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  1. Absolutely stunning Dx this Dave, many thanks for this. Wouldn't guess you was playing an emu with the work on this.
  2. Thanks for this save,top Dx as per,.
  3. Always work on the bigger size artwork first,that way everything is clearer to read then you wont lose much quality when you resize your base art. That's what I do,sometimes you have to rectify mistakes once you have resized but that's just a tiny area to sort so it's not too bad.
  4. Tommy c

    Up and Under

    Thanks for this andy.
  5. Yeah possibly right I would add your fonts in the red colour then add a slight black stroke with them so when you lamps 5he text it looks anti aliased etc. I looked at doing a Dx a while back but remember being confused to fuck with the feature fonts and being able to read them clear enough to identify the fonts . Either way your layout making skills look tip top to me so will be a great finish no doubt.
  6. Looks great only thing I could see wrong with the flyer was the feature panel was impossible to read at layout scale.
  7. I will make you the reel band and send them over,they have to be edited from the template. Don't release until I send you them later if you read the thread @SocialDragon368 send me the layout in a zip file I will sort the band and add the reel images in for you
  8. Many thanks for this one clo.
  9. If you need a reel band collection let me know I will upload my file for you,no problem.
  10. Those high res reel symbols look familiar.....
  11. Tommy c

    Suits you sir

    Many thanks for these @Amot
  12. Tommy c

    Card swop mps1 bwb

    Many thanks for these @Amot
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