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  1. Excellent! what was the fix on it? Really look forward to adding this to my jpm folder.
  2. Any chance of some easier ones for us visually impaired please
  3. You can tell your 100% fme fanatic as you tend to download every game and give them a good play, that's dedication and shows the designers that people are enjoying their work.
  4. Many thanks for this clo.
  5. I've got something for you, let em spin on indy jones. Wound my mate up for Years with that clip as I remember a unit robbing him blind in Jenny's amusements piccadilly in about 96ish, justkep wispering that saying to him, that saying drove him mad haha. When we were on bus home skint, a quick I've got something for you quote would get everyone lively again as mate would kick off for taking piss out of his loss Just brill times them going arcade full of beans then leaving deflated as owt calling your favourite machine for not paying lol.
  6. So is this a full redraw or images of the machine? the reason i ask is the missing badge on the glass.
  7. Just had a play and according to the machine id in the barbus this is a barcrest game but there's no barcrest badges on the glass and your cash wins count up different to the barcrest games of the times.
  8. Many thanks for this one, this looks like a rare machine to me. Don't think iv'e ever come across one, i saw a game called the jolly tavaner what was by barcrest i think? Either way interesting release and game thanks to the both of you. Anyone any info on the game it 'self and game play?
  9. Many thanks for this one.
  10. Nice, this should be well better than the £8 version, thanks for the layout.
  11. Thanks for these vecs, very nice set of dx's.
  12. Fantastic classic layout, many thanks for this clo.
  13. Anyone who has downloaded, can you download with the updated layout!! I have fixed quite a few lamp mask issues, cheers.
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