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  1. Great to see roms turning up.
  2. Click on design, then edit mode, then click on the configuration tab and under meters, where it says meter 1 and meter 2, set the in meter to sec 2 and out meter to sec 3.
  3. A long overdue tribute to Dad. I do remember the electromechanicals from the 70's as I was born in 70. But emulated they are definitely not for me. Utterly incredibly ridiculous that they can be played on our pc's emulated.
  4. Thanks for this one, I do like a classic style gameplay Red Gaming machine emulated.
  5. wearecity

    Revolution Wdx

    Great to see an update to this one. I do like to see disc reel games get a modern makeover. A classic of the £15 jackpot era. Although it was an era when unless you knew some exploits, you could really do serious damage to your bank balance and I did. Whenever I see a picture/video of this machine, I can't help but say out loud revaaaaloution.
  6. Lisiecki Cichanowicz, sod saying or spelling that name. I think I'd have a card with it printed on and when ask how to spell that, just hand over a card. In fact hand the card over before the question was asked.
  7. Never seen that machine before. Would have been a teenage around it's release, so seen load of this type of machine, but not this one.
  8. https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2158-hi-roller-dx-jpm-mps2/&tab=comments#comment-13277 For Hi Roller.
  9. An absolutely horrible machine. One of Maygay's worse IMO. But as ever it's great to see a machine have the DX treatment. You've done a very good job, with the resources you had.
  10. I saw the finished article is now up. You've done very well considering the obvious poor artwork you started with. Don't think I've seen this machine before.
  11. It was worth asking the question anyway. We've seen plenty of "surely that wont/can't be emulated" comments over the years, but Wizard has continued to surprise, so SC6 etc... I guess you never know. It's also worth collecting pictures and roms etc of unemulated techs, as even the latest machines will become vintage one day. Many of the machines emulated over the past few years, both old from the 70s and 80s and new machines from the past 10 years, weren't emulatable until 2016 onwards, but thankfully people still collected resources for them.
  12. Looks great, but holding off until you upload the finished article.
  13. Another great release. Can't believe how many things you can collect during the feature. Too the alpha about 30 secs to go through hi lo, collect freespins, collect feature, collect pot etc etc. These Betcoms are good at lasting ages on the feature board, whilst not offering too much in the way of wins.
  14. Very crisp DX. A well known Red machine and finally one of the newer releases I have actually played back in the day. I always thought these type of Reds, nicked gameplay elements off the Impact JPMs like Red Alert, but were much more brutal.
  15. Another great looking one on the way. Looks to be a Pink Panther clone.
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