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  1. maybe it ain't then it just looks clearer
  2. i have decent art too the matrix is clearer ANDY.zip
  3. I have the roms running for this got them running thanks to fruitsnappa I can send you them if needed what you’ve done so far is perfect imo I was also going to dx this but never got around to it
  4. Ahh. No probs I thought in was for layout creators in general not just ones on this site but I suppose it’s obviously going to be that you’re advertising this site and the artists within. Tell me though why are bugs and cheese included have they released a layout Or three on here? End of the day it’s upto you how you go about things with this advertisement
  5. There’s too many to list I’d personally leave the names off as it’ll create friction as in he’s on there I’m not etc I’d just leave the Thankyou artist’s sentence and a BIg Thankyou to the emulator guys wizard and any others that have made emulators including guitar where is £6intokens and Ady amongst others But where do you draw the line artists resource collectors site owners etc
  6. Look forward to it maybe you can do the baby brother of this too in dx form? feel free to use the reel symbols from my awp classic of this
  7. vectra666

    BFM - Cash Blitz

    It was checkbox 22 for £2/£4 clo06 will update the layout accordingly
  8. vectra666

    BFM - Cash Blitz

    got the shite @£4 tokens now need to figure out what checkbox is what lol closing the gap as we speak there's a switch that changes cash to token jackpot but which one? @Clo06 pm sent regarding layout
  9. vectra666

    BFM - Cash Blitz

    lamp (19) £2 repeat should be lamp 29 and i'm sure this will become £4 as the flyer states either £2 or £4 for jackpot, used hitthesixs cash bank as a guide for checkboxes i'll see if i can force a jackpot
  10. Good luck social as for looty call dad already had a dx of this coming soon As for Andy capp if it's the one I'm thinking of I have the lamps mapped out but the seven segs are a bitch to do atm I could send you what I have done so far as it's only the little squares so far??
  11. vectra666

    BFM - Cash Blitz

    Thank you are you sure it's only £2 jp mAybe a checkbox will sort it I'll look in a mo
  12. Thankyou for this looks great and plays good
  13. View File Project's Reflex (revisited) £2.40all cash/ £4.80 token Dx's This originally wasn't released on here maybe due to the site not around then, but i've revisted the layout (For the 3rd time lol) as was asked to remake a £2.40 all cash edition for the 50 credit challenge. @Big J i've included the £4.80 version as i've made a few changes to the original as in but kept the sideart sharpened the cash decals and win plan where it was blurry in places relit those area's blended the win plan lamps and the base lamp border so it flows much better around the logo And Added input for the 10p/50p coins. notes from the 1024wdx edition Here is a lo-tech machine from Project-- Reflex simular to jokers wild in appearance. Thanks and a BIG thanks go to these guys To Captain Haddock for his classic layout used for lamping positions Jonno/Launton for giving me the images/reel bands of this machine in the first place. To Welshskiprat for his machine where the photo's were taken from, and for a video he made for the attract mode and to Steelfix for his help with W-SkipRat in uploading said video. This layout has the earlier P60/68 ROM in it gives better streaks thanks again to Welshskiprat and Jonno Shortcuts are as standard except Reflex = R 10p = 7/ 50p = 8 and 20p (cash version) = 9 20p token (4.80 version) = 9 Enjoy (again) and Happy Gaming!!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 28/05/20 Category Project  
  14. This would be great on the 50 credit challenge @Big J probs take hours to complete for a quid lol
  15. I’d say dx wise you have one from 1981/2 you now need the following 1990-94- something token era say AE,s 777 heaven or a pook dx 95-2000 - classic jpm roller coaster by tommy c 2000-2005 a barcrest machine of this era 2006-2016 - dond or clone pick one of my donds maybe, or Astra machine right time right deal £100 or a reflex machine? problem is there’s so many to choose from and so many excellent creators that way you’re showcasing not just the dxs but the manufactures that define those eras of emulation
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