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Community Answers

  1. Another for my cabinet - thank you very much.
  2. As ever - thank you very much @vectra666 - this was a cut and paste of my other message - I will not lie !
  3. As ever - thank you very much @vectra666.
  4. This post in a thread from @cja272 shows how deep the buttons really are - good view on a pic.
  5. Nope not enough clearance once everything is in place as far as I can see.
  6. This is the type I've used in my first cab. The second cab as I harvested it to build the MFME cab actually had one inside. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162598314373?epid=22005782050&hash=item25db9d6185:g:11QAAOSwohVcG6Uw The option I marked should be fine.
  7. We are lucky - with the great help from @No1Stoney and @fruitsnappa elsewhere - everything is sort of in this forum area somewhere. Just shout if stuck ( you or anybody else ) and please - allow a little time for people to reply as answers may not be instant !
  8. @cja272 Worth calling out I think that mine did not work correctly with 12v. You might be unluckly and have to introduce a 24v PSU - but I am probabaly the exception here as more have worked at 12v then have not. The important thing is - if it's not playing ball as you'd expect - just be aware that mine experience was also the same. It is documented elsewhere and is an easy fix if you encounter this. Don't just go thinking something's broken when it's not !
  9. So coin mech, I have an SR5i. I brought mine from arcade-clearance on eBay and he set it up for me as per my instructions. Looks like he still has some for sale... https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/arcade-clearance/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= ...worth reaching out to him - known seller that does what he says and might help if you tell him what your're doing and that he did one special ( that he sold two of two back in September last year for the Token configuration ). THE HOPPER IS WRONG - YOU NEED A PARALLEL ONE This looks ok... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255305399790?hash=item3b71633dee:g:8mgAAOSwKpphzdg3 ...this was the one I brought. No idea why they've adjusted the listing to that price but that was the listing below. ...but this is the company as I listed and the same by the looks. If you coin for the coin mech I showed, this is how it was setup.
  10. Hey just seen this, you have New Rally X, but please also consider the original. Beyond that, Indiana Jones please and Moon Patrol would be really appricahted.
  11. If this layout is not using the original roms to match the DX then that needs to be mentioned. @kutjebef can you please adjust the description to mention S4 roms. In cases like this - it burns people who are on limited downloads as they downloading what they think is something and actually getting something else.
  12. NOOO. It is not QAOPM/SP. The optimal one is... QW OK and P with SP as another if needed. I am also right handed...
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