Submitter Richy1976 Submitted 29/05/19 Category Bell-Fruit  
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    here are the roms, The seller was kind enough to throw another set in too, the other set has broken legs so i need to patch the prom before i can dump so that will come later. comes with 1 game set and 2 sound sets. Club Great Escape (Maygay) [c] (Rom).zip
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    i bought the roms, will dump and upload next week.
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    I can't see this has been converted before and I don't believe a MFME version is available either. So here's Hi Impact by fruitmad2003 and Hurtland165. They obviously didn't have great resources, so is this really the best there is out there resources wise? if not could be a future DX for someone. Usual conversion changes applied. Hi Impact.zip
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    View File Cloud 999 £4.80 Dx's Next up is this old skool favourite of retro players up and down the country, Cloud 999. In the Zip file is two versions, a lamps blended and a lamps Un-blended version. I've added both if the blended version runs too slow on your pc then the un-blended one is quicker. On the Blended version you may notice a few lamps and the first reel "jump" slightly, this is cured in mfme v19 same goes for the speed due to the blended lamps it may run slower in v6.1 but again it's vastly improved when v19 is released. Now the Thanks Firstly to Kriss for the original 1280dx version used for the majority of lamping positions A Big thankyou to Line Up Chris via the Mecca for uploading Hi Quality photos of the reel symbols, its thanks to these guys who own the older or any machines for giving us the images/roms for these classic machines Finally to Richy1976 who has help greatly with the blended lamps around the cabinet edges form id'ing various lamps to adding the correct masks to them, and adding coin in/out effects. Shortcuts are as standard. So Finally Enjoy it like its the 90's and Happy Gaming!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 15/06/19 Category Barcrest  
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    View File Jackpot Justice classic layout Jackpot Justice £25, 30p play, 86%. An impact machine by QPS. I decided to do this, as it was only available on Jpemu and that version wouldn't convert. I have no source art at all, so no idea of how this machine looks in real life. It is a clone of Cash Crusade or the other way around. The Hybrid DX of Cash Crusade for JPEMU (which also won't convert) uses Jackpot Justice roms and they seem a perfect match, so I have based the placement of the trails etc, on how they are on Cash Crusade, but have tried to make things a bit different. The usual thanks to Wizard and the roms provider. Also to whoever created those reels, the author of the Jpemu version. Submitter wearecity Submitted 04/06/19 Category QPS  
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    View File Nudge Double Up Deluxe Mk 4 Wdx Here's a photo based dx of jpms double up deluxe mk 4,much fairer on the nudges than the mk 3 lite a nudge and each way nudge,massive thanks to thompy on the mecca for images of his machine and for the pics of the reel symbols,and to wizard for mfme,all short cuts are normal. MFME V 6.1 ONLY THANKS. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 08/06/19 Category JPM  
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    View File Disco Inferno classic layout Disco Inferno. A Scorpion 4 machine by Mazooma. Set on £15 Jackpot, 25p Play at 82% Payout. Thanks to Wizard for MFME, the rom provider, the flyer provider, Vec for the Disco Inferno symbol. Haven't got any pictures of the real machine, so this is based on how the machine looks on the flyer in this post. I appreciate that it may not be in the style for easy of playing, but wanted to try to capture the machine the best I can using classic lamps, as I have done before. There is a simpler version over at fruit-emu, if you prefer that style, in the wip thread (fruit-emu is not working at the moment so can't link). This is pretty much a clone of Wet N Wild and the reels including the card flip reels are in the exact same position as on Wet N Wild. Submitter wearecity Submitted 10/06/19 Category Mazooma  
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    Here it is if anyone wants to run it through the CONVERT-O-MAGICO tool. Big Cash Machine DX.zip
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    View File BWB Blues Boys German Hi guys . here s a release from my very first layouts that i build in 2017 the blues boys. i dxd it from scratch again in a hi resolution at 2560x1600 and its definitely better than the old layout from 2017. have fun mfme 6.1 minimum if you have slowdowns then wait for mfme 19 it has hardware accelleration. Submitter Spidy21982 Submitted 08/06/19 Category BWB  
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    Create checkboxes 65, 68 & 71 and check them
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    View File 'Classic' Crazy Fruits £5 Dx's ONLY DOWNLOAD THE (FULLY LAMPED ) VERSION IF YOUR PC IS TOP END AS THIS VERSION WILL SLOW DOWN SEVERELY DUE TO MULTI-BLENDED LAMPS!!!!!! IF YOU'VE A SHITTY LAPTOP LIKE ME (LOL) DOWNLOAD THE STANDARD VERSION!!! I Have remade the fully lamped version about a 3/4 of the size of the original layout, and it dos speed things up a little, as for the blended lamps on the v6.1 edition you may notice a slight "jump" in the lamps this is eliminated in the mfme update, try it and let us know if its good speed wise Next up is a different version of the well known crazy fruits in terms of payoutsThanks goto Hitthesix and Richy1976 for layout set up'sShortcuts are as normal 10p = 9 and the slot is on the left hand side of the standard £1 one Plays in Mfme6.1 + Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Classic Crazy Fruits (Fully Lamped) £5 Dx v6.1.zip Submitter vectra666 Submitted 02/06/19 Category Bell-Fruit  
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    second set for great escape attached, 6 broken legs. . . . was a pain but got there in the end. Club Great Escape SC99035.zip
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    Draw droppingly good ! I am sitting here looking at this in attract mode thinking sweet god, amazing. As soon as the top left logo lit up - it was that looks pretty awesome then the rest of the machine came into play. This is without going on about the disc reel, reels and just general lamping look and everything else. Gameplay aside on the machine here with the way this looks, at some point in the future near the end of time if every there was an MFME pack of layouts that was made that were must have purely on how damn bloody pleasing to the eye it was, this would be in that pack. @Tommy c many thanks for such a brilliant visual treat. @FruitSim thank you for the resources that you have provided. @Wizard thank you for the engine that made this happen. This machine is something very special here on how it looks. Great work.
