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  1. Love the old £25 reds..... some serious good days back in the past - thank you - looks and plays great!
  2. Thanks - great stuff Dont recall ever playing this in the wild - and this was definitely my era... Think you've done a great job with it
  3. Good luck.. I think it will put a £2 block in. ALL the time it was behind RTP, Blackjack feature gave a win - sometimes over £20. As soon as the machine was ahead, Blackjack feature bust from 13 so no win offered at all. It will stop doing the constant reel skill feature boards and stuff as well Let me know
  4. Im defo not the best person to ask, but if you have the photos saved you can just attach them as files. Mine were done just by taking screenshots and then pasting into a new reply box
  5. It could of rolled in, i think @Boulderdash had one roll in in his sesh. He seems to gamble any 34 or QK... and lower down any J or 5.. The only time i stopped him was to collect any feature from Blackjack above on a J or 5. He's alright - one of the more profitable players i've known for a 10 hour session. Not very talkative but gets his share of the drinks in We got barred when he potted it - Landlord was like "We're supposed to be a Snooker club not an arcade"
  6. I don't know!! I was out of the room and came back to see it paying out with 3 x yellow bars on winline.
  7. George has only bloody well gone and done it.. @Chopaholic the challenge was to get to rtp? What do i win for being seriously past it?? On my last board (hence the odd extra pound in for a hold) the f******, for the only time in the entire play through, gave me no win on the Blackjack Feature........... @Chopaholic and @Mort thoroughly enjoyed this - thanks
  8. The hold number trick is in the CMA guide as part of the method - so defo a help
  9. Probably my last update. Me and my buddy George have done a sterling job - I've even asked him for a drink this Saturday! Poor George, Hes Struggling now, the last 3 £50 blocks have all returned around £46- £50 (£50 - 250 credits - is the max you can load in) although, this is still reducing the drift as still playing slightly above RTP When i suggested playing it on George I was completely joking.... results however beg to differ! I'm now over a grand to the good! Cheers chopaholic! I always thought the George Autoplay was a diabolical addition and purely in the machines favour. Obviously this was very very wrong - and for a casual punter - probably best way to play Best win is still £40, although that has now happened twice. (good this working at home malarky) chopaholic - let me know if you want the file uploading - and I will try to work out how to!
  10. "George" was the autoplay Barcrest introduced on clubbers - Press G for George. It was an advanced - for the time - Autoplay, where machine would do everything, holds, nudges etc. It would also play the feature board high low until it was a number between 6 and 9 and then collect. It also would then play the feature. It never gambles wins - it collects all - and occasionally will do something very stupid - not that often though.
  11. I'd agree except for point 2 - It appears to play to its % by George play which frequently means collecting the 1st or 2nd step on the ladder for a 80p to £2 win, and obviously collecting all wins without gambling. In essence, it actually appears to be a very fair punter machine - and a not so great player machine! And in that case, Barcrest got it pretty much spot on (Although it boring as f*** in George mode)
  12. Here's my effort so far - this has been played purely by George.... so no gambled winnings whatsover.. The only time i interrupted him was to force a collect on a 4 or J on a half decent feature - probably about 15 times. One £40 win, one £32, 3 others of around £22 - nothing else over £20 at all, yet George is doing a sterling job and i'm over £600 "up" It would appear that the best way to play this back in the day was just to stick £20 in George - if you made money stick another £20 through, rinse and repeat til no value left in machine..... a lot less hassle as well. So far, I have not had a single £20 set of plays that hasn't shown a profit! And we all though George was a badly programmed (It is!) waste of space. He pretty good (100%) at feature entry skill stops and reel skills though, not quite so good on the reel skill feature! Now all i need is that cashpot and I will be very nearly there! Thanks chopaholic - saved from an online casino tonight - and it was actually pretty interesting to do!
  13. I've got it running on George... with the occasional very infrequent override to collect a mid level feature on J or 5....... So far it chipping into the deficit, and i have not had a £20 run of plays which has not turned a profit..... long way to go, but my RTP is slowly but surely on the climb. Blackjack is a nice feature - usually 6-9 quid and offered fairly frequent, well worth overriding to force collect... Ill keep it running all day tomorrow while i work next to it and see what happens.......
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