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  1. Wow... just wow.... although it has reminded me to donate this year... I'm a sensitive soul - no calling me names please! (I don't have any windows though.... got confused about council tax, poll tax and window tax so I boarded them all up)
  2. As always my thanks and appreciation
  3. I bought this when it came out - sold it 18 months ago when i was out of work and hard up. I got £350 for it at the time I was gutted to part - but had to do it. Such an awesome game - Saturn's had far more processing power than the PS rival which killed them off - but was a bugger to program for hence designers flocking to Sony. This game utilised all its power and was a beauty to behold and play. They don't make them like this anymore.....!
  4. Thank you! Best fruit machine channel on youtube entertaining and SO many memories (not for this one though... this i never knew - or even saw in real life)
  5. Many thanks - as always - I really appreciate the effort you designers put in
  6. Shocked and stunned. How does anyone think that is an acceptable way to behave? Never mind on a forum of peeps interested in the same hobby, or memories of the past. Truly bizarre. Thumbs ups to the prompt removal!
  7. The nudge up trick... or possibly the boxed hold for nudges.... my earliest learning days!
  8. Yeah. The money was in double up 7 wins. I don't think the JP bags could ever hold - going right back to the original £4.80 token version. Is this the machine with the best longevity through the different JP eras? Did any other machine go from £4.80 through to £15 (or £6 to £25 for example)
  9. Not a criticism but an observation... As far as i recall.. for extra nudges, it was the nudge now lamp that did not light, not the one nudge lamp...........
  10. Many thanks - a true fave of mine on the £15 setting. I remember once having to shark one of these overnight... guy sits on it for about three hours til closing time in an arcade. Plenty of double up wins.... BUT this guy doesn't know it secret holds! Conservative estimate - he loses £250 odd on it. He's an out of town businessman... so i know he wont be back but when arcade closes he's lost a mint. I'm working but next day take an early lunch and scurry across. Takes me AGES to get double up red sevens - like 45 minutes and i'm about £50 down - its doing my nut in. It holds 11 times!!!!! Happy days............
  11. Many thanks - appreciated Is it a total clone of Big Ghoulies or have i missed something.....
  12. Jackpoteers as mentioned... and Fort Boyard i think
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