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Community Answers

  1. Could be Hotpot, although there are several machines like it as well. If its not take a look through the gallery, it'll be a JPM. You can sort by name, if you sort by caption. https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/category/23-jpm/
  2. Also make sure your firewall isn't blocking mfme
  3. Well you made posts in May about downloading, so it certainly hasn't been months and months. You can download 15 layouts a month maximum, without supporting the site. You've had all this explained to you before.
  4. I'm always looking at new machines to do, when I have the time. But with my work, I don't have a lot of time at the moment, which is why I'm still trying to finish Epoch, Trivial Pursuit. As I said before, if you give us a list of unemulated machines, with program roms available, but no sound, it would be useful. Also any links to pictures/flyers, even small ones of these unemulated Scorpion 4 machines, it would help as well.
  5. In the Legacy layout section, you will find a DX version of this, but due to the source artwork, it's at a low resolution, but it's still playable and I play it fairly regularly. If you've a high screen res, you'll find Chloe layout a better option, particularly if you have dodgy eyesight.
  6. LOL, very true, even I don't usually bother with most classics. Layouts I create myself, I generally don't ever load them up again. My mute Epoch classics, get between 20-40 downloads. I create them, because a lot of people won't and it will make it easier if/when the artwork, sounds turn up. Sounds have turned up for Holy Smoke, Trailblazer, Pounds Of The Baskervilles and most recently Hog Money. Also at least the machine is out there for those who download everything.
  7. Only Epoch machines, I've found that don't like being mute, seem to be some Global machines. Not had any issues, with other manufactures. Licence to Thrill, is one I started on, but then it locks up. Might try it with incorrect sounds one day, with the volume turned down to 0. Even then, it's touch and go, you might think everything is fine, but then the machine, will lock up on certain features. So only when playtesting after spending a few hours on getting the basics sorted, might the issue come to light. When it comes to the Scorpion 4 machines, I seem to remember, that sometimes, you have to try several different sound roms from other machines, before, finding one that will run. It's possibly to do with the size of the roms. Normally they complain on boot up, with a wrong snd err, but then carry on regardless.
  8. Maybe you could produce a list of Scorpion 4 machines without sound roms, or incorrect roms. People can see if the sounds have turned up since the layout has been released. Anyone thinking of doing a Scorpion 4 layout with incorrect sounds, not all sounds are compatible. You may also get lock ups where the machine expects sounds.
  9. Firstly with Wizard the author no longer with us, any alterations to the emulator, would have to be 3rd party additions, that work with the emulator. SPEED In the emulator itself speed cannot be changed as machines run as per their original speed. Wizard, in the past, indicated, that changing it, would break the emulation, on some technologies. In the Arcade Simulator, start up speed for machines, have been quickened up, so I guess, it might be possibly again with 3rd party additions. SOUNDS Pressing shift + , will turn the emulator volume up and shift - down. In the installation folder of MFME, is a tips.txt file, with lots of shortcut information. Sounds on individual machines, can be turned up and down, but it depend on the technology they run on, as to how you do it. Also, within the technologies, there may be differences. Generally, you need to do it by entering test/open door modes. Make sure the meter panel is showing, if not push F9, you'll see the doors and test/refill checkboxes as well. On Scorpion 4 machines, tick the S door, after it initialises, you'll see read meters, press the test button, to enter test modes. Using the flashing button, go through the tests, until you see volume, then press start and use the buttons to up the volume. Afterwards, untick the S door to get back to normal. On MPU5 Barcrest machines, try holding down the middle hold button and ticking the refill box. It should then show the volume control.
  10. The only thing really now that is sad, is that we don't have lots of videos walking around in there, during the 90's. It would have been a fantastic look at the great variety of fruit machines available back then. It would have provided glimpses of machines, that many will have forgotten. But I remember they were extremely strict about anyone filming or even taking pictures in there. I saw numerous people told off, for taking an innocent picture of friends, on a night out or tourists on holiday. I think I was even told off for taking my mobile out in the early 2000's. When I did my old arcade haunts trip, it had already turned into The Hippodrome Casino. https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1586-my-old-arcade-haunts-trawl/#comment-8587 It was the main place of my addiction throughout the 90's. I would say, I wish it never existed, but I'd of found somewhere else, as my favourite place to play fruitys, even if it hadn't. By the £15 era, I had stopped visiting weekly. By the £25 era, I can't ever remember visiting, other than once, when they had Novomatic multi slots, with slots, like Lucky Lady Charm. By then Online slots, became my main addiction and I played AWPs on day trips out, or when I went for a drink and occasionally in local arcades.
  11. Yes. I got Royley screwed over by one of them in the Crystal Rooms Leicester Square. I believe there's an emptier or similar for it, it took about £30 off me before it even gave me a board.
  12. Well definitely emulated. Looks like the layout for it, is possibly from the batch released just after v9.4 was leaked. The red lamps were an issue back then, as a sweep of the lamps, would wipe them out. Such a well known machine back in the day, that seemed to be everywhere. Definitely a modern makeover for this one would be great.
  13. It very simple Download v5.1 https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/category/71-legacy-releases/ Open the .dat file layout in v5.1, then when you close the layout, it will ask to save it, say yes and it will save it as a .fml file, which will open in v20.1. Simple. As an aside.... Something you will discover, is that you will need to read the T&C message every time you open a different version of MFME, to the last one you used. So make sure you convert several layouts at a time or better still convert everything in one session. I would suggest you open v20.1, before you open v5.1. Otherwise you'll have to read the T&C's for v5.1, then read them again when you go to open v20.1. When you go to close both versions, close down last, the version you will open next time, so you don't have to read the T&C's again on that version. If you do it in that order, all the time, you'll only ever have to read one version of the T&C's.
  14. Seems very strange, they took so long. Try the Dxcellent part of the forums https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/forum/26-dxcellent/ I don't believe the downloads in that section are affected by your download limits. You'll find the download links for the layouts, in the first post, of the release threads, rather than the download section. If you fancy donating, to remove all restrictions, you can find it on the portal page https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/portal/ But, as we are a small community, it's just as important for people to get involved including joining in on the forums etc.
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