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  1. I had a quick download before I had to head out, but didn't get much time to play with it. I will say though that it's definitely knackered. Hope someone can get it going as it's a shame so much was put through it and now it's conked out!
  2. Similar thing with the Lord of the Rings (Two Towers?) Club machine, I seem to recall it was impossible to gamble out the cash ladder, you had to gamble to a couple of values below jackpot, exchange in and aim to get cash knockouts. Off to work now but I know what I'll be watching when I get back later
  3. It's a tricky one. While £25 was definitely an update, I was never a fan of rechips, and would rather play the machines on their original stake and prize. When the JP gets increased, but the stake changes the same, something has to give - and that's normally gameplay, at least on machines which don't streak much. On those which do it's probably less of an issue as they just change the streak, so rather than being say 5 x £15 jackpots in quick succession, it might just be 3 x £25.
  4. Oh that's fine then, I do use the email account regularly and have no intention of binning it, just like to keep my proper email account for business and family only and send forum things to different accounts Thanks for the quick reply
  5. I'm a bit lost here and sorry for being a pain - the email I use here is a Gmail account and I only use it for here and other FME sites. It's 'disposable' in that it's a Gmail account. Will these changes impact me?
  6. I got absolutely battered by a £5 / 10p example on a holiday camp a few years back (Haven or Park Resorts, can't remember which). I thought being a Barcrest it wouldn't be too bad, think I was about £40 in when I gave up. Must have been something on it, surely?! (Edit) Sorry - forgot to say thanks for the layout! Cheers
  7. Back in the old days there were some that were a cheeky nod to a franchise, these days it's just taking the piss. I know I've mentioned them before in other threads before but Big Bank Theory (Big Bang Theory) and Cash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) are some recent Bell Fruit examples.
  8. Either somebody has paranoia issues, is a lying bellend, or someone on here actually did that. Which I seriously doubt unless they gave their address out (which I doubt donations do). So one of the former then. I'm surprised that someone on here would do that (request a refund) unless they became a member to use layouts for profit purposes, got found out, and have proceeded to throw their toys out of the pram.
  9. Used to do the same in the day also with discs from SVP. Seem to remember I had to buy discs with Taiyo Yuden or some special Azo dye, think they were normally RiDisc or Ritek. Used to use Lovefilm too, built up a great DVD-R collection... Having to decrypt the films and then remaster them without extras. Quite enjoyed it, despite being more effort than just plugging a portable HDD into the TV. Used to use businesses like MicroDirect for PC bits, they died years back.
  10. How much RAM does your lappy have? If it's only 4GB and it's sharing that with the GPU it'll probably cause bottlenecks. If so look to see if it's possible to put another stick of RAM in it Both my desktops have 16GB and that's the least I'd recommend, 8GB is probably fine though so if you only have 4GB and you have a spare DIMM socket I'd just grab a matching 4GB DIMM. No promises it would fix it but would be the first step I'd take.
  11. Awesome, the sort of thing I'm in to Can I be cheeky and ask how you find these things out? I used to do simple 'cheating' on console emulators for example, but it was normally tools built into the emulators to search for strings. Simple things like getting extra / infinite lives by searching and comparing values using a built in 'cheat scanner' to use uneducated language. Is that the sort of thing that can be done in MFME? I fancy trying to break a few games, even though it's utterly pointless and wouldn't achieve anything, I find tinkering with things like that puts a smile on my face
  12. That's my bedtime viewing sorted
  13. Did the same with my Pi4 arcade cab, cut it down to just a few hundred games. It was just too overwhelming. I used to fall into the same trap with modded consoles, once you could access everything you stopped focusing on the games you loved and had actually invested in and they became more of a 'tinkering' device rather than someone to actually play games through to completion on. As for the original device mentioned in this thread, it's interesting but I've tended to stick to Pi simply due to the amount of people supporting it. Does sound like a decent enough device though, and the price looks reasonable for the hardware.
  14. Great stuff, remember when this turned up in a local arcade. Managed some rather nice streaks on it, mind you it wasn't cheap to play. Giving this a shot later on, thanks (Edit) Have given it a good play, and it's obviously Super, Smashing, Great! I played it a fair bit when it on site near here. Probably aimed more at players like me (players who would play Reds on Mega Spins and not bat an eyelid when £10 lasted 20 seconds on a £35 jackpot machine!). Didn't seem to get much love from other lo-tech players, I guess that's because the £2 spins didn't make sense to them when you could get crazy amounts from the Monopoly WOWs and similar at 30-50p stakes
  15. Sure I used to play the slots in the original Leisure Suit Larry in the old CGA DOS days OK very simplistic but useful if needing to raise cash
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