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  1. I'd more more inclined to say that a land-based UK random 'AWP' is closer to compensated, despite being labelled random, due to the lack of play compared to an online slot. Land based machines need to pay jackpots and large wins to show players that it's possible to hit them, but at the same time need to account for these larger wins given a smaller amount of play compared to online. I'm pretty sure it's already been confirmed on here that 'random' UK AWPs can alter their 'odds' on a spin-by-spin basis to help them reach percentage. If a machine doesn't want to pay a large win, there will be fewer large wins attached to numbers being called by the RNG (physical or virtual), similarly if the machine wants to pay it'll attach more large wins. This isn't necessary on an online machine as the amount of plays will be exponentially greater than any single UK land based machine could ever achieve. As a quick example, I have a random B3 game on my T7. Fully licensed and running original game code. If I reset the games RAM, I guarantee you it'll hit a silver pot within 5 games. Off the top of my head I can't remember the exact number of games but it's definitely less than 5 games (spins). I can do this every time on my home machine, and have also done it in the wild when I've seen said 'game' running from reset pots (so all pots showing their starting value). The machine is still 'random'... but I'm guaranteed a silver pot (so a significant profit) within 5 spins. Obviously not an emptier unless you can force the machine into a reset state, which I do believe people have done in the past and is probably patched out. If it's able to do that, across multiple machines, despite being 'random', I still don't buy the whole 'but it's random therefore it's fair' type argument. Something slightly fishy going on.
  2. They block in the way they can lengthen and shorten the odds at will. I've got a few randoms in my collection (Barcrest, Astra, Bell Fruit and Novomatic) and they exhibit so much repeatable behaviour they are effectively playing like a compensated machine, with a 'random' sticker
  3. The randoms aren't as random as you'd think, there's definitely some form of compensation going on via maths, especially on the gambles. Put about a grand through my Monopoly Big Event once with no feature, wouldn't win any gambles. Then dropped in a feature which paid £500, and did the same again within a few spins. The machine was clearly 'blocking' the high value wins, and then paid a double JP to get itself back on track. I've had similar behaviour on many of the machines, one of the reasons I enjoy owning the horrific bastards. I'm actually a bit scared of watching these Degsy videos because I don't want to be reminded of what I was like. I've fallen off the wagon a few times but genuinely get zero enjoyment from slots now so may as well not bother!
  4. So since I've been decorating and dehoarding the past 10 days or so, it seemed a shame not to dig this out. I recognise what I think is a DK Tronics logo under where the microdrive is mounted, so wonder if this is some kind of 3rd party case? Unfortunately I can't ask dad anything anymore, but all mum can recall is that she thinks it was a 32k that was upgraded by dad to 48k? Anyway I really ought to try get it running again. Pretty convinced that we stopped using it and replaced with a 128k +2a because this one just showed a mix of coloured blocks when fired up. Won't do anything in the short term but just thought I'd share a pic of the first Speccy I remember and the one I spent far too much time playing and coding on in my younger years
  5. Was so busy yesterday with decorating and an early night as had to drop car off at silly o'clock that I only just found this out via this forum! Amazed it's not higher up the news?! Were it not for people like Clive we'd probably not have had the home computer revolution that we did. Lost far too much time in my younger years typing in code from books only to find it had typos in and trying to work out why things weren't working? We had a ZX81 (I don't think I was old enough to use / remember that though!), another Speccy which ended up being 'upgraded' to 48K, which I still have and looks rather non-standard, along with printer and microdrive (not sure I ever got either working properly!) and I had a few 128k models, inc a couple of +2a models as my first one (with the James Bond games bundle) eventually conked out and just showed scrambled coloured lines. Probably an easy fix now but not for a 13 year old or however old I was at the time it broke!! Aside from the obvious Dizzy titles, and the Fruit Machine Simulators (both Codemasters and a few others) I used to have a bit of an addiction to Tarzan Goes Ape, which was a vertical 'climbing' platformer. In fact while I put another coat of brilliant white on the walls before colouring, I'll have some Speccy tunes in the background. RIP Clive.
  6. What about that red LED looking thing between the 'No under 18's' sign, and the 'Cash Full' lamp? Wonder if that could be used? Not played one of these for years, so honestly can't remember what the IM lamp looked like (Edit) ignore that, the lamp was in the very centre, wasn't it, so that LED is probably just something random left on the flyer! Cheers for the layout, will give it a play later, it's definitely from my era
  7. Nope, I'm sure Wizard mentioned it was a newly found bug he was going to fix in the next release
  8. Have you made sure that under Preferences, you have Coin / Note Effects turned on? On some of my earlier layouts I didn't have them turned on and it was causing similar issues.
  9. Should that be RTX3080? My old Alienware Alpha, a 'tiny pc' (which I thought had bit the dust but turned out to just be a flat BIOS battery!) uses pretty old components - a 4th Gen lower power i5 CPU (I think it's a 4590T), combined with a modified Geforce 860M. Seems to play most things fine at 1920x1080. My tiny PC which will be going into my MFME cabinet when I get my finger out of my arse and actually finish it off is also nothing special - an Intel i3 6100T, so a few gens newer than the one in my Alienware Alpha, but lacking the dedicated graphics, also seems to run most things fine. There may well be the odd demanding layout which will slow down a bit during jackpot sequences, but what I'm getting at is you don't need to spend silly money unless you want things to be absolutely perfect, some of the most demanding layouts will be a bit slower in places simply due to the methods used to put the layouts together. What I'm saying then @loofy123is, in my opinion, you can get a perfectly good desktop PC, starting around £100 for the tower (pre-owned, and you can probably get cheaper if the right setup turns up) and it'll be fine. I'd try and get either decent integrated GPU or a dedicated GPU but the market is still a bit of a joke with the chip shortage and mining issues, so you may well end up paying over the odds on GPUs until the market settles down. If you want to spend more and get the absolute best performance, the sky really is the limit, but you'll not be talking a night and day difference, certainly in MFME. Modern 3D computer games though certainly benefit from more powerful hardware. Now, that applies to MFME only. I've still yet to play with the Virtual Arcade simulator being worked on elsewhere on the forums, and if you are looking at running that then you might need to budget up a bit.
  10. I'm disappointed that someone likened this site to Fruit-Emu - they did a massive disservice to you with that feedback. It's about the biggest insult I can imagine receiving so I get why it has upset you, obviously with what Chris had said in the past. It had gone off the rails a little bit, yes, but still nowhere near the omnishambles that Fruit-Emu became. Not sure if you wanted comments on this thread or not (I guess it would be locked if not?). Anyway, stay safe, and look after yourself
  11. If you fancy a challenge then go for it, but I wouldn't blame you for picking something easier, or doing a machine you want rather than what is laid out here. Don't let me put you off if you really want to do it, or like the idea of the challenge - but equally don't feel pressurised into it, would hate to see you being put off layout design by biting off more than you can chew
  12. Pretty sure some machines actually used to be advertised as 'mid-tech', I guess this sort of machine would fall into that category. Don't know if the term is still used by the manufacturers any more... Not that there's many manufacturers of analogue machines left!
  13. Book of Starry Tumble xNudge Pop Megaways?
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