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  1. I was pleased to see the first dice entry machine because it was another first for FME. Give me a £4 to £6 machine over the £100 machines any day of the week for entertainment.
  2. There's no way, that isn't a bug in the code. Reminds me of years back, when I remember someone saying that the M1a/b version of Club Pink Panther, could never be hi-lo gambled out for a jackpot, as the code wouldn't allow it. So it could run at virtually 0% pay out if that's all the player did.
  3. When you click about on the top menu, what does the version number say v20 or v20.1
  4. When you say, you can't get the £100 DOND working, are you referring to one machine, or every £100 DOND layout? Give us some names of ones not working.
  5. Not played this one before. Great quality and something a bit different. Decent reels always a big plus.
  6. An update. After pressing enter, the machine appears as though it's going to boot up, like the reels move slightly and the alpha light. EDIT....The alpha changes to all ????????? and the 7 segs show 888 Then nothing. If I then alt/tab, MFME is running with the machine loaded, but only with the very top of the cabinet in the layout showing. Attached a picture, which I've reduce the quality of to save mb's
  7. wearecity

    Big Chief

    A couple of other bits, the token mech should not contain a button number. Instead choose Tok MPU4 from the Coin Note drop down list. Then add Meter 3 * 1 as an in meter, so tokens inputted register. Change the out meter to 4 * 1 EDIT...Also missed it first time but £2.40+repeat on pay table is lamp 83
  8. wearecity

