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  1. you need to load the "on" one into mfme first then map out your lamps (yellow squares) over the corresponding lit text once done goto lamp editor and extract the on lamps, then click onto the art on the layout and find your "off" image then via layout editor select to extract the "off" lamps next tick off on the mask lamps then apply
  2. i normal use omni lamp then add extra 20+ to the contrast for all on/red lamps, if the backgrounds like yours i add extra contrast (+40) also make the lamp with a touch of red colour =
  3. worked fine with me both version extracted with winrar yesterday although my winrar did update a few weeks back not actually played this or any layouts for v20 yet though still on ye old v19.8 lol
  4. nothing like caribbean cash goodluck with it, you'll need it with the blue/red text everywhere. i did start this for v19 but at the time the band reel was out, so its now sitting on my lappy gathering dust, it may get dx'ed one day if i get around to it
  5. I take it this will have all the correct symbols this time you know there is a club version you could grab symbols from especially the hi lo numbers although the base symbols are different
  6. I have a few dozen maybe there’s one or two in there to add to my collection?
  7. we need new blood to take over and you're definitely it look forward to more from you
  8. Layout completed onto the next??
  9. great looking dx you're coming along great with these thankyou
  10. Reel symbols or bands for layouts are not normally a member request so no need to worry as for thanking this that and everybody for them you’ll probs write a book On all the thanks needed , I did make some decent red ones myself used on jewel strike but the numbers although would’ve been good for this layout have blue green arrows, the number reel is ok though. as for reel symbols start a folder with various sets from different techs in, then eventually you’ll have enough to go along with, there are a few found on here via the download section.
  11. It’s the same style as the club version afaik ask tommy c as I think he has a flyer image of this
  12. Coming soon, thanks to @Max Cartwright for the image via the front page @Clo06 for the classic the layout won't be crystal clear but at least it'll be dx'ed
  13. vectra666

    Cash raker

    To me the images above look to bright with to much reflections on them
  14. thankyou the releases are coimng thick n fast this weekend
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