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    Well whilst searching for some reel images this evening,came across this off image of vortex i put together from photo's some time ago,i decided to lamp it tonight and do the drawing bits,all photo shop work is done now,both red and blue lamps are done,just got to make a classic for it as there isn't one afaik,not gonna be great as it's made from ebay and google pics!!
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    Great footie themed machine from Maygay, thought I'd get this out now as after June 18th we might not be in the mood for it. Thanks to Reg & Wizard for assistance in this release. ****************************************** Subbuteo DX ****************************************** Released - 26th April 2018 Author - Dave Pook Manufacturer - Maygay Stake - 30p Jackpot - £25 ****************************************** Shortcuts... 0 - Enter £1 ` - Cancel 1 - Hold/Nudge 1 2/H - Hold/Nudge 2/Hi 3/L - Hold/Nudge 3/Lo C- Collect S -Shuffle F - Take Features A - Auto Nudge Space/G - Start/Gamble ****************************************** Thanks to.. @Reg - Classic @Wizard - v6.1 compliance ****************************************** Subbuteo_DX.zip
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    Been working on this layout on and off for a little while and finally finished it! Couldn't find a pic of the actual machine so have made the layout from memory. Pretty sure the reel symbols I've used aren't quite the right ones. I think BWB did a small number of machines which used slightly different symbols. Quite a fun machine to play with some reasonable sounds. However gameplay gets predictable after a while with this rom version. Think the machine would have been in the arcades around 1993 given the Shamen and Adamski etc samples. Thanks to Wizard for making it all possible and also Degsy for reminding me about this machine (he mentioned it in one of his Youtube vids). The Big Match (BWB).zip
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    This is QPS Caribbean Csh £5 Jackpot 90% Payout. Thanks to Vectra666 for the DX and Reg for everything else. Shortcuts are as usual. Caribbean_Cash_£5_Jackpot_Classic.rar
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    Had some time today to get everything sorted in mfme and redrawn the crystal dome lamps,all finished now apart from some soak testing.
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    This video inspired me to add a new feature, SHIFT F12 to reset the Short Term Meters, will save you having to reload each time 😀
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    ...has been upgraded to the latest version of Invasion Community. If anything is not working, please let me know, otherwise enjoy your stay...
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    Hi everyone. As an introduction I’m an MPU mecca regular and I guess a few will have seen me over there. I’ve come across in search of FME6.1 as I can’t download it from the mecca. Hope you don’t hold it against me I’m not much of an FME player these days but I do the odd physical MPU / PSU repair on some through hole type tecs. I may have been responsible for one or two ROM rips here and there but nothing too special. Anyway that’s me and I’ll share what I get my mitts on as I do.
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    This is actually a bug in the Emulator, the sound chip is being driven slightly differently in this game and I've not seen this behaviour in any other game so far released. I have now fixed it and it will be included in the next release.
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    Still struggling with the Portal / Gallery issue. The designer of the portal has offered to have a look - so hopefully progress soon. In other news... WE HAVE PAST 600 MEMBERS - FANTASTIC AND THANK YOU TO EVERYONE. ...I have killed the New Skool Gaming area, it only had two posts. ...it has been replaced by a For Sale / Wanted area and I've moved a few of those posts that were randomly kicking around elsewhere into that area to get it going. With zero work, it's already more popular then the area it replaced.
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    On course for this to get released next week at some point. Really coming together now. Ignore the reels, they are being worked on next. J
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    play this in the latest emulator update mfme6.1.0.363 Another release (or two)this weekend!! One i've been keeping for a while due to Captain Haddock's classic release earlier in the month. One of my favourite astra machine the single version of Partytime now in dx format set on £5 and £25 jackpots, personally i don't think its as good as the original multi players. Thanks goto Captain Haddock for his classic layout of this and the flyer he uploaded to the £25 decals used also thanks to Astraluke for the £5 decals and to Wizard for updating mfme6.1 to accommodate this layout, if you've not downloaded the latest mfme6.1 then its available via here but you'll need to be a member and follow the criteria to be enabled to download this here's the link for Mfme ...http://www.desertisl.../file/116-mfme/ shortcuts are as standard Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Astra's_Partytime_Player_£5_Dx.zip Astra's_Partytime_Player_£25_Dx.zip
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    An IN-DEPTH INVESTIGATION (sort of) into ACE's short-lived experiment with a 'Fair Play' hi/lo reel.
