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    View File Red Hot Wheels One for the weekend for you all... Submitter Reg Submitted 29/03/19 Category QPS  
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    View File Round The Town £8 DX Round the town £8 dx. Mainly made from youtube video. Thanks to. Vectra666. Tommy C. Submitter Richy1976 Submitted 15/04/19 Category Bell-Fruit  
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    View File Sharp Shooter Here is Sharp Shooter by Voodoo Games set on 25p Play £25 Jackpot. This is the same layout as Disco Crazy I did, but obviously this is an AWP version. Because we haven't the correct symbols I have decided to use the ones from Disco Crazy. There is no images or videos of this (or at least I couldn't find any) so it was guess work and probably lucky I done the other layout. Thanks go to: Dad for the Voodoo symbol used. Mavroz for the original symbols Wizard for his amazing emulator. Shortcuts are in the notes. Hope you enjoy. Please use the current emulator to play this. Submitter andy-1 Submitted 18/04/19 Category Voodoo Games  
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    Sure i had a wip for this on here but trawled through everything,was ages ago,i just chucked it to one size as the decals were horrid and wouldn't lamp good grainy. Anyway decided to have another look at this last night and decided to redraw the decals etc,just half way through the win ladder,hasn't turned out to bad.
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    View File Jokers Wild £4 Dx Following on from Richy1976's excellent Hit the Six layout is another project machine in the form of Jokers Wild Thanks goto to Launton for images/reel symbols which was used in my original mini layout of this back in 2013, to members such as Ploggy, Tommy C, Captain Haddock for help with that layout Moving onto this bigger sized layout, to Richy1976 for adding the coin effects and final lamp numbering help Long Shot!! But if any one can help but we had a slight conflict with the lamp in the top letter "d" as it didn't seam to flash correctly so if anyone has this machine can they find the lamp number it uses. Shortcuts are as Standard Plays in Mfme 6.1+ Enjoy it all over Again and Happy Gaming!!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 22/03/19 Category Project  
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    Try please? maybe a thanks ffs.
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    View File Firestarter Here is Firestarter by Bellfruit. It is multi stake with a £25 Jackpot. There are no images or videos of this so it was pure guess work, I have done my best to figure it out. Thanks go to Tommy C for playtesting Wizard for his amazing emulator Shorrtcuts are in the notes. Hope you enjoy it. Please use MFME 6.1 Submitter andy-1 Submitted 05/04/19 Category Bell-Fruit  
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    I left the UK in 1993 and moved to the USA. This site allows me to play all the fruities I was enjoying in the UK before I left. I love all of the people who put all that effort into making the layouts and keeping the emulators running and in development. I have donated (as I am pretty sure I am not capable of making layouts), but I really want to express how this site and its contributors have helped me keep a little slice of my youth alive. Thank you to all of those who contribute material. TK
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    View File Wet N Wild - New Edition A new version of Wet N Wild, based on this picture of the machine. Submitter wearecity Submitted 20/03/19 Category Mazooma  
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    Had a rare hour or so to myself today so managed to remake Superwin text on top glass as was damaged and made some new buttons.
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    View File Night Fever Here is Night Fever from Voodoo Games. Had no picture for this, so this one was done blind with guesswork for how it was laid out. Submitter Reg Submitted 16/03/19 Category Voodoo Games  
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    View File Hit the SIx £4.80 DX Projects Hit the Six DX. Thanks go to. Pook for all resources and buttons used from his Bear Streak DX. Launton\Jonno for reel bands he reproduced and for recording the project sound effects. AE for sound effect mastering. Vectra666. Wizard. I had to make the £4.80 decal, it was ripped from youtube but was well off colour so had to colour it in. Tried to get it as good as i can. Any artifacts you may see in the bottom text will be cleared up in MFME v19, when it uses hardware acceleration. Also the token drop noise will work properly when v19 is released. A good watch in attract mode (i like it ) Buttons: £1 = 0 Token = 9 ` = Cancel 1 2 3 = Holds C = Collect SPACE = Start Enjoy. Submitter Richy1976 Submitted 20/03/19 Category Project  
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    Happy birthday Richy1976 and thank you.
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    View File Going Ape - £70 Going Ape from Barcrest. The chances are, if you like Alien you will probably like this one. Have fun. Submitter Reg Submitted 15/02/19 Category Barcrest  
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    i just realised it needs mfme6 i had 9
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    Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong forum but I wondered if you've considered doing Volcano? It was previously done by A. Nother but the sounds were wrong/missing and when it was "Red Sky At Night, Players Delight" the sky remained yellow and the graphics were quite low resolution and weren't very clear. I think you could do an absolutely awesome job of it and would be the first to download it as it's one of my favourite all time fruit machines. I once put 5p in it in the bookies near where I used to work and managed to get onto the game (it had 2 on the trail and held 2 on the reels) and when I decided to gamble the features, it gambled all the way to the jackpot. I collected the £15 and sat down.... 5 minutes later, someone stuck a pound in it and it gave an option to repeat or spin (I didn't know it would do that) and he also got the jackpot, so I could have for £30 for a 30p input. Oh well.