    Big Chief

    Great to see this get a release. As Big J says, there are some issues. In addition, the 2nd triple bar lamp on the pay table should be lamp no 81, and the 3rd triple bar lamp no 82. Still as I say, great to see this one get a DX. EDIT....If people wish to add effects, in edit mode under the effects tab within the configuration from the drop downs besides the triacs, triac 1 should be 20p slide, 2, £1 slide and 3, Token slide.
  9. Just tried it, can move around etc, press enter then nothing happens. Did the alt/tab thing and no other windows were open or error messages etc...
  10. I've not been able to play anything like CJA. Not done the alt tab thing yet, but upon closing the simulator, I've not had any message about program terminations or access violation. Will try again later when at home.
  11. I don't know the spin me right round baby site, but it did remind me of the internet sensation, the dancing baby, that went what we now call viral back in the late 90's. http://www.dancing-baby.net/BabyMus1.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dancing_baby I seem to remember I even bought a disk where you could get the baby do different dances, also with screensavers/backgrounds etc on it.
  12. Thanks for this one, not played this before. Nice to see people coming together again, to help it get a release. Seems like Betcom, got an employee to do the voice samples on this. Shame nice artwork, but the sound package is awful.
  13. EDIT......Do as Dad says first, if it doesn't work, then do the below. 1/ Open the emulator and load the top box. 2/ Then open the emulator again (just click on the mfme file again and it will load another instance of the emulator) and load a slave. 3/ Repeat step 2 twice more to open up the other 2 slaves. So you have the top box and the 3 slaves loaded. 4/ Left click on the top box and hold down the ALT key on your keyboard and while holding it down, press L on the keyboard. 5/ You will see a message saying 3 games linked on the top box and game linked on the slaves. 6/ Press CTRL Q on the keyboard to close everything down. 7/ Open up the top box and the 3 slaves should load, as well. Once you have the top box and 3 slaves open, then follow the instructions in my previous post about resizing and moving everything in place.
  14. What's interesting, is I remember Chico and I remember playing it a lot. But when it comes to the gameplay, I would have never have remembered anything about it. I actually thought it was another Fun On The Run and The Heat Is On clone.
  15. Glad you're enjoying it. It's quite unbelievable people are still discovering FME for the first time, some 20 years on from when the emulator was available for free, to anyone who searched for fruit machine emulation.
  16. Sometimes the % is determined via the dip switches on older machines. Sometimes it's worth trying to turn them on in the configuration screen. It can also other do other settings, like auto payout and price of play. Otherwise it could be worth trying others roms. Most machines I remember back from the £4 era, had payouts of no greater than 78% and in many cases more like 70%-74%. I certainly don't ever remember seeing a machine in the 90% area, low 80s at best.
  17. Another sad story that no doubt members can relate to in parts. But it's great to see you're on the right road now. There is always a reason behind gambling, boredom and stress being the two main culprits imo. But on the other hand it can be because it can be fun and even thrilling. The key really is to prevent the reason/s why someone turns to gambling and because it's not always possible to prevent these reasons from happening, to have an alternative to gambling, when it does.
  18. Part of the issue I think maybe for you, was I believe you really liked Watch For My Hidden Treasure machines a lot. Even on a £4.80 jackpot, these could be brutal, as they seemed to be the first machines, that would actually build up for streak in a brutal way. People think Red Gaming machines, could be brutal, but these machines, could also take £10-£15 off you, before even offering a win, which I don't remember any machines doing before the WFMHT machines. They could take £20-£30 before they dare give you a £2.40 and £30-£40 before you might get a jackpot. It always seemed risky to play them, unless you had £30-£40 minimum on you. Of course on the other hand, you could get the up to £40-£50 streak out of them, but then a lot of the time, at least 3/4 of the pay was in tokens. Which of course would probably just go back in other machines, for a lot less cash out. As for Scratch Card, I get more pleasure out of scratching something else lol.
  19. I like to see the emulator used in different ways. Some of my mates, say what's the point, you can't win or lose money. But I always say, that a lot of machines are like old video games, where they are just fun to play particularly for the £4-£8 era. Even some of the machines from the £25 era, can still offer multiple way of getting a jackpot and it's fun, trying to set up Nudge to the Nearest Win, or Tutti Frutti in red mode, to give a jackpot. I quite often, also give myself an imaginary limited balance to play and either play the machine, as I would taking wins here or there and see if I end up with a profit. Or seeing if I can get a jackpot before the money runs out. Last time I played MPU4 Take Two on 20p £4.80 jackpot and played until I forced it to give either the jackpot or a Money Maker £2.40 which repeated. I couldn't believe I was £30 in, before it finally gave me the Money Maker which repeated. So £25 down on a £4.80 machine.
  20. Yes it's very dangerous unless you put strict limits in place and find sites that if you want to change the limit upwards you need to wait a few days or a week before it comes into effect. A few times I've upped mine, either through my choice to have a bit of a bigger gamble or because I'm doing our syndicate betting on Cheltenham Races. I soon reduce it back, because I feel it could very easily get out of hand. Or while not rabidly out of hand, once or twice, I've gambled more than I intended to. The trouble is gambling can be fun and thrilling, but when you hit a bad run, it really hurts. I do watch some of Degsys video of real gambling and some other youtubers video, ok they do seems to be a bit jammy quite often and of course everything is rosey in the garden. But when there not winning, you can hear in their voice and the way they speak, exactly what most gamblers think. It's that what an utter waste of money and time, playing these slots for zero entertainment is. Why the fuck do I still keep giving these vulture companies my time and money. Thankfully I either have that attitude before I play, so don't, or after 10-15 of utter boredom, stop playing and think, nah not wasting my time and money. That even goes when I'm in Vegas, not doing well, just go to the bar or a walk.
  21. I think even Paypal would see, that that is utter nonsense. If someone is going to make something up, at least you'd try to make it intelligible. Out of interest how many people have actually tried to claim a refund back in the 4.5 years the site has been up?
  22. Lowering the tone of the thread/place, but there were a couple of controversial ones as well, which I only visited out of curiosity, once or maybe twice. Rate My *** .com, showing toilet bowls let's say and the one which showed, murder scenes and accident scene pictures, *ot*en.com Hope I haven't offended anyone, but those two were well known sites in the late 90's. No intention of looking to see if they still exist, because they were disgusting.
  23. Thanks for this one, good to see a couple of Stoney DX's out of nowhere. Shame the machine is awful, another New York, New York, On The Buses clone. At least OTB had Blakey to soften the blow of the numerous offer you nothing much, then kill you boards. Still never played this before, probably would have avoided it, because of the above if I had, so another one first experience in emulation for me.
  24. I'm just grateful, that largely from 2009, I stopped playing online and offline, to the extent on being an addict. I still occasionally play online and I do go to land based casinos a few times a year, but nothing major. It's all very restricted by either limits I have in place or limits I impose on myself, when offline. Still hoping to go to Vegas in October though, but looking doubtful, I'll probably be 52, before I get to celebrate my 50th in Vegas, as was the intention last year.
  25. Another good yarn to listen to. Every one of them, makes me think, that while I was addicted and eventually in a lot debt, I could have been in a much worse off situation. It's very true, with family/friends, it's bad enough. But without them, it's even worse. It's a very lonely addiction, because it's just you and the machine. While I didn't do the student thing, I went straight to work at a station, I still managed to play them, when I should have been working. At first, being late back from breaks or saying I'm off to the toilet and then break and using that extra 5/10 minutes before to gamble. Things progressed even worse, when still at the same station, I got a job, involving roaming around the station to stick up posters/passenger charter figures and fill leaflet racks etc...I'd then disappear off site for an hour or more, up in the arcades. I'd occasionally get asked where have you been and I'd always make a flimsy excuse, but definitely several people knew what I was doing. I was always the one in the group in the pub, who would be playing the machine, while everyone else was chatting/laughing. So people knew I was hooked (sounds better then addicted lol) on playing machines. Never shit myself, during my addicted period though lol. That bit at the end did make me chuckle, played it back several times and still giggle now when writing this.
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