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  1. I run MFME on a Surface Pro, works very well. I can't say about Jukebox Videos. Never used it. I got mine on Ebay second hand a good 5-6 years ago now, still functions absolutely fine. This would be a good starting point, comes with proper keyboard and good battery life. It's a Pro 4 model. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115438481148?hash=item1ae0ab6efc:g:EVsAAOSwuU5gW4P8&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwE6ifHlIayVZJVC%2Bzv9YaKiIH5NG5iPvIcthRji5ZaPd6%2BaEsi1khAdpLb%2BWaHNTda9A9jt6NMLcEANYlbKLWCirZc177%2FcDtHM%2BCORzxVrelSX%2BeDWP5x8EfheiSAqPOnhDIzLvarY2hHkZ45AVWfqZas26lu298xqTtEdu9sUp%2BeTPtE%2B%2BunvNEtim6docvG9LVMkkRJqn1ra0WEnSS4Ab%2BMUuE8jSsVUKgk%2BngLb0lxl3z57EqwM%2FTYof5KoR6A%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8Sfh4LTYg Use that as a starting point, if you can get a Surface Pro 5 with keyboard in budget, it'll be worth it, paying £20-£30 more. If not I would suggest you look on Facebook Marketplace or local sellers, would you can see the goods.
  2. Judging from the few replies, I'm not sure it would be worth spending days and weeks, creating anything like this. I might have a go at starting something, when I have a bit of time to get a head start on it. I'm not that great when it comes to presentation of these sort of things, so it would probably just be a simple text document. Also from the beginning, decisions need to be made as to whether everything should just be lumped together or something like by Tech or Manufacturer. I was definitely thinking separate Club and AWP list and possibly, a hi-tech/lo-tech separation also. I was a 99% AWP player and 90% hi-tech player, back in the day, so that's would be the area I would focus on first.
  3. wearecity

    JPM Pantaztec

    No JPM machines are emulatable beyond that. Impact tech was the newer tech that their machines ran on from 1995, until I'd say 2004 towards the end of the £25 jackpot era, JPM were sold in 2004. After that I'm not sure they produced anymore AWP machines. But these may have been produced on another tech used in the early 2000's, such as Heber or Stealth, which aren't emulated.
  4. wearecity

    JPM Pantaztec

    @WonkySausage has named the machine wrongly here. Pantaztec, when it should be Fantaztec lol. The Ebay listing has it as Fantaztec. I remember when these machines in the new JPM cabinet, were emulatable, it all got a bit controversial. They were all newer, than the 3 year emulation rule and so it was frowned upon, them being released. I remember it annoyed Wizard and Tony, when some were. Are we sure these are emulatable though and not released on some tech not emulated or possibly a tech that wasn't emulatable until the newer MFME released from 2016.
  5. I think he'd be very happy to see FME still going on and new machine discoveries being made. Also that this site is still very active and generally running very smoothly and new people discovering the wonderful MFME. Continue to RIP Wizard
  6. wearecity

    BWB - Reno Reels

    As I said previously, there was an issue for a short while to do with a Windows update. The thread above was about it. Hopefully the info in it will help. @Clo06 what Windows version are you running, may also give an indication of what it should definitely work on. Works fine for me on a fully updated version of Windows 11.
  7. wearecity

    BWB - Reno Reels

    It does run in v20. For a very short while, there was a Windows update, that broke it, but now running fine.
  8. I was thinking about this sort of thing the other day strangely. Some of my friends over the years who I have shown or got into FME over the years, say, what's the point, fruit machines, are gambling devices, so if you take away the gambling element, with unlimited credits what's the point. Or say in the case of later era's people just force machines, so they never see the features. So what I was thinking, was trying to set up more of an achievement/medal type situation like on Xbox/Playstation. So you have bunch of machines and you have to various challenges on them. Some challenges need to be done in a single play, some can be either in one or many session and some could take many playthroughs. An instance on the machine below, picture attached, so we know what machine we are talking about. Trivial Pursuit (Maygay M1a/b tech) 1/ Get let em spin 5 times in one session. 2/ Get a Cherry win off a let em spin. 3/ Get a Double Bar win off the nudges during the feature. 4/ Get the £7 win off the feature board. 5/ Get 777 Heaven feature off the Go for Gold. 6/ Get Cash Falls off the Go for Gold. 7/ Get the Big Win Repeater. 8/ Get the Jackpot. 9/ Get the Super Jackpot and it repeat. 10/ Have a £10 profit in a session. 11/ Have a £15 profit in a session You could attach points to each part or you could just tick them off when done. I'm sure people could come up with quite inventive ones, where perhaps a certain feature is hardly ever red, so could take a good few hundred quid through to get it. It could also lead to people discovering machines for the first time or revisiting a machine you forgot about. Finally on the larger jackpot machines, it makes it a bit more interesting then just going for the jackpot.
  9. Not sure the original poster will do them, but good to see they can be done, if they haven't already.
  10. This is the last version that worked on Windows versions from XP (possibly even 95/98) to Windows 8.1.1. It's v6.1. But any layouts produced in later versions v19 and v20 will not run in V6.1. So basically any layouts done after July 2019.
  11. The Epoch emulator development page, say YES to sound roms for Return of the Dick, so good chance, someone may have them. https://epochfme.webs.com/ I couldn't find the program roms even, to try to do a mute classic at least. But then I only look at a couple of site for roms, in the Mame section.
  12. You have +5 rep, and have been a member for a year, so yes, you must have posted before to get the rep. You can donate, on the right hand side of the portal page, it's well worth it. https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/portal/
  13. If the roms are available they could be done. Although I do seem to remember something about Return Of The Dick in the past, possibly no sound roms so couldn't be done.
  14. Yes it was called a Fair Play reel and Ace did it, on a few of there Watch For My Hidden Treasures machines. But as you say, some players worked out how to read the reel, so it was chipped out. If you look on the Crimewatch, layout, you see it says Fair Play Reel, during the attract sequence. See Harry Headwounds video on youtube about it.
  15. You are talking about electro-mechanical machines, which possibly can be emulated. But you'd need the schematics diagram for the machine at the very least. Current fruit machines and those from the late 70's have rom chips for programs and sounds to tell them what to do and the emulator, reads those roms. But before roms, it was very different. And basically the roms are replaced in the emulator, with information inputted from the schematic diagrams for electro-mechanical machines. But that's just the basics of it. We do have a few electro-mechanical machines emulated, such as the one in the below video. Watch our members chopaholic video (Harry Headwound on Youtube). Even if you don't want to watch it all, at least watch it from 29:05 for about 5 minutes for an explanation on how this machine was emulated.
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