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  1. Hold down the middle hold button, then tick refill
  2. Looks stunning, another fine tribute to Wizards memory.
  3. Thanks for this, one I've never seen or played before.
  4. Really looking forward to this one, have clear memories of playing it.
  5. Thanks for this, will grab it later.
  6. The DX is by Pandy and Leeham. Both are still around the forums, but rarely post. Pandy goes by another username now.
  7. wearecity

    Match of the day

    I think that's the same machine, 2 layouts in the gallery showing. Under Road to Wembley, rather than Match of the Day Road to Wembley.
  8. Yeah, I guess you could look at it that way. Bowling alleys do have that noisy, clunky atmosphere.
  9. Thanks for this, good to see an older machine, a lot of people won't have played before even emulated. Also nice to see another dedicated layout to Wizard and one that enables us to play the DX again without issue. I managed to sort out the DX issues from the classic, which is a bonus. A strange machine, that feel really clunky. Different, compared to the vast majority of machines built on the spACE tech being WFMHT machines. It feels as though this pushed the spACE tech too far and it would have been better built on the Impact tech, which of course Ace used afterwards.
  10. wearecity

    Hippy Happy Snakes

    Not seen this machine before. Looks a bit different to the usual Voodoo Games machines.
  11. @Matty.n Dad did £70 and £100 DX's as well, in case you missed them. https://dadsfme.com/index.php?topic=1313.msg15236#msg15236
  12. Thanks for this one. A DOND I don't think I've played before. Also another great DX, considering you are still pretty new to all of this. One little quirk, you can play this at 10p/20p/30p/50p/60p/£1 a spin. Regarding the alpha, something you may want to experiment with it. Have a look and change it to a dot matrix display from the list, instead of BFM Graphic Dot Matrix. In the properties box, use 1 x size, 1 y size, 1 dot spacing and 2 digit spacing. Put it in place, then create a lamp without a number, colour it black and size it to width 9 and height 20 and pl
  13. Thanks for another Reflex machine. Running out of things to say about these releases. But I genuinely think this has a good sound package on it, even the game over sound is good. I do think, that the guy who does the alien voice on this, is the same, who does the feature open, on the Alice machines. However, despite the efforts, no one beats, hats off to our monopoly winner.
  14. wearecity

    Wip .....

    Yes this a modern machine and yes, it will probably be as entertaining as numerous others are from this era. But strangely it's nice to know, that even now we know that in 2023/2024 we are still going to be able to see releases and keep the MFME candle burning.
  15. Just catching up with the releases, after a week largely away from FME and the forums. Another one off the emulation list and super fast turnaround. Not sure if other similar machines do this. I noticed during the DOND game, that after a couple of picks, it quickly flashed £6. I'm assumed that was what it was going to offer me and sure enough, after another couple of rounds of picks, that's what it gave.
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