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  1. @wearecity you might like one that's going up in a few days as I've got a bit of a backlog done, Championship Pac-Man if you like this. I did do another version of that version on a console in late 2021, but soon you'll see a video of the PC version. Here is the older video...
  2. Absolutely worth it - it's not as solid as Mame as some games don't work on all systems, but if you want cool new stuff that resembles consoles but arcade - this is the one.
  3. Yes they have been pretty inspirational with the sprites on this one... ...they've done a cracking job on this conversion. I will look at Pud Pud, thanks for hat heads up.
  4. These are always so cool to share - thanks for the pics.
  5. Yes, I wrote it. Looks like it came out VERY WELL - you should be pleased @Dis. Here is the original thread...
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