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  1. In no way a criticism by the way...... i am VERY grateful to all of you
  2. I'm sure Melons are £10 on this (and PCB2) Blue sevens should be £8.
  3. There was a Pyscho Cash beast 2 (the beast is back) which I am pretty sure was £35... and this is a direct clone of the sequel...............
  4. MikeyMonster

    Balti Towers

    With this excellent influx of reds - of which i have many happy memories.... do we have the ROM's for a (failed test) machine called Hold your Horses? One of the few £70 reds designed to give £140 top rather than the £105.... but only if it went the right way. (you have to choose to collect or continue, and as I recall if the repeat went to exactly £34 you had to collect, but £36 was a guaranteed full repeat) Absolutely amazing gameplay as well - any chance Spa??
  5. MikeyMonster

    Balti Towers

    My favourite red - bizarre as it basically a clone anyway! Eagerly awaited - thank you Korma KO on the top row - will offer before the top as well.........
  6. I'm bizarrely fond of this - although i did love this Barcrest era - many thanks
  7. Thanks Pook - awesome as always
  8. Thanks as always!
  9. One of my 1st machines i really remember playing - thanks for bringing it back in all its glory
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