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  1. Pretty crappy that! He's ported an old MFME (or MAME, in which case he's also been using my mfme2mame tool for commercial gain)... not cool man Rest assured for the 3d arcade, all machines will be agreed beforehand with their layout artist (no permission, and it won't go in the arcade), and I was thinking of having something like placard signs on top of each machine showing artist name/logo, something like these: ...long with a 'credits wall/floor map' somewhere, showing full lists of artists (and other credited people) per machine So shitty when people don't credit the creators
  2. Didn't the original layout authors mind that this guy is making a profit from his commercial android app with their layouts?
  3. johnparker007


    Nice high res image!
  4. Thanks @Amusements I'm just looking into it a little for the moment, but I may take you up one of your flat PSDs at some point to try some tests with, thanks very much for the offer (As the AI upscaling technique may not work well on some lower res layouts on the bottom glass panel, since it's already heavily vertically 'squashed' for the pseudo-3d perspective of the source MFME layout image). I'm thinking that theoretically once I've 'auto-flattened' an existing MFME layout so it can be used for the 3d panels, I could somehow write something to take a high res flat scan (or flat
  5. Ah cool, good to know it's a standard technique Yeah it's a tricky one with the lighting, I tried equalising then tweaking brightness/contrast down, seems to level it out a bit ready for an 'unlit' glass image... but getting the different stitched together parts to have even brightness, that does definitely add more complexity. It's an interesting problem, trying to get back to a evenly lit 1:1 ratio complete 2d scan from a bunch of unevenly lit 3d frames
  6. Hey guys I've just been experimenting with a youtube video, I was able to get this perspective/aspect correct image (as if it were scanned) from a single frame. This was using perspective tool, then scale in just the single axis required to correct aspect ratio... Corrected image: Source image (youtube video frame): I was wondering, is this what you guys sometimes do when getting a layout source image assembled - grab a bunch of these then scale and stitch them together to end up with a 2d video 'scans' of the machine glasses? I was watching 1080p videos of fruit
  7. I had a look at the Jetsons pinball artwork, and I believe you should get incredibly good results following the guide I posted earlier in the thread. The reason being is that it's drawn art, exactly what the waifu2x AI was trained on (manga graphic novels).
  8. As this has kind of morphed away from the original topic of AI upscaling now - I've started a new thread in the Technical section, for updates to the 3D renderer project
  9. Just a little tech tinkering with those upscaled reels and MFME - MFME driving the 3D renderer (the 3D reels are mirroring the MFME 2D reel). It's all very hacked together and laggy, I may be able to fix the slight delay between MFME and 3D engine...
  10. With Unity, it's got a ton of ways of rendering stuff, various pipelines etc. I think a shader may end up being the way to go. So unlike mfme's inbuilt renderer that has dark and light images, it would have say just a large glass 'lamps off' image, and then illuminate areas on that image dynamically with the shader to simulate the individual lamps behind the glass, reels etc. Summats like that anyway
  11. Just for the fun of it, I upscaled a reel from a Tuppenny Nudger style machine from this site, and mapped to a '3d reel' in Unity - original scale on left, upscaled 8x on right
  12. Had a quick go with the green one I found on here out of interest, as I'm still amazed how much it can get out of the source images - some improvements, though it does struggle with the tiny writing on the location squares around the edge of the board: Original Scaled Some more writing: Original Scaled Some 'cards' on the board... Original Scaled Some more writing: Original Scaled
  13. That's already pretty high resolution when I zoomed in!
  14. That was fast! The ink on my guide I just posted hasn't even dried yet Glad you got it going
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