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  1. Thank you for this. Building machines without images can be half the fun - remember having to do it for some DOND's that were in test and I bet you're almost right with what you've done, as a designer you have a gut feeling of how it all goes together. Never be sorry and thank you for this release.
  2. As I always do - introduction posts are moved when members pass the reputation value as they should serve no use beyond "hello - I am x and...".
  3. Reg

    Ace - Hot Shot

    Thank you @Clo06 you just don't stop do you - does not matter this is mute - it's always enjoyable to play a layout of a machine I've never seen before.
  4. Dear Members, This site will be offline from around 19:00 on Friday night for another upgrade to Invision Community 4.5. Expected downtime is only a couple of hours. Reg.
  5. That is a very interesting looking classic. Thank you.
  6. LOL. I know what a checkbox is - I meant what was the function !
  7. What on earth is checkbox 19 ?
  8. I think this maybe something else. Remember "Mike Reid's Big Nite Out", that machine would make noises once in a while when static in attract mode - that was also an M1AB. I think what is going on is that that noise is an attract mode for the machine, think drums in a jungle and it's constantly playing them rather then just once in a while. If I am right then I think this one is not going to work with it's sound roms. @Retrofruit do you have any thoughts on this ?
  9. I’ll PM it to you when at PC later.
  10. @Chopaholic what a brilliant touching video you have made there. It's a great tribute and also such a positive message on why we should carry the torch as a scene and move onwards.
  11. Yes I think so they are all so cool !
  12. So very cool - thank you. I will grab the download when not at work. I am torn between 1 or 2 being the one of choice !
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