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Community Answers

  1. We've surely had this discussion before
  2. Thanks for another oldie. Not one I remember back in the day.
  3. Thanks for this one. The layout I had for this, was one of the naughty ones in a batch of releases for v9.4. I believe the proceeds went to a charity
  4. Thanks for the update to this granny machine. Pretty sure many of the 1024 DX's of the past, could still get an upgrade. Great story by Compost as well.
  5. Just catching up properly with some releases. Thanks for this one, one I haven't played before. Nice to see some more of Players resources being put to great use. For some reason, the name of this machine annoys me. Perhaps it's because it's all one word and my mind says it should be two
  6. Not wishing to put a downer on thing, but before spending hard earned cash remember.... AT THE MOMENT, Arcade Simulator is basically a very nice to look at visual representation of a fruit machine arcade, that is buggy, very incomplete and does not offer anywhere near the amount of options and bells and whistles that MFME does. You buying hundreds of £'s worth of kit, does not guarantee, it will not be stopped in production tomorrow or at any time and you basically end up dropping a tons of money on a device for a very nice tech demo. If you are happy with that and are not going to be sat here in the future saying, I spent xx on a decent laptop and the thing I bought it for was never finished, then go ahead.
  7. Click on design, then edit mode. (or press CTRL E) Then click on configuration. On the configuration screen, on the left hand side where it's says hopper 1 and hopper 2, take the ticks out. Close the configuration screen. Click on design, edit to come out of edit mode (or CTRL E) Then either reload the layout and say yes, save when asked, or just press CTRL R to reset the machine and save the changes, when you exit the layout.
  8. I believe the mirror over the DOND reel, is considered a reel lamp, so hopefully they will simply work, once reel lamps are implemented.
  9. A couple for the layout bug sheet. Same issue appears to affect two machines. Wild Jackpots and Rise To the Top, the hi-lo reel is unreadable due to corruption.
  10. What a great looking layout. Don't normally do non UK machines, but this looks too good not to have a go at.
  11. Thanks for this one, not sure I've played this before. Hopefully the sounds will turn up for it, or I guess you can always stick on one of his albums.
  12. Great stuff, the picture doesn't do the layout justice. As Dad said, excellent considering you are new to DX'ing. EDIT.. Loving the high quality sound package on this one as well, 90% likeness to War of the Worlds, perhaps just enough variance to avoid any copyright issues.
  13. Thanks for this, great to see a jackpot higher than £5, although I think the DOND machines weren't bad on the kiddy jackpot.
  14. Thanks for this one. A lo-tech I used to always have a go on when I saw it around. Seemed to be one of the more popular Astras when Project were king of the lo-tech to many people.
  15. Thanks for this one, don't think I've ever played it before. Quite a few little bits and pieces going on, on it as well. Very nice looking DX, particularly nice to see quality reels.
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