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  1. Oh hang on - wrong version.
  2. For anyone that has not read the release notes, MFME v20 now supports tags. This video shows you a really easy ( at your own risk ) way of adding them on mass to avoid going into every single layout. Tags are shown in the red box below, this allows you to filter games by tags. I am using them for designer names. The only tool you need for this is TextCrawler3, available from ( URL ). I have been using the free version for this.
  3. Here's another... I'd not seen the machine when I made this classic.
  4. Incorrect - if adjustments are made to the layouts on the legacy ones that @Geddy was talking about you may do. All the legacy ones are .RES and .DAT layouts convereted to .FML. Some things may need slight adjusting.
  5. BTW - on a serious note - there are no silly questions - this is all new to a lot of people so ask away.
  6. Yes it's fine as long as your have a hard disk in your PC, otherwise you'll struggle and there might be a few other issues to overcome. Assuming that's ok... ...as easy as that. Be sure the hard disk is installed tho - that's very important.
  7. Remember the three year rule. Nothing to be released that is less then three calendar years old so please don’t ask for anything or expect anything that is newer then June 2017.
  8. Probably about three months - the main part was done in about a month and the hoppers and such came later.
  9. Reg

    Wacky Races

    Thanks for this. Will look at later - please keep title names to a minimal for the file system going forward. Wacky Racers is fine, nothing more needed.
  10. Thank you for this.
  11. Reg

    BFM - Nudge Blitz

    Thank you.
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