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    PCP - RunnaRound

    By Clo06,

    PCP - RunnaRound

    PCP - RunnaRound

    Tech: System 1

    Fancy going for a run, then give this 2p game a run for it's money.

    Keyboard shortcuts in the notes.

    Thanks to:

    Wizard (RIP) for MFME

    The rom provider

    @infectionfor the image used

    @AK45for testing.

    Play using MFME V20.1 only 


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    Toploader - Mazooma - Scorpion 4

    Pootis Spencer
    By Pootis Spencer,

    Toploader - Mazooma - Scorpion 4

    Another release from me this time a Scorpion 4 machine called Toploader.

    I did plan to release the £8 version with this however the decals I have used from the images @Player provided are incorrect. I must be missing something here even though the stake was set for £8...maybe a dip switch? If anyone can help I will update the file.

    Thanks goes to :-

    @Johnnyafc for the original classic

    @Clo06 and @vectra666 for beta testing

    @Player for the original artwork upload


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