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    I would just like to take a moment to say well done on your first layout here. This is first time I've ever set a machines to 2p / £5. That is a horrific stake and prize. Credit where credit due - you have just picked up the tools and given this a go. There are plenty of people that have feared the tools and simply not ventured into the art of making a layout. You did not. Going forward you will find that there are all sorts of things you can do with the tools - look at some of my classics and see how things are done - you can pull them apart with the editor. I am going to honest, when I linked the document in the other thead I was not sure if you were going to even bother - you have supressed this by actually putting the time an effort into making a game that is functional and working and actually doing one that you were not even going to look at. I am very pleased to give you the additonal rank of... ...well done @SocialDragon368 and I mean that in a supportive way. It is lovely to see a new member pick up the tools.
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    How about this Tommy. I removed some of the perspective that you wouldn't see at the top. J
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    hi all, So glad I found this site. Love all these new layoouts coming out now. Glad you accepted me as a member. thanks
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    Sorry for being so lax on this again folks! Another project consumed my time. I've recently been re-texturing Darth Vader in DICE's Battlefront II on PC at 4K resolution texture files (and also playing with the third-party tool called "Cinematic Tools" to film it with! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keFQ3fEwAQs I should hopefully be able to get back to this soon. If I don't get stuff done this month though I'll be out of the country for just under three months, so I wont have access to my files until then.
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    My name is Pit. I've played machines since the early 80s,i am a 40 year old guy, I am very thankful to all who put hard work into these layouts and machines 😅
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    Just trying to help those a little more who are stuck on Zero Poster status. On every tab they will see this message...
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    Dear Member, If you can see this icon here in your profile, you are classed as a Zero Poster. Warnings have been posted in the Site News area as well as two emails sent out over the past week saying this was going to happen. From this moment onwards - checks and balances will be done on accounts to ensure that Zero Poster members have access seriously restricted to certain areas of this site. We have some great layouts here as well as designers that choose to post their work here along with the author of MFME. There is no need for faceless accounts that choose not to post but only to take. Even a simply "thanks" would have stopped this happening to you if you had used the account simply to download layouts without a single comment. This is a brilliant community that we have here - but - it will not be spoiled by people that are part of the shadows. Account numbers mean nothing to me, I would rather have 300 members that have been part of the site rather and I thank each and every one of them, rather then people that take and give nothing back - even a simply thank you to the author of MFME or an FML Artist who has made a layout. The restrictions are not completely across the site - you are not in total lockdown. To move out of the Zero Poster account, you need to post in the Introduction forum and interact there a little. It is a manual job to remove the Zero Poster status that I am more then happy to do, once I have seen you play your part in the forum where you do have access. I will attempt at all times to get this done within 72 hours of you having made an effort here. Some of you have spent over a year not posting and lurking, I have the stats. This post is being posted in two areas of the forum, the Introduction area and Site News. The membership may have some comments on this that will obviously be welcomed. Reg.
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    Next up it this clubber of that famous street up north, Club Corrrie!!! with the sounds of those famous characters Jack n Vera, Ken and Co!!! Thanks goto Johnny Afc for his classic layout this is based onand to our old Nemesis Swiftkidd (or whatever his username was at the time) whom gave me this hi res image via pm many moons back Shortcuts are listed within the notes but here they are "deep breathe" as there's loads of em lol! Start = SpacebarExchange = ETransfer = TStop = SHolds = 1,2,3,4Hi = 2, Lo = 3Cancel/Collect = CStep down = VTake Nudges = N Level 1 picks = QLevel 2 = WLevel 3 = ELevel 4 = R £1,s in = 0£5 = 7, £10 = 8, £20 = 9 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!! Club_Coronation_Street_£250_Dx_v2.zip
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    add a new one for you hope u enjoy
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    I followed Reg's layout advice and knew i wanted to remake this layout, so i'm trying to create this layout without the MFME for new designers document.
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    So it seems the flyer I have for this is for the original 'fair play' version as can be seem on this flyer. Clearly the rom version we have doesn't use this. I can honestly say until this thread I never knew they existed. Ironic it's called 'fair play'. Or was that the reason for the naming of the 'fair play' campaign?
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    Cabbed up and ready for lamping. Don't know if the coin insert part looks ok at the top! best i could find.
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