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  1. As always great attention to detail, your a great asset to this site @Clo06 many thanks for this layout.
  2. Think that's cash attack mk 2 , another of the super charged clones, some early chips could be done on these if I remember right.
  3. Tommy c


    I do have some electrocoin high tech reel bands that I used on let's play darts. The jackpot symbols will be different though. Originally obtained from spas drive
  4. Device changed is normally on later mpu 5 games. Normally happens when you change the software/jackpot or stake on a game
  5. I told you about the opto tabs a few time regarding reels, they are not all the same set up, so some times need changing. Glad you got it sorted, not sure why I was tagged in the thread? Did you send me this layout? If you did I can't remember.
  6. Hi jp are you sure this is a bug on your part? I ask because if an mfme layout doesn't have coin lock out checked and you hold the 0 key for a few secs that give lockout/ strim alarm. Try playing a game that you know has the coin mechs lock outs ticked and see if you get the same error.
  7. This guy is a bellend, looks like hes best mates billy bullshit.
  8. Many thanks for the layout. Excellent work.
  9. The phantom shit shorts stasher lol love it, great vid and detail.
  10. Of course with software that is an whole different scenario, there is a risk of loss or damage. Taking high res picks of machines isnt gonna break em. Maybe it's the whole ignorance bit about it that is bothering me. It isnt hard to say no or make some waffle up. Ignoring messages is a pig awful way of doing things.
  11. Well they have to try some way of polishing turds
  12. Tommy c

    Fruit Bingo Dutch

    Love it, Really great work here, well done.
  13. Did the scene ask for cash when they got a software copy for their machine? No. we go out our way to help them get the best result for their games. Really do find it strange that people can be so selfish about these things.
  14. Ok sorry if I should post this here, but I feel like a shit posting at the mecca as not all members are in the same catergory. On numerous occasions I've sent PMS to members on there requesting pics of their games if the have time. PMS have either been ignored, or read with no reply. Now this is fare enough some cant be arsed with the myther. Thing is a great bunch of these ignorant members have recieved help and software from the fme scene, yet when we ask for a little.help back we get the middle finger. I'm posting this to burn off some frustration over this matter for some months now, getting to the point I think bollocks to it.
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