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  1. Here’s the decals or colour of them from a image I uploaded ages back, maybe you could use them for a £5 version
  2. All Art(s) done (all seven for the two led parts plus the off one) reel symbols sorted mfme next then the fun bit with those Led's
  3. thankyou for the layout looks ok one thing though your lamps appear to "jump" any reason for this, are your arts the exact same size? apart from that looks good
  4. Did the actual reels light up the three different colours red green blue or just the leds above it, and what about the mega spin reel? also the logo does this flash various colours ?
  5. I presume this is an American Vegas style slot, Are there any emulation sites across the pond if so they may have the roms or even the manufacturers site like we have from the likes of reflex bellfruit? we British can’t be the only country to have slot emulation sites can we? what tech does this run on?
  6. A 2023 release then, the single version I may still have the started layout for it
  7. How do you know it won’t run, you haven’t the roms , don’t know until they’ve been sourced and tried by people who know how to set these up tech wise .
  8. These were probably made pre 2020 but due to Kung flu they’ve been delayed , I’m sure I’ve the roms for this multi player but they won’t run in mfme due to Scorp5 community not emulated , the single player version does run as made a starter layout but deleted it lol due to poor images at the time , still have roms though amongst others still to be done @fruitsnappa, always open to more resources if any available?
  9. Best sound effects for me on a machine has to be when it’s “mad for it” on crazy fruits green that uhh ooh uhh woo uhh stereo sound makes you think you’ve hit it big time same goes for the jackpot sounds on the old £4 barcrests
  10. All part of the learning I’m still to do disc reels, got away without doing them for 8+ yrs and placing the lamps on the dart board isnt that bad start with the bull and work your way outwards, it’s the lamp masking via paint which is the ball ache 82 of the bleeding things you’ll hate darts after that lot.
  11. Funny money, dond and other shit thrown into the mix and some crappy leds which don’t do nowt
  12. I’m retiring soon so you can take over lol Wait till you do that dart board you’ll love putting that together lamp wise lol
  13. Thanks ht6 amazes me where you get these from so many variants of the same game within projects will this go down to 20/25p as seems more realistic on that setting where as 30p is more for £15/£25 jps
  14. Get em dxed not seen one from you for a while
  15. I wouldn’t say that , these £100’s are mostly but I like the art on these reflex’s also found a release date via another topic stating sept 2018
  16. Next is this spartan themed slot from reflex, now if its too new then i'll hold off the release, although the sound roms date june 2018!! the fun part will be the leds in the logo, gladiator and mega reel also the reels don't go red where they should but i'll work that one out anyways image of it so far
  17. Have to agree with @Tommy c for a newbie you've done exceptionally considering this is only your 3rd layout patience is a virtual or whatever it is lol. for every layout you do it'll be a challenge in itself, and every layout you do you'll want to make better than the last, not always the case bear that in mind!! As for the pm's no worries it shows willing and keep bothering me i don't mind but ask others as said they know far more than me. i learnt off the greats of fme and a few of them are still about, i'e tommy c, Dad, orchid and the likes
  18. i did dx this on £25 a poor effort from myself but it was an early one from me, infact the classic hi karate was my first layout for Fme way back on 4th sept 2012 will try find the flyer if decent enough maybe
  19. thankyou @andy-1 nice to see a classic from yourself, anything else in the pipeline?
  20. I think from memory as not on lapy Open say high voltage in edit mode click on notes and your screenie will come up next click on toggle image view and your screenie will disappear you should see a white text screen which maybe blank, simply click on it and type away once done save layout if successful when it’s reloaded it’ll show your screenie first than the text screen next my next layout is approx 14years younger than yours depending when globals spartacash was release
  21. My front art as I call it take the last one Kung fu, it came straight from google images. first I found an image of the Japanese landscape then darkened it down like the layouts and added a omni lamp to make it look like the sun rising next I found a Kung fu/ martial arts bloke and added him again adding various lights to make him reflect the light finally I added the Kung fu text adding a glow effect to it then saved as a bmp. as for the text for shortcuts etc that’s simply added within mfme, you’d best add that first before the front art my next will be another Roman coliseum art with Spartans fighting I expect to tie in with the machine release funny enough it’s the same name as your next release but different machines and very different gameplay?
  22. Looks good although make the cash column and the base buttons brighter to reflect the darkness of the unlit areas And leave the cash jackpot info as is near the coin slot as on high voltage the sites logo deflects from the actual layout played, if you want to state where it’s downloaded from this can be advertised on the warning image upon loading. Anyways it’s upto you
  23. Thankyou makes a change to see these old 2pers than my £100 modern shite @woodsyi had decent images for sprint that’s similar to Manhattan skylines and the like shame to roms for it though but you never know who might unearth rom gems like these two
  24. Thanks early thoughts is it a bar x clone with a twist love a lo tech doesn’t need much thinking when playing lol
  25. It’ll be simple on this as only the top logo goes red afaik You’ll need to save your off image as a On2/red one and remember to light up the red parts and he same time as you light up the non red lamps so in other words when you light the logo up cut around as you would normal do then copy n duplicate it over to the red image, light up the standard on image as normal then light up that copied image on the red art with red coloured lamps
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