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  1. Well I know from experience you are quite the ROM guru, and you are probably right - just a case of mislabelled ROMs. Should be a nice easy classic for someone, and I'm sure we have a flyer or two for it so a flyer DX would also be pretty easy
  2. Ah it could have been Reg's layout for Crazy Chair Casino that I was confusing it with. I'm gobsmacked there's not been a layout of it to date, assuming that's really the case. I'd search over at Fruit-Emu but can't be arsed doing with the 'wait 100 seconds between downloads' and other stuff.
  3. I'm sure I've had the standard casino cab layout in the past but don't recall the sitdown arena version being done
  4. Slotscat is being strangely clingy this morning. I'm sure animals have a sixth sense for this kind of thing. I hope Chris is looking down on us and happy that people are still gathering resources, making layouts, building cabinets around MFME. Thanks for the last 20 years @Wizard
  5. I once got my arse handed to me by a Red Vortex on 10p/£5 on a holiday camp. I think part of the issue was my playing mega spins and pretty much just forcing for tops. I honestly think I was £90 down by the time I'd given up, which is insanity for a £5 jackpot - but then I was playing it in a bonkers way. Looking back I'd probably just stick to 10p normal spins and try and extract the value rather than forcing on the most volatile setting. I don't believe that the previous player had done anything to it, just my stupidity and ignorance
  6. You can get older Windows tablets or convertible laptops that run MFME just fine - just avoid Atom based processors if possible. Some of the later Atom CPUs aren't too bad, I used to play MFME on a Linx 8 tablet before I sold it. It was playable for most layouts but would struggle with the most modern high resolution layouts with a lot of blended lamps
  7. There's loads more - search the Google Play store for CashmanEQ. I've about 15 games from memory! They aren't emulated but they are very good simulations
  8. Hmm... There are loads of machine techs, which basically followed the electro-mechanical age. I'll add a couple of basic ones but the list is massive. Would be nice to have a definitive list though. I'll have to research but for now the main ones : Barcrest : MPU3, MPU4, MPU5, MPU6 MPU4 Video (Their own technology) JPM : MPS1, MPS2, System 5, IMPACT (Their own technology) also Heber Pluto 6 Bell Fruit : Scorpion 1, Scorpion 2, Scorpion 4, Scorpion 5, Scorpion 6 Cobra (Video), Adder 5 (Video) (Their own technology) Maygay : MMM, M1, M1a, M1b, EPOCH (Their own technology) That will do for a start, there's honestly loads more, and it gets pretty messy when other manufacturers use different hardware - for example QPS used Barcrest MPU4, Bell Fruit Scorpion 4/5 and possibly 6, and I think they might also have used JPM IMPACT? I'll do a proper list tomorrow, might take me a while to compile it due to the crossovers involved, and some of the early hardware I've no experience of!!
  9. I'll definitely read into this - my MFME cab (still unfinished!) has the Universal hopper, mount e.t.c. still intact. Just not connected to anything at the moment
  10. It was E-screen, they were £11 on the website. It might not be exactly the same address, I just glanced at it, thought 'surely not!' and didn't investigate past then! You could always do what I did with the graphics cards I made - make say 5 cables, use 1, and sell a couple of others to cover your costs of materials e.t.c. while also helping others out who might need one. I've not broken or damaged one yet but they are fiddly little cables, especially at the end that connects to the touchscreen interface [edit] Just to be sure - I believe the connectors I linked to are the correct ones, but I haven't ever tried them and would hate to be wrong You could probably just get USB cables, cut one of the plugs off and crimp a 5 pin 2mm pitch connector on the end? Again it's the sort of thing I tinker with but haven't done it on these. I have repaired / replaced a few T7 coin mech cables with my fabulous (ghetto) crimping skills though
  11. I was going to recommend another seller but they share exactly the same business address as Esupplyline so doubt they would be any better! Few options in case you can't get a cheap replacement : 1) Do you have the original cable? If so you can test the continuity with a multimeter and see what is up with it. Might be a nice easy fix. 2) You could make your own? I might be wrong but I think it's a standard 2mm connector, so something like this, but terminated with USB-A at one end. You could either get bare ended USB-A cables and terminate with these connectors if you have the tools, or vice-versa I guess. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291869470685
  12. I had it playing in auto for a little while before release, so it owes a couple of hundred quid. Once it's done a bit of a streak I'm sure it'll be back to it's normal awful ways. I honestly hadn't tried it in full screen but it does look rather nice in portrait mode. I keep meaning to actually set up another portrait mode display for layout designing, for when I *finally* get around to finishing my MFME cabinet. I'd only seen 2, the one that I lost £130 in and the one I was shown to play properly and did quite well on! It's hard to work out what is going on with this machine, what with the artwork I worked from being different to the machine I played. It's almost like they had the name and couldn't quite work out which ROMs to shove in
  13. Version 1.0.1


    Well here's a quick layout I cobbled over the last few days using some artwork provided by @Player. It's a very simple game, basically the same machines as the Red Hot Monopoly single-player, or Grand Golden Game multi-player. As posted in the WIP thread, I had a brutal session on this in Skirlington, before being shown the correct way to play it (cheers @spa!) Also, as stated in the notes and WIP thread, the artwork here appears to be pre-release, or prototype, or something else. I had to add the top reel surround and XTRA LIFE lamp as they weren't present on the art. So while it's listed as a DX, it's not 100% accurate. If I remember to take better photos in the future, or learn how to draw in Photoshop rather than manipulate, it might be re-released in more accurate form in the future! Thanks to those who gave their input on the WIP thread and elsewhere. I'll be honest, I'm not 100% sure about the layout. I think the next time I do one of these I'll be tempted to forget the belly glass at the bottom and move the note acceptor somewhere else. It's a VERY skinny layout. So skinny that you'll probably find my image and notes are off the left hand side of your screen when opening. Other than that I believe they layout is fully working as it should be. Any issues at all reply here and I'll update the layout!! Cheers all SM
  14. I always forget to check that file, but to be honest the idea of a quick save has always terrified me. The more steps required to save something the better
  15. When I'm working on a layout I typically save to a different file throughout the process, and that way if I do something really stupid that breaks something I can reload a previous version. I'm assuming auto-save just saves over the existing FML and GAM file? If it does I'll use it for quick fixes but definitely not during design work. You are braver than me!
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