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Community Answers

  1. It sort of runs. But the lamps are all over the place due to the character Id not right
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Same thanks as the six pound variant but also thanks to @WonkySausage for obtaining the £8 token rom set amongst others including a tighter 5p/£4 cash rom which i've yet to load if sucessful i'll add the amended layout to this upload set on 88%/20p
  3. Version 1.0.2


    Will you keep your calm or go Absolutely Berserk over this Slot from Barcrest!! It's back in the 1990's! for some token fun Thanks goto @Pook for his original dx made ages back for most of the lamp numbers etc A member on here for the Image used, probably from the flyer To Youtube for the few videos of this machine to get the top logo lamps flashing as they should, i think only Mr p's has this machine in his classic arcade Reel symbols remade from the real images i had of these symbols Shortcuts Start = Spacebar Autoplay = A Holds = 1,2,3 Cancel/Collect = `/C Go Berserk = B/Spacebar Token in = 9, £1 = 0 Enjoy And Happy Gaming!!!!!
  4. It’s basically eBay so the images are the same but all in one page instead of scrolling through endless shite lol thanks for the link and idea
  5. Not atm some of them with adding the £5 decals in can be harder than you think and very time consuming rise to the top I could remake to £5 if needed as fairly simple to add the decals but some like spank the banker it’s more than just the cash ladder that needs altering
  6. Seams £6 for a board which pays £5 collect and repeat above try the higher jp ones for more fun… not lol
  7. We’re all clones of one another in a virtual AI world where reality is intertwined with spirituality in the 4th dimension of fme land time and existence don’t exist as one??
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Basically just a decal change from the orignal £70 dx i released back in 2019 Thanks goto @fruitsnappa for the images from the £100 dx made to eBay for the £5 decal image i nabbed to make this version Shortcuts written within the notes Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!
  9. You have probably maxed your quota for the week/month these restrictions are in place to stop people leeching the shite out of the site you can donate to increase your limits
  10. Version 1.0.1


    The dog's gone barkin mad!!! with monopoly crazziness Thanks to @logopolis for pointing out the roms used in the £25 version went to a rare £8 jackpot setting i thought i'd make this again on that jp level so its a eight pound jackpot set on 20p play, of course you can change the Price of Play to whatever you require (5p,10p,20p,25,30p) the cash ladder decals may not look uniform as in all the same this is because i've used some from my unreleased £5 version and the £25 version, the £7 is homemade from the Four anyways Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Here is my take on this popular classic this is set to £25 / 25p play and it uses rom set1 (V1.1) where as the other dx's use a later set I have made the smaller jackpot level but Will Not release that one generally, as @SocialDragon368 has made and will be releasing his own £5 variant its only right as he started that wip and i want him to succeed on the dx aspect of creating, so check out his WIP thread on this as i expect they're be his version in there soon, if good enough hopefully the powers that be will let him upload them to the main sections again. Thanks goto @Liverpool2008 - images @BruceGeorge - previous dx and for the reel bands Anyways you know the game, shortcuts are as standard and the Notey does work but Only Gives Change!!!!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Remade this classic from Bfm for v20.1 originally made it back in 2015 (1024wdx) Previous thanks goto @spa for the classic / Hi-res Flyer used @Pook for original hi lo number reel help etc to another member for the coin inputs The layout itself still has no original "shogun" sound roms so instead of a 75% mute layout i decided to use the sound roms from Spectre a near clone of this machine so at least we have sounds if not entirely correct the layout is fully blended and the checkbox upto left tick for £2,40 All cash if you want Shortcuts are as standard Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!
  13. I was going to say make the reel 12 steps as six is far to small you can put a blank bmp in between the numbers-dice similar to club temptation
  14. Problem if I did and was successful I’d probably retire from creating and enter the virtual world and be hooked like I was with project Amber
  15. great review as always @Reg never actually played the simulator, don't know if my laptop is powerful enough for it all
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