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  1. Ah brilliant - this is excellent - thank you. I will try to get this done in classic form over the next week or so and then go on from there. Many thanks @johnparker007 for making this happen sir ! I've actually been travelling for work a lot - regardless how busy the GPC looks, I have ( well had - not anymore ) about ten scheduled videos that were just playing out and posting automatically. Again thank you - I am sure we can get this DX'd very soon !
  2. @johnparker007 you mention on your list about Skill Shuffle in the JPM Vogue cabinet. It was a acutally an MPU4 game, the cabinet was Vogue but the inside was an MPU4 game ! It never worked on MFME - there as a problem - the chip had a security error. If it can ever be patched, I have good quality images of the glass. SkillShuffle.rar
  3. Yes it has and thank you very much - you have the 2022 Donator badge applied.
  4. Yes ! My typo, sorry ! I only have £1's in my cab - but it feels like there is always one or two missing when it pays out.
  5. Has anyone managed to get Lucky Lotto Club working and of so, what are the settings in the config please ? I have it configured but it appears to only pay out partly - IE - the odd coin here and there. Not the hopper as on other machines it's fine, if anyone has got it working would apricate the know how. Many thanks.
  6. Well blew his downloads and didn't read the FAQ. If he had - it should have hopefully been a bit clearer for him.
  7. That is not strictly true... ...you have been here a month, yes and you have also taken 15 downloads - so yes you can download - but you are out of your monthly limits. Details are in the FAQ on this.
  8. Good Afternoon All, It's been brought to my attention that there is a bit of a challenge on the Arcade Simulator getting permissions for some layouts. We are a scene of over twenty years and there are challenges of obtaining permissions from people that have long left the scene and literally are no longer part of it through choice be it their own or perhaps another reason. The recent passing of @Wizard brings our own immortality into question. Looking at this site I’ve already set the scene for what to do if I vanish after ninety days have passed with this site and I’ve not been seen either here or on YouTube. So with that, the horrible truth is we could be facing the challenge of trying to find designers who are no longer with us. The Arcade Simulator by @johnparker007 is the future of emulator in terms of something new and what it brings. Based on this, I’ve made a decision for anything that any layouts on this site can be used if the owners are unavailable to give permission from May 31st 2022. This allows a chance to reach out to them to try to get permissions – but if they can’t – there is a way forward. We must always try first to get direct permission but if we cannot, this is how this site will support the Arcade Simulator. The Arcade Simulator must not include work from this site if it turns into a paid product unless there is direct permission given from a designer to the author of the Arcade Simulator. MFME must never be included bundled within Arcade Simulator, it is available from this site as per the authors wishes, @Wizard. By default, any DX (graphical layout) is given permission given through this thread after May 31st 2022 if it has not already been covered by a separate request. Permission is immediately rescinded and the layout must be removed within 30 days of request if: a) the designer returns to the scene and asks for their layouts to be removed b) the Arcade Simulator turns commercial and is officially sold for a cost The ruling for inclusion covers no classic layouts unless direct permission is given - they are excluded. This does not cover any layouts from DADsFME who we host or DX’cellent who we host – direct permission is needed from @dad or @Pook. They are seperate sites that we are indirectly and directly linked to. If a designer requests their layout removed – post to this thread only the layout and their name as a designer. If the designer has reason to want to remain anonymous, contact @johnparker007 or myself directly. This is the sensible thing to do to support the Arcade Simulator and secure permissions for work to be included in this non-profit project. The list of permissions will be maintained by @johnparker007 in anyway that he considers fit. This ruling fixes the problems of legacy ( and very legacy ) permissions and allows a way for it to be reversed and more importantly allows @johnparker007 to spend his time doing real work and not stuck for extended windows in PMs. Reg.
  9. If you are not sharing the layout beyond yourself then that is fine. I've done it for my cabinet machines in the past - however buyer beware - I've made changes to layouts for cabinets that I thought were a good idea before then reversed every single one of them. Keep the original files before modification so you can go back.
  10. @johnparker007 congrats sir ! I think you ar the first thread to hit page 100 !!! ...many thanks for all your hard work on this - honestly this is awsome.
  11. It should come to no surprise as it's all detailed in the FAQ that the New Member area asks people to read. However here it is again...
  12. ...thank you for posting ! Reference the above - I bet at some point, you build one like your current cab for your friend. I am rather looking forward to see the end result of the next one.
  13. In play - that screen goes black for me - it's actually how I would want it to avoid distraction - but it's because MFME on Full Screen max takes over everything. Just saw that there and thought how cool it looked. This is going to be an epic cab when you have it done. Would you be able to post pics of your original to this thread please as well ( if you don't mind ).
  14. This is going to be a very unique machine, I have to ask and sorry if I missed, the top panel on the left hand side are you doing something like I did with prize ?
  15. Watching this in absolute awe. That video is nuts and my god, the enviorment is stunning and the Rally X part - well 12:52 point made me so happy. @johnparker007 on behalf of at least myself - thank you for all you are doing with this brilliant fantastic project.
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