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    View File Nitro (new version) Further to my original uploaded at fruit-emu, I've revamped it, so decided to up it here as well. Submitter wearecity Submitted 18/06/19 Category Red Gaming  
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    Did you know you can offset the position of the text in a button or lamp as follows:
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    View File Nudge Gems Wdx Here's an update for mfme 6.1 of mdm's nudge gems,I've had to alter the flyer to make it 20p play £5 as the only other settings were 2p and 5p play,Plays a good game once you get it going,thanks to compost corner for the classic,spa for the £5 decal i used from a small pic he had on his google drive and to wizard for mfme. MFME V6.1 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 17/06/19 Category MDM  
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    View File Paint The Town Red - Classic Layout Here's Paint The Town by Red Gaming. Set on a £25 Jackpot at 30p Play, with 82% payout. I've tried to incorporate as much detail of the real machine into the layout, with some obvious restrictions, so a bit of artistic impression here and there. I also this time didn't want any real graphic but to make everything with classic lamps. It's a bit on the long side, but hopefully everything is readable on a 17" + screen at least. Thanks as ever to Wizard for MFME and to everyone else for keeping the scene alive. Submitter wearecity Submitted 15/06/19 Category Red Gaming  
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    ...ok so this was on my YouTube recommendations... ...I have no idea why, it's a chunk of life I'll never get back, but there is something that just makes you watch and watch and watch... ...it gets very odd - but they are "oh so serious!".
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    Already have a complete dx of this,it was designed in v19 though so no 6.1 dx I'm afraid,this was done back in March.
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    What has this got to do with mfme development!!!
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    Hi guys, Long time FME follower, first time DIF registrant Good to be here! Chris x
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    View File Cheque Mate Here's Cheque Mate £25, 30p 88%. Another Impact machine, that was previously only on Jpemu. I tried to make this as black and white, to follow the chess theme, but too much white/black doesn't make for a good looking layout. Thanks firstly this time to Johnnyafc for the Jpemu version, this enabled me to get it done quicker and also have the reels for the machine. Thanks to Wizard for MFME and to the rom provider. Submitter wearecity Submitted 08/06/19 Category JPM  
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    Thanks to Degsy for upping the Jempu DX of Big Cash machine. I still can't find it in the downloads at fruit-emu. Here's the converted version. JEMPU version by Hurtland165 Big Cash Machine.zip
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    Aye I've got it in my JPeMU collection.
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    Another Jpemu conversion. Colour Of Money by JPM. £15, 30p. It's appears to be a Euphoria clone. Steveir made the Jpemu version. The conversion of this had several issues after conversion, so I had to add/change quite a bit of stuff, due to this, I decided to make some further changes/enhancements. Colour of Money.zip
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    Another Jpemu conversion. Force 10 a JPM machine, set on £15, 30p, 86% A popular machine back in the day IIRC. Surprised it hasn't been done on MFME before, unless I'm missing something. Force10.zip
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    Sorry haven't got time to load the layout up, but try these £6 roms, they work and are £6 jackpot mate. Cheers J Bonanza (Jpm).zip
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    Another quick conversion from Jpemu to MFME Big Cash Machine £15, 25p play. An Empire Games machine. As usual I've just made it playable in MFME and a few necessary changes to the layout like changing # signs into £, as the conversion tools doesn't do that. Thanks to whoever did the Jpemu version bigcashmachineclassic.zip
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    The thing I find totally mind blowing are the demos people still write for the old 8 bits, I was watching some Spectrum ones earlier, some are insane, pushing the machines to their limits and then pushing them further, impressive stuff. J
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    Also dont make the lamp overlaps larger than need be, and be sure to unpack them before release.
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    ...a warehouse was like the second hand garage forecourt. "Yes, I would like to try the second table from the bottom on the right hand side please - yes that's the one"
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    Very nice - that is a but of supersized layout ! Looks lovely on my monitor - thank you.
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    Hi there, 40something old school Line-up fan here, Looking forward to seeing some great layouts !!
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    Many thanks vectra, always great to see one of these classic Impulses get the full DX treatment
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    Many thanks Tommy, I've really been enjoying playing this one
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    This is a preview of the ZZap64 advert... Again, based on the original which I had great support from @A:E on.
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    Wait ! You missed two one hit wonders that I love...
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    The machine is here now, so should be able to grab them all shortly.
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    Ok nice. You Channel is now on the "FME Video" tab at the top of the forum page, ( http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/videos/ ).
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    Gotta say - when you see all three together - they do look nice... Here they are on eBay if anyone has a nice gape for three machines... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Star-Wars-Trilogy-Fruit-Machines-The-Holy-Grail-of-Fruit-Machines-1-No-Res/323827126657?hash=item4b6599d181:g:2CYAAOSwHC1c-PRx I do think the description is wrong that "only 50 were made" !
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    Hi, coming back onto the scene after about 5 years away, great to see Red Gaming now emulated which were a favourite of mine from the past. Are there any Red Gaming club machines emulated? Cheers Matt
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    The rom is now included
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    Hi everyone I'm new to playing fruits, more of a slots player really, but really got into this. A lot of fun, I really enjoy how you need to spend time to learn each new machine, and of course all the humor
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