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Community Answers

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Yes i said not doing another re-decal but @infection give me a image of the £25 version so had to complete the set so basically its the older £5 art with £25 decals added anyway thanks to @infection for images as per usual and to anyone else who helped on the original £5 version i made Note Acceptor does work but only gives Change!!! maybe disable it if so don't want to empty the machine of quids in change lol. Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Another Decal Change this time its Stardust on its original £10 setting (previous £15 roms are switchable to £10) Definitely the last decal change for a while, time to make something new, or at least a new version of a layout etc Afaik this never went as low as £8Tokens anyways two to choose from now Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!
  3. I may just take a look at them see if I’ll make a sixth attempt at it or maybe someone else may like a go at dxing this as it’s a fairly simple layout even for a beginner
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Again not exactly new artwork, just a decal change this is for the £10 All cash version of popeye n olive thanks goto netdent via the mecca for uploading the £10/£5 decal so i could complete this variant and to those who helped in the making of the oroginal £8token version (also included if anyone hasn't obtained it already as don't think i uploaded the resized version to here) now back to the boring £100 machines for me, if i get the roms running!!! lol...
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Not a new layout art-wise just added the £15 jackpot decal and roms anyways this completes the series of money to burn's £8 £10 and now £15 Thanks goto the ebay seller for selling this machine, of which i nicked the decal from to @infection for sending those images via pm @Geddy for the dedicated £15 roms Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Next up is another reflex machine called Chops and Change (originally chops n robbers) Thanks goto to whoever supplied the roms maybe @fruitsnappa (slowly running out now lol) @SocialDragon368 for the classic made beforehand @infection for images used and to anyone else whom assisted with the making of this and during this time of National Mourning Like Her Majesty EiiR @Wizard whom you shall both be remembered for different reasons and never forgotten!!! To All Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!
  7. Hi am welcome as wonky states there’s far too many to choose from, what’s you’re favourite machines or era to play from?
  8. Reflex’s clubbers like Lady Luck etc the cashpot is built up don’t think there’s a way to override that via ram reset same goes for the awps with progressive pots, what about the likes of oldie rainbow riches
  9. Pie factory wasn’t there. Dunkin’ donuts one too?
  10. Version 1.0.25


    A request from Jan 2022 so finally Remade it The original deal or no deal on the upgraded £35 Jackpot the art for the layout was originally from the £5 version i did, hence why its missing the notey and a big fat deal box is there thanks to All that have made this happen @slotsmagic for the £35 decals shortcuts are as standard, notey does work and the tabs are to the right side of the machine, shortcuts are 7,8,9 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Next up is Betcom's Quids in America, not a mention of kim wilde anywhere Thanks goto @Matty.n - £70 classic used for 99% of lamps etc @infection - images and reel symbol images used, great images keep em coming!!!! @Mort - test mode help, i should know them by now as made enough lol @Geddy - for original £100 roms used but realised they had a lamping error within so @fruitsnappa - came to the helm to deliver some roms with a corrected lamp issue in them @Wizard - for Mfme's past and Present Shortcuts written within the notes Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!
  12. Hope it brings back joyful memories great era of machines these “skillstop” ones
  13