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    Whoop whoop We have lift off
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    Lol no probs bud,Was just gonna send you an excellent version if it was the casino cab
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    Mate , friggin legend fatdad , this tune was on the latest simpsons episode , I knew it was a Christmas tune but had no clue of the name . Honest it was driving me crazy , ive used apps and allsorts to NOT find it , and boom its here . Friggin legend , once again I can sleep
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    merry christmas.. whats your favorite old christmas music
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    I am joining sites quicker than I am downloading layouts! Such a wealth of layouts out there. Fantastic set of resources and a great community. Thank you for the warm welcome.
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    This was a good children's serial drama. Running Scared, starred DI Burnside out of The Bill.
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    How! this television show taught me so much... as well as being interesting and fun...
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    Thank you for the fantastic layout.
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    Just realised I'd not posted a WIP about this one , been playing about with it for a few months.
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    View File Club Xtra Very old layout that I has done - this is probably from sometime around 10th October 2011, around 14:00 or so, but that timing might be slightly off for one reason or another. Did't really like this machine so not going to update it but here you go anyway - it's something you don't have. Submitter Reg Submitted 09/03/19 Category ACE  
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    A new bar has been set on "classic" layouts! Cool
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    Here is a MFME 6.1 Classic of Monopoly Lo Tech, set at 20p/£10. Thank you to Dads FME for the original layout and the reels. This machine runs at a payout of 90%, 4% more than the DX and same as the DADS Layout. If you experience any pay unit errors when playing this layout or you just won big, please tell me. All shortcuts are as usual. Enjoy. Monopoly Lo Tech Classic.rar
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    Hi everyone, my love of fruit machines began as a teenager in the mid eighties playing Super Line Up. I have used MAME for retro video games, but I wasn’t aware of fruit machine emulation until recently so I’m looking forward to exploring MFME. Cheers, Ste
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    These them? NQ. Red Bar (Electrocoin) [Rom].zip
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    My folks used to own a static caravan on a site near Thirsk and Me & the Mrs would go and stay with them on some weekends during the summer. It was always nice there just to sit outside and have a can or two also the caravan park had a lake, so I could even get my rod out. There was a clubhouse we could pop into in the evenings and on Sunday mornings there would be a decent car boot sale going on at Thirsk Racecourse or somewhere nearby. They gave the van up after many years because it became too much for them but what a good place to go for switching off and to relax. I definitely can see the attraction in caravanning no wonder you spend a lot of time at your place mate. I bet those bedroom curtains of yours aren't open for long Any lambs yet?
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    Wow, that's insane, well done, great vid as usual. Thank you I watched the other vid with that retrigger bug, wow that would be depressing, that has to be the worst bug on a slot. I guess you probably wouldn't complain if it was the other way round though. Still.... J
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    It's not that difficult when you know what to do..... I just asked the farmer
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    Just about every other field is full of the bastards! They were obviously the last in line for the ram that ended up in the field behind us Bloody typical
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    Joe & petunia coast guard advert
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    So I've been faffing about with this poxy thing for a couple of years now, about time I got my arse in gear on this one. Finished all the graphic bits today... Nice streak at 1:55
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    What I can tell you about Xmas, I love the way the Now Music people manage to release pretty much the same CD's every year with only a minor change ! Must drive collectors bonkers. Just do a search on Google for Now Xmas images ! As for songs, I am so sorry - this is so cheesy but...
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    Here's another mps dx of an old fav of mine from jpm,the images weren't great as i copied the pic from a thread which richie100 had posted a pic of the glass that was slpodged with grey paint,Thanks to ady for the reel images used from his scans he uploaded ages ago and to wizard for the new mfme.I know there not every ones cup of tea,but enjoy ifyou can.All short cuts are normal. USE MFME V6.1 ONLY,THANKS. Lite_A_Nudge_Mk_3_Dx.zip Lite_A_Nudge_Mk_3_Dx_£6_Token.zip
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    Amazing stuff Jaye, whilst my main monitor is only 1440p I do have a 55 inch 4K telly, and piping the emulator out to that in a darkened room with this layout running is truly jaw-dropping. I haven't actually 'played' it yet, but as I type this autoplay has put over £2000 through it and still counting, ready for a video in the near future (It's been plugging away at it for over 12 hours solid up to now.) Can you just confirm the percentage please? My guess is it's set to 86%? (I'm really rather chuffed with these autoplay settings, I turned my monitor back on this morning when I got out of bed, and it had £15 in the bank with 9 credits.)
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    I have noticed some pixel creep when not in native 4k resolution, so when it's scaled some lamps look misaligned, this isn't the case when you play in native 2160 pixels deep. Not sure if it's my machine or an artifact of the built in scaling function in MFME. J
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