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    Well I think it's time to get this out to a few people for final beta testing and if the feedback is positive I hope to release it before the end of the year, so time is ticking. The first 10 people ( Windows 10 only ) that pm me will get a copy, I expect feedback from the testing so if you aren't prepared to do that then don't apply. It's now all packaged up in a installer and going forward will only install/run under Windows 10 as some of the new functionality is only supported on that OS The biggest change is that now it uses hardware acceleration for the drawing/scaling which takes a large load off the main and emulation threads resulting in much better performance and no more pixel creep, artifacts etc It also now has a "Check for Updates" button that will download any future updates automatically, making it easier to maintain hopefully. The version number is v18.0 ( which reflects the year of issue and won't clash with any past releases) Bear in mind that any layout saved with this version won't then run on any previous versions! and please read the history.txt file for the list of changes/fixes or click the logo in the about box for just the latest changes in this update. This version will also require a database rescan. I'd also like to take the opportunity to wish all members a Happy New Year Chris
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    Nice old MPU3 machine from Associated Lesuire, big thanks to Andy for passing on scans that originally came from @Leeham, hitthesix for a classic and @Ploggy for clearing up some confusion surrounding rom/cab revisions with different button configurations. ****************************************** Bulls Eye DX ****************************************** Released - 25th December 2018 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - Associated Lesuire Stake - 10p Jackpot - £3 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter £1 9 - Enter 10p 8 - Enter 10p Token 1 - Hold/Nudge 1 2 - Hold/Nudge 2 3 - Hold/Nudge 3 Q - Nudge Up 1 W - Nudge Up 2 E - Nudge Up 3 ` - Cancel A/N - Auto Nudge C - Collect Space/G - Start/Gamble ****************************************** Thanks to... Leeham/Andy - Glasses hitthesix - Classic Ploggy - Tech help ****************************************** Bulls_Eye_DX.zip
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    View File The Vault Another clubber. The job is done, you've had something from me every week of 2018 ! Happy New Year !!! Let's see what 2019 brings... Submitter Reg Submitted 29/12/18 Category Red Gaming  
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    Hello All! Just a quick post to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. This site is a combination of various things to do with FME. For a lot of you that are new here, you won't know the full history of Desert Island Fruits but we've arrived at a point where I am really happy with how things are. There are some names that I really need to check that have helped this journey. I'd like to call out at this point a huge thanks to @Wizard for the work that goes into MFME and allowing it to be hosted here. I'd also like to call out @Pook for allowing DX'Cellent to become part of this site. Finally @pete_w for the stellar hosting service he provides and even when we had the blip a few months ago, I know for the fact that he is a smaller company the services he provides are beyond what any large company would give. There are so many others I must also thank beyond each and every one of you as the membership as a whole that makes this site what it is. These others are the people that donate. This site was never ever going to have donations but I eventually got asked way too many times so we made it happen. To each of you who have supported the site, thank you very much. The roll of honour is long but it needs to be mentioned as each of you make the day to day costings so much easier. I did try to put you all in with the @ prefix to name check you as the above people - but alias the editor didn't like that idea so you get a picture instead. Years ago, I used to run a site called retrochat, once give away an now long gone. That has has a semi-revival in the form of: Desert Island Retro If you are signed up here, you will also get full access to the above site ( as well as DX'Cellent ) as it is a shared membership base. Note that no donation money goes towards Desert Island Retro, that is 100% off my own back and simply a sub-forum here that is branded. All domains etc come from my own pocket. This was also the first as this site had an advert in Crash 2019 annual. Many thanks to @A:E for making my efforts into something a little special. It was also nice to be able to call out other sites on it such as @dad and DADsfme. This was again done separate from the donations as that fund is used to keep the lights burning, software updated and supported and such. Anything extra like this is purely something that is funded sepeartely. I just want to mention this so it's clear I am not blowing funds on other stuff. The advert looked like this... ...one of my worries was always the QR codes would not work on print - but yes they did. The only disappointment was that there was a cut-off date in going to press so I had to go with what supporters we had present at the time. I am sure that we'll do this again next year on a different book that goes to Kickstarter if there is an option... The .FML artists are excellent, we've had many great layouts this year all too may to mention each one, but if you have one of these... ...then know you have my thanks for all the work you do. Your name may have not been mentioned directly, but please know that even as a contributing member you make the difference here. Thank you for taking the time to visit, read and be part of this wonderful community. Have a very Happy Xmas and an excellent New Year. See if I was @Pook I would have said " DX'Cellent New Year"... ...but now he can't take that pun ! Have a good one - be safe - and look forward to 2019 - I have a gut feeling it's going to be fantastic. Reg.
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    THE END ( of 2018 ) This is my final post of the year and just wishing all Members a very Happy New Year and hope that your MFME dreams come true for 2019... ...it's been a great year and lovely to see that MFME is doing the beta rounds at the moment which I know has found a few bugs. @Wizard thank you for the continuing support of MFME and what you do for us as a community. I've really enjoyed this site and what as a community we have done. One example that is not often spoken about is the Missing Rom thread, a fair few gaps for that gone sorted. It's been good, it's been fun, let's see what 2019 brings us... For me, it had better be this which is seriously overdue... ...beyond this, have a safe New Year and see you in 2019.
