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  1. I don't really get the point of side art any more, but that's only because it adds an extra step to playing machines on my portrait displays (either cropping the side art during play, or editing the background to remove it entirely). Won't knock people who put it in though, it does look nice on landscape displays. As for this layout, I'll give it a good play after work tonight, so cheers for making it Clo
  2. I was always a bit worried about filesizes, which I why I didn't use graphical backgrounds in classics. Then I realised it's 2021 and most people can download 5mb in a second or two so it's not really an issue now Definitely brightens things up
  3. Think it's the same as Chops and Change, which you can also play on the Reflex phone apps. I think I recall someone saying Chops and Robbers is the original, and Chops and Change was the later version, possibly because of an issue with the name
  4. Huge thanks to you both, especially Geddy for the work he's put in (and putting in!) behind the scenes
  5. I think they must have started just before the £70 upgrade, sure I've seen a few others on £35 (Double Agent and that Treasure Island one with the woman on it) but they quickly got upgraded to £70
  6. That's a beautiful looking classic! Not a fan of the Betcom style but quite looking forward to this one!!
  7. Beautiful looking layout, and while it's a bit before my era of playing I'm looking forward to giving it a bash later This 10p token that's being discussed... I always assumed tokens were just from the £4+ jackpot days, didn't realise they existed before that. Does anyone know what the reasoning behind it was?! Can't imagine why you'd play at 10p stake for a 20x10p token jackpot?
  8. Looks stunning, and definitely one I've not seen before! Looking forward to playing it later when I'm free, cheers
  9. 12 Hours on the laptop? I wish I had your attention span (and/or dedication) :) Does it max out at 30p or is it one of those rare ones that does 50p stake @ £250 jackpot?
  10. OK it's not much of an update, but I'm making a bit of space in the garage, and decided that since this cabinet will be my 'in home' cabinet, I'd put it on the nicer of the two plinths to get one of them out of the way. The plinth from 'Skill Balls of Steel' was significantly better nick than the original plinth from this machine (Super Skill Tower), so went with that one. Pretty easy to reattach, just 4 rather chunky M8 or so bolts and it's done. I say that, but putting the Skill Balls of Steel onto the plinth that this machine on hasn't been quite as easy, so that'll need a little dril
  11. Awesome! Never seen or played it. I wonder if it's like Poker Face, in that the sounds and things bear little relation to the machine? Would be nice if this had sounds from Richard O'Brien or something but bet it doesn't
  12. Trading in my 18 plate Cooper S for a 69 plate Vitara 1.4 Boosterjet SZT. Something a little chunkier. They value mine at £13500 and theirs is £13999 which seems fair enough, will be good to get another car with a couple of years warranty on it! I'll miss the look and character of the Mini, but the 1.4 turbo Suzukis are surprisingly quick, and it'll be nice to have something a bit chunkier for the crap roads out here (I think I know the positions of all the potholes in town but I swear the damn things are breeding!!) (Edit) Decided to cut out an MDF button panel after posting
  13. Appreciate it, without it being tested though it would probably just get added to my pile of other junk Been a complete arse this week, was meant to be working on my MFME cab on this week off. Might get something done with it today or tomorrow, back at work Monday and possibly part-exing my car in on Tuesday for something a bit chunkier
  14. Such a weird machine! Didn't get a chance to play it last night so playing it now, but it's like QPS tried to copy Red Gaming's gameplay - which isn't a bad thing as I'm rather partial to a Red! Good sounds and things too. Obviously helps that the layout is also rather good to bring it all together
  15. Lovely looking classic! Will give it a bash after work, ta
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