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  1. Reg

    2021 - Member Reset

    I completely agree - the rep system has had problems in the past and mistakes have been and were made. One of the changes when I was gone was admin approvals were removed so accounts could flood in, that is part of the recent problems. I am going to manage the current system and try to stay on top of it and see if it works and review in a month or so. I also have to approve every account so that is part Of my daily housekeeping, check and approve. I am have disabled reactions by New Members so they can’t shitbomb and will keep an eye on current members in that area. Dormant
  2. In that case there is already a @Ploggy DX.
  3. This ? This one exists already and was by £6 In Tokens. It is an MPU4 machine tho, not a IMPACT. Is this the machine you mean just incase you have the techs wrong ?
  4. Reg

    2021 - Member Reset

    There seems to be no complaints, so this will start now with the following sent to accounts at New Member status.
  5. Evening All, Anything that you find wrong here with the site, please post to this thread with details so I can look at. Any suggestions that you have for something you want to see added, this is also the place. Thank you, Reg.
  6. Evening All, So... The New Member Problem I've been doing some thinking on how I need to clear the backlog of Members here which is going to be a challenge when I looked at the stats... This means there are over 1,300 members that are not fully intregrated into this site - sitting there at new accounts and such. Then looking at this area... ...there is over 2,000 posts across more then 18 pages ! There is only one option which is going to be a pain point for some people ( and I apoligise for that in advance ) which is a purge. The New M
  7. Many thanks and thank you for this release.
  8. Thank you ! This was one game that I had been wanting to play again that I only recently found the name of. Cheers !
  9. Thank you - a nice surprise to login and see this.
  10. Thank you for this one @vectra666.
  11. Thank you for this @Clo06.
  12. Thank you for this one.
  13. Reg

    layout creators

    Well aside from the original stuff ( some of which I threw as there were better versions made all the years ago ), yes. Talking about some Steve classics compared to what I did at the time. The TAG system has made it easier as well along with trying to keep layouts in folders by authors. However if you asked me to list all I had done with no reference - impossible.
  14. Wow ! That is a busy looking DX - thank you.
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