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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Next up and a favourite Mdm machine of mine is Colossus a similar machine if not a clone of Big Apple Thanks goto @£6intokens - The Smaller Dx used for lamping/reel refences @Liverpool2008 - Hi res images of this machine @infection - images of the £8token glass and reel deck for symbols to be remade @WonkySausage - Dip switch setting configuration help @serene02 - Massive thankyou to you for making the HI LO reel and symbol overlays, they now look spot on fantastic work as usual!!! Anon - for new Mpu4 coin out effects which are used for games in the same cab as andy capp and the like.. And of course @Wizard for Mfme's past and Present. Now the Machine decals. You'll notice when you collect winnings from the fruit cash ladder, they're wrong. this is because they're set for 5p play and was like this when @Liverpool2008 uploaded them it doesn't really matter as it states what you've won in the alpha display i.e 20p cherries = 40p and so on You can play these at a lower/ higher stake if needed (5p,decals correct/20p) bank2 dips 1,2,3 also you can change the percentage by changing the last four dips on bank two, the dips on bank2 are all labelled, just hover over the dip and it will show you what's what.. shortcuts are as standard £5-20p cash = 9, £8tokens 20p token = 9, £1 = 0 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!!
  2. I also read somewhere on here via a topic mfme doesn’t represent the actual machines play I mean when you play say cloud999 the mfme player normally puts in £1’s at a time obviously during its play you win £1’s 20ps and tokens normal real machine play the player would recycle tokens and change through the machine where as mfme only £1’s so the machine would hold back token wins as it thinks it’s not been refilled
  3. @woodsy Five one does exist seen YouTube of mr ps the centre cash features have fruit symbols and cash ladder starts at 20p
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Here's the little brother of jackpots that rock 'n' roll,, RockStar on its seaside setting £5/10p I've put it in games media as it states this on the art yet its by global, also there's not many in this category. Is it games media, AC games or Global Games?? Anyways, the layout, it has an option to change stake i.e 5p-one line, 10p three lines, 20p all lines but this doesn't seam to work in this rom version (1.4) maybe it is workable in a different set if we had any?? Thanks goto @Liverpool2008 - for the recent Hi res images of this machine @Matty.n - Classic layout used for majority of lamp numbers etc @Tommy c - for the reel bands used and the "numbers" for the hi lo reel from jackpots that r n r.. Shortcuts listed within the notes Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!
  5. I’m sure ploggy will be fine, he’s always said use anything from his layouts to make new and what about @£6intokens and @hitthesix another two old skool creators
  6. Upload 1.1scorp5 roms to here as I may do a scorp5 version instead of four??
  7. Now it looks like I have to do em now Thankyou @Pook these will probably be started after rock star but due to real life don’t expect anything to be released till at least mid-late June at the earliest of course does the video screen work on the club edition?
  8. Do we have hi res flyers for these two awp/clubber @Pook etc if not any decent images @infection
  9. Going by the image it looks like it’s one of them tat was made in the big leak era although I’m sure @Ploggy made a 1600dx of this if not it’s one of them that could do with a revamp sometime
  10. Version 1.0.1


    More bendy bulls n tankards and dart or BfH anyways here's the £25 variant on scorp5 tech the real machine should be blue with a blue cabinet but the flyers ropey so i decided to use the existing "classic" art (red background) and add the £25 decals to it thanks goto to @Liverpool2008 for original art the flyer uploader (£25) shortcuts are written within the notes and the notey works on this edition so put your feet up watch bullseye on challenge and challenge yourself to this like its 1980's all over again Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!
  11. Yep that no 5 was a right pig to blend etc with the flash on it also removed your fingers from the main board, might slap it on 90% see if it plays better
  12. Version 1.0.2


    Its time for a bit of bully with this seaside special the classic version of the \£25 standard bullseye game Thanks goto @Liverpool2008 for the recent images @SocialDragon368 for the classic layout for most lamping references shortcuts written within the notes Notey doesn't work in this version Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!
  13. Needs another walk around @johnparker007 so I can see what I’m missing although I could try set it up and see if lappy will take it. do you plan on doing any older mpu4 machines soon as love to see my layouts cash counter if not too small and take two in there.
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