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  1. Not had a chance to download yet but looks utterly brilliant, will have a play when I get back! Anyone know if this is running early knockback method ROMs as released? If not I'll dig around for a copy, @Chopaholicprobably uploaded them in his YouTube thread if I need them
  2. I fully agree, both with the age (I did wonder if it was an age or possibly learning difficulty issue, and I don't mean that in a harsh way obviously), and the sort of machines he is playing. When I started gambling I was a hi-tech player, back in the days of £15 jackpots, mainly Barcrest but the odd JPM or Bell Fruit, so late 90's. At least the machines I tended to play felt pretty progressive and didn't frustrate the player to the extent modern machines do. Sure I'd still get sucked in on plenty of occasions and end up doing a full force when my intention was only to stake say a tenner, but
  3. Cheers for this! Managed to break it - was forcing the machine, managed to eliminate all but the top 2 boxes (£35 and £70), and then took the DOND feature. It had a long think about it, spun £35 into the box (I made it so the reel was visible) and then flashed a red status light at the top right of MFME and froze! The machine is still doing something in the background but it's definitely not playing. Don't blame you at all, obviously you aren't responsible for dodgy programming, and not a machine I've seen before, so wondering if it either failed test, or perhaps just wasn't tha
  4. As someone with long term gambling issues (under much more control now, a couple of years into a GamStop thing, total online losses of about £100k), I actually find that for me, MFME sometimes 're-ignites' my old gambling desire, but at least for me it's pub / lo-tech arcade slot desires, not online, and I'm much better prepared to ignore such desires. Absolutely no blame apportioned to MFME or this site for that. It's something that gives enjoyment. I could probably build up a proper spreadsheet of my wins / losses but would have to be done long term from RAM reset, and with machines set
  5. I wonder if there's a link between the fact I used to love playing various fruit machine simulators (including the Codemasters ones on my various Speccys) while growing up that led to my gambling issues in later life? Didn't help that dad was in the military and even managed the club machines in the mess With regards to old magazines, we had subs for YS and Crash!, pretty sure I'll have the final issue(s) of them somewhere, probably in a box with a bazillion cover tapes. Did find my old '1st' Speccy recently which is a weird huge machine, apparently a 16K unit upgraded to 48K? Dad was an
  6. ... Not having a dig, but has nobody else played this layout? None of the buttons on the top glass (Party or Poisoned, Take Offer, Leave Offer, Play Feature, Take Streak) work. All have incorrect numbers. They should be : 64 = Take Streak 65 = Take Offer 66 = Leave Offer 67 = Play Feature 72 = Party Or Over The layout and effort is appreciated but you really need to sort things like this out. My work isn't perfect (far from it!) but at least it should be playable as released.
  7. Sorry, only just got this! It's no problem at all, I'll get it scanned [edit] Uploaded 2x 600dpi PNG files to MEGA, 75MB each. Link sent in PM. Only issue is that it has a Vivid logo on the nose pod (fancy name for the logo under the buttons) and also a Vivid logo on the coin mech. You can probably copy and paste them from your existing layout to replace them with the correct Barcrest ones
  8. Probably an odd thing to ask but is a 'locking' a layout the same as 'publishing' a layout in MFME? I've no idea if any I've released are locked or not
  9. No problem, give me a few minutes. I've only got my phone but it's got a decent camera. My reels have a bit of yellowing (it's 20 years old after all!) but hopefully you'll be able to use the symbols, even if you end up having to cut the symbols out and place onto a new background
  10. @Pootis SpencerI've got a machine of the same era in the garage, it's got all the same symbols but not grapes (mine has oranges instead). I could go and photograph the reels for you?
  11. Thanks for all that Reg. Something I didn't want to mention at the time but looks like it's all in hand - what to do with any machines / parts that might have been there. I'm assuming based on the above that someone within the community is helping with that which is nice - should mean that machines / parts are passed on for their correct value to people who would use them and / or collect them, rather than someone taking the lot for way under value and flipping them. At least I hope that's the case. As for the source code, to be quite honest I'd be happy if someone did have it, and just r
  12. @Pootis SpencerI've just had a rummage in my flyer collection and if you are still after some yellow cabinet artwork I'd gladly scan my El Bandido Club flyer? Here's a couple of quick photos taken on my phone but I've got a scanner here so if they are of any use let me know. Unusually (in a nice way!) there's no arrow removal required, just a number (6) that Vivid kindly placed on the left, but on the other side of the flyer that bit is uncovered so you use whichever tool you like to repair it. The machine takes up a decent amount of the flyer so it should come out with reasonable detail if sc
  13. Never heard of it, but looking forward to giving it a play, thanks
  14. Still not really happy with the £35 artwork. I did a fair bit of cleaning of the £5 artwork to try and get rid of reflections and even the colours out, probably should have spent more time on the £35. It's pretty obvious from the graphics that the better colour is in the shadow of the person taking the photo, outside of that area it gets rather washed out. Playable though, so that's a positive
  15. These are single player ROMs by Empire, from the £35 jackpot era. The previous machines were by Vivid in the £25 jackpot era, and I'm pretty sure they only game as a sit down with plasma video top game, or normal game board. Gameplay seems to be pretty similar, but 1 thing I did notice is that I had a 'let em spin' a minute ago, on the £35 version, with feature symbols on the winline. I expected it to give 3 symbols on the winline for an invincible mode, but it just gave 3 symbols in view instead. Glad you are enjoying it That's odd... just tried it on mine and it worked fine on
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