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  1. Good luck, it's not overly difficult and there are plenty of people who can help if you get stuck. Definitely have a go at producing the layout in the guide. That's what got me started in doing my first layout, some 16 years after first downloading the emulator.
  2. Congratulations once again, on your first FME release, a very good job done.
  3. I still play £70 or £100 jackpot machines in pubs, but extremely occasionally. I can count on one hand how many times I play them in a year and I genuinely can't remember the last time I played one. I do other gambling through the year, but not to a great extent.
  4. wearecity

    Cool Games

    Another one I've never seen before. As for how long FME can last, well I'm still amazed how many machines turn up that I haven't seen before. Up until 2009, when I decided to try to complete quit fruity playing, I visited several arcades, at least once a week and always played them in a pub, so I pretty much thought I'd seen every machine ever released. But, several of Tommy C's pre £70 era WIP's for v20, I haven't ever seen. Quite a few older machines I've never heard of either, like Crazy Crocs. So I think definitely there are still a lot of machines out there to be emulated and certainly emulated in DX form.
  5. I had one good and one bad experience. One bar in Majorca had a machine, which was fun to play, but I ended up losing a lot of money over the week, as we went in daily to watch the horse racing. But another one in Benidorm, I got the jackpot, which I think was 400 euros IIRC.
  6. Non UK machines are not my cup of tea, as I generally have to have even a tiny bit of attachment to a machine to relate to it. Only other country I have played an AWP is Spain. But it's still great seeing them emulated anyway and helps spread FME into Europe.
  7. I must stop forgetting Dads lol.
  8. There appears to be a problem with this section, nothing you are doing wrong.
  9. Great stuff, another step forward towards this being the only resource needed for FME.
  10. Thanks for this. Psycho Cash Beast, was such a popular machine, it's strange, but I don't remember ever seeing anyone in all these years around FME, mention a clone of it, that was never released. Looks like Barcrest tried to revive the popular PCB, Frenzy format at the £35 jackpot stage and perhaps players by then had move on and found the gameplay to be old hat. Or perhaps the £35 jackpot, was just too high, for this type of machine. I'd certainly would have given it a good few quid, had I seen it back in the day.
  11. wearecity

    Balti Towers

    Thanks for this. A much requested machine, since the new emulators. Never played it myself, so another I'll play first through emulation.
  12. wearecity

    Rocky Classic

    Always seems strange, that when it comes to machines which failed test, that more people are most likely to play them emulated than for real. Seems weird why something like this would fail, as it follows the same pattern as so many other Reds of the time.
  13. Looking very nice, a definite improvement over previous DXs. Very good sound package on this machine as well.
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