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  1. @johnparker007 simply put, stunning to walk around and have a look there - this really is a great looking demo. I wish that @Wizard was alive to have seen what you have created - I really do. Think that we came from something like this... ...to an enviorment where you can walk around. Great work sir.
  2. Dear Members ! We are running the latest version of the board software - just upgraded. Please use this thread if you notice anything broken. Thank you. Reg.
  3. Thank you all for the comments here - some very funny replies, I will block like everything for the support ! In answer to all the questions about people chasing refunds, we've had about seven requests over time. I didn't keep exact records of the reasons over time - I wish I did, but I'll can add some meat to the bones for a few that were actions or that I remember. One was a legitmate double payment - they thought it had not gone through as this was a manual process. One was a member that I had banned that I refunded one very recent donation before I change the T&C - they then demanded an earlier one back. This one is kind of special as there is a member here who knew about it and didn't want the site to lose out so they covered them - they are on this thread, up to them if they shout up. One that I wish I had had kept and posted like this - we didn't have the machine they wanted to download. Other than that, this is about it from the ones I recall. However it's always a pain when this happens - so I figured time to post about this to reinforce in the New Members area so people really do get the idea. There might have been more when Pete was running this site - but this is also another reason why I hate PayPal, it's a double edged sword when it comes to how they handle cases.
  4. All, Please be aware that donations are final and I will not respond to any request for them back such as this below. If you manage to get yourself banned from this site, then you did that to yourself - anyone will know that I am not a powermad moderator but if you cross the line and have donatated - consider that lost. I will challenge anything that is requested sharing the sites T&C when you signup and from this date here - this post as well. This is an example of one recent request for money back. They cancelled the money request in the end. Reg.
  5. @Damici welcome to the .FML Artist club ! Many thanks for this release - lovely to see another designer here, thank you for your time and effort in making this layout.
  6. It's manual - I have to do it and you got in when I saw it come through. I've sent you a PM. but again, thank you very much for your support.
  7. Gary once had a famous saying about these kind of behaviours ( @Gary - do you recall ? ). This behaviour also used to royally piss Chris off - the things he had done for people and when he asked for something radio silence- even to the point of being the exact same people he had helped in the past. I think it’s human nature ( take, take and take ) and then what, wait ? You want something from me, sorry mate mother in law In Hospital, gotta take the fish to the vets and 73 people are off sick at work and I have to cover for 45 of them. Nah, going to be a busy period until you forget about want you need. Tell you what, give me a shout after you’ve forgotten or given up - I will see if I am free. By the way, before you go, any update on the emulator - I would like… …I’ll be disappointed if you stop but understand the feeling. That being said, I do believe people here very much value your work so thanks for all you have done.
  8. Reg

    Fruit Bingo Dutch

    Hi ! So please drop me a PM before you release and I'll give you a .FML Badge. The .FML Badge is needed to upload layouts and will also give you unlimited downloads which is a nice bonus for layout designers. Thank you. Reg.
  9. Reg

    Case Build Thread

    Thank you - the problem with it... ...lol... ...is that I am spending way too much time using it ! That means it's doing what it should - but of all the retro stuff I've ever owned, the MiSTer FPGA concept ticks way too many boxes !
  10. Reg

    Case Build Thread

    Haha ! Thank you very much.
  11. All, Just a heads up that I have fixed a bug. Members who were not supporters in a rare case had unlimited downloads if they were a member of the Casino group, that has now been resolved. I call this out as some of you may suddenly be hit by the standard member download restrictions if you've not supported. This was an error on the configuration on my behalf at some point in time. Reg.
  12. Thread locked and your posts are now moderated. You did this to yourself - when I see enough "quality" posts where you don't line yourself up for the embarassing situition that you have caused yourself, your lips will remain sealed ( consider this moderation ). I need to have confidence as I am the only Admin on this site, if I don't see a posts for a day or so like this one, you are not going to do a headshot to yourself. For future.. THINK ... WRITE POST ... READ POST ... THINK ... 100% HAPPY WITH POST ... HIT SUBMIT
  13. Reg

    Case Build Thread

    Finally got this finished...
  14. Note to all members - I cannot stop him trying to revoke his donation to support the site after he has already taken content. He made the threat - he is simply gone, end of.
  15. Goodbye. You will not be coming back.
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