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    In addition to what wearecity said above, it's also worth remembering that Windows 7 goes out of extended support in 13 months, at which point you really don't want to be running it on anything as it'll stop getting critical security updates. So Windows 7 is absolutely on borrowed time and IMO it's far better to have a version of the emulator designed to run on a current/future operating system, and to leverage the advantages of having a standardised platform in the process. As wearecity said, if you care about FME enough, you'll make the switch! Very excited to see the new version Wizard!
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    Merry christmas! Have fun! Cash-Cops.zip
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    View File Cash of the Titans This is a club machine from Empire. We don't have many club machines released these days, so consider this one a treat. For anyone that's counting, one more week, one more release to go... ...Merry Xmas ! Submitter Reg Submitted 21/12/18 Category Empire  
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    Hi Guys First of all I would like to give a huge thanks to Wizard for making this project possible, with the awesome and selfless work he has done on MFME and all the layout creators. THANK-YOU!!!! After months of planning, buying, prototyping, testing and building I have finally finished my Mini slot Cabinet that plugs in to my Slot Button Console via Lan cable and in to my PC with a USB.
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    imo the hardware accel alone and the benefits that brings make it worth having a win 10 machine sat there for mfme, tinfoil hats aside its not a bad OS at all freeing up the cpu to do the actual emulation alone and not the drawing and scaling probably gives wizard and designers a lot more wiggle room for silky smooth fruit machine emulation awesomeness
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    It doesn't overwrite the old one, it installs to its own unique folder, and also has its own unique gamedb file.
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    Hi I'm steelfix, been around the boards for a while although nowhere near as much as I used to be. Just saying Hi, always happy to join in convos over time when I'm about. Thanks.
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    Third aisle along, right next to the please and thank you's
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    Pic is £200 jp. If anyone wants pic i will send the zip.
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    In this topic post anything to do with remembering the good old days with lifestyle in the 70's & 80's that you remember. The Pay On Answer Phones. Often housed in these dirty, urine smelling boxes although some still do remain in operation theres very few left. And the phones that was in them. You could spin a 2p coin in the 10p slot but be quick before them pips run out (for those that remember what pips was) and not Gladys Knight and the pips. Replaced by these on the early 80's
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    Been working on this for a day or so, got the base graphics all sorted, just starting to build in mfme over the next few days. Not a bad lo-tech from late 90's, there were quite a few released in this casino cabinet, nice looking machines. Massive thanks to a user called Thompy, over at MPUMECCA for some decent pic resources. Thanks J
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    All goes straigt forward like time,windows,mfme and now im back in the game with a dual boot win7 / win10 system 🙂
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    Spot the ball and the pools. Saturday afternoon on itv world of sport the results and dad would spend the time checking his pools thing, to see if he could win.....nothing. The Pools Spot The Ball. Also the Carling Black Label ad with spot the ball, before we all went PC and it was just called Carling.
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    Managed to grab a bit of time to get this done EDIT - Chris, you may want to look away for this one, the reel offsets are all wrong and everything...... 😳
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    Coal bunkers & Coal Came in one of these. Carried by one of these men And into one of these in the back garden. Lets get the house nice and warm and then someone forgot to full the coal bucket up, so someone goes outside letting all the heat out of the house to refill it. Classic.
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    Just a quick hello, hoping to have some fun here
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    Nicely put, I think that sums it up perfectly.
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    321 ran from 1978-1988 A themed game show that would dress a bin up each week and contestants would try and work out riddles to win prizes. The riddles. A wishbone brought on by Sonny Hayes came with the clue "Take one that never changes, add a pub and a precious stone, bring them all up-to-date, and now, you're on your own.", which the contestants rejected hoping it referred to Dusty Bin. Rogers' explanation of the clue was: "'Take one that never changes', well, that could be Dusty Bin which of course is where you might throw a wishbone. 'Add a pub and a precious stone', well, that doesn't point to Dusty. 'Bring them all up-to-date, and now you're on your own.'. Well, what about the wishbone? Sonny said 'a large wishbone', so what might a large wishbone come from? Something larger than a chicken. Turkey, maybe? Now, 'one that never changes.' is a constant, a pub can also be an inn, there's a lot of precious stones but how many go with 'constant inn'? How about opal? Yes, Constantinople, up to date, the pride of Turkey, you've rejected a 3–2–1 holiday!".
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    Nothing , don’t bother me aslong as the kids get stuff
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    I've had my arcade cabinet (a Mountain Dew branded- Pepsi promotional unit) about 4 years and have been enjoying MAME (as most here, I'm sure), several... dare we disclose.. console emu's and Visual Pinball. Along with the excellent tables at VPForums, I tried a few (I think that's all there is) Pachinko machines also. Those just didn't seem to cut it for me. This year I added Steam which my boys tell me "about time!". However must confess, of the [only] 8ish games under Steam, most are in the Lego genre. Keeping it simple. My cab originally came with Maximus Arcade. Hey, don't knock it. It's a great front end for what it is. It's just long out of development. Haven't had a system yet I couldn't run through it. However wanting more from a FE, I tried most every one out there. Either wasn't quite what I was looking for or I was too impatient to study the how-to's and set it up. After a short hiatus went back to researching and landed on LaunchBox/BigBox. So.... short story long, thanks for the site and I'm looking forward to adding slots to the cabs' arsenal.