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    BFM - Cash Blitz

    By Clo06,

    BFM - Cash Blitz

    BFM - Cash Blitz

    Tech: SYS85

    A great game from Bell Fruit, from way back in 1987, brought back to life.

    This machine although only a £2 jackpot plays a great game and really shows why the 'A' in AWP originally meant Amusement.

    Keyboard shortcuts in the notes part of the emulator.

    Thanks to Wizard for the emulator

    Player for the roms

    The image provider.

    Please use MFME V19.8 or later to play

    Enjoy & stay safe :) 

    Bell Fruit - Cash Blitz 1.JPG


    Project's Reflex (revisited) £2.40all cash/ £4.80 token Dx's

    By vectra666,

    Project's Reflex (revisited) £2.40all cash/ £4.80 token Dx's

    This originally wasn't released on here maybe due to the site not around then, but i've revisted the layout (For the 3rd time lol) as was asked to remake a £2.40 all cash edition for the 50 credit challenge. @Big J

    i've included the £4.80 version as i've made a few changes to the original as in but kept the sideart

    sharpened the cash decals and win plan where it was blurry in places

    relit those area's

    blended the win plan lamps and the base lamp border so it flows much better around the logo

    And Added input for the 10p/50p coins.


    notes from the 1024wdx edition 

     Here is a lo-tech machine from Project-- Reflex  simular to jokers wild in appearance.
     Thanks and a BIG thanks go to these guys
    To Captain Haddock for his classic layout used for lamping positions
     Jonno/Launton for giving me the images/reel bands of this machine in the first place. 
      To Welshskiprat for his machine where the photo's were taken from, and for a video he made for the attract mode and to Steelfix for his help with W-SkipRat in uploading said video.
     This layout has the earlier P60/68 ROM in it gives better streaks thanks again to Welshskiprat and Jonno
     Shortcuts are as standard except Reflex = R

    10p = 7/ 50p = 8 and 20p (cash version) = 9 20p token (4.80 version) = 9


    Enjoy (again) and Happy Gaming!!!!


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