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  1. fruitsnappa

    WIP Classics

    Looking forward to these. Great so far, hopefully you can get sounds working.
  2. When I had the issue I had everything disabled(anti-virus, firewall) including UAC. Just the update page disappears as soon as you click update. No biggy though to re-install keeping files and folders.
  3. Yep tried everything. Only way i cured it was by the tool.
  4. That's the way forward. I though had to use Windows media creation tool though and repair it that way(the option to re-install without losing data and files). DISM didn't cut it for me.
  5. Had the same. Repaired Windows from USB and all good. Or Wizard has disabled you.
  6. Something with coin mech (10p) Try letting it timeout.
  7. Thanks for all your hard work.
  8. Turn off the dip switches in bank 2 and you've got £100 version. Only decals wont match.
  9. Thanks for the background, certainly adds a little bit of colour to your release rather than a plain classic.
  10. Huge thanks for the immense work you continue to put in. Look forward to it's release.
  11. Here's the Bellfruit one if not already available http://filetransfer.bellfruitgames.co.uk/index.aspx
  12. Turn off all the dips. Stops the lamp going out. Still transfers £5 and Note acceptor works.
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