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  1. Got me stumped. Constant noise as though solenoids are trying to pay out. Is the add-on board for hopper payout? This could have been one for Wizard, unless anyone else can get them working correctly.
  2. Looking very nice Vecs. Hopefully you manage to get the sound roms.
  3. Wizard. A little toast with a Pepsi as i don't drink. Many thanks for what you have given us all. Your legacy will live for a long time to come. Sleep well. Fruitsnappa.
  4. OMG!!!! What a massive shock. R.I.P Wizard. Thanks for what you have done for us all over the years. You've certainly made a good few of my spare hours drift away with your creation(s) Condolences to your family. Fruitsnappa.
  5. All working fine for me. Are you using correct emulator V20.1?
  6. Begin part of the industry helps.
  7. It's Scorpion 6 version brother is listed as 06-08-2018. So god knows when it was actually released, it seems to have been around for ages.
  8. Sharks of the Caribbean S5 PR2154 C £100 Eclipse 1.0 2017-09-18
  9. Probably something like that
  10. So is Club The Don Deal and thats 2020. As Vecta says no sound, Wizard is 2015. Club The Don Deal S5 PR3050 B4 £400 Atom 1.0 2020-03-09
  11. Not often you see £200 mega streak from a Reflex.
  12. Yes. You could try this one.
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