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  1. Nah - this is about everyone else - not me.
  2. Going to need a link to layouts for last three and also one for Ady please. If a legacy person only every did one layout, they're not up for inclusion if I have space issues. Here is the updated block... @pete_w... ...you were there - just not shown above as I saw my mistake !
  3. LOL ! No mate, I did get you after I posted the picture, I said above...
  4. Looking ok to me... Meters: Cash In: Cash Out:
  5. Thank you. Got pretty much all those names with some already being there. The pics below have also been updated on the master file to show PeteW as well.
  6. Actually just setting up a huge autoplay session on this and making sure it does NOT touch the transfer button.
  7. Did a quick ram reset of this and played three an won three... This confirms the meters are working as they should be and the drift is correct ( 3 x 18p ) as it's set to 82%. Probably a good check is setup autoplay and put like 10K through it. Wondering if that strange values you have is anything to do with Transfer ?
  8. By the time this comes out, it'll be available - hopefully in a better form. This is the layout - but I know how annoyed I'd be if somebody released this work and it was not mine - I honestly thought it was 100% available. I think an updated one of this showing some depth and put in a better cabinet maybe better for all. Also the SideWinder lamping needs some attention as well.
  9. Not sure - it originally was not mine - but there was something I fixed on it, I recall it might have been a button colour and did the top lamp. It would have proably been about ten years ago - can't really remember what else was done. The button on the original picture I was passed with it was orange. I don't think I am too keen on releasing something that is not 100% mine and we can likely do so much better for it now. @Amusements as you are an FML Artist and you were teh first to like jabbathehut's post on this, would you be willing to do some magic on this - tart it up - maybe make the lower part look better if I pass it over ?
  10. In Game Configuration, try changing the alpha to Betcom.
  11. Very nice and so cool - dosen't this make a big difference !
  12. The advert says .FML Artists past and Present. So we are trying to get some of the old ones there - please read ! I also say... "Here is the update - if you know of any other ex-designers or missing current designers ( not ex-site members before anyone mentions the DVD seller ) then please shout." ...this is to try to capture the bigger names of ones that maybe missed who do not have the .FML badge here. I was just looking for a little piece of support to capture a couple of names from the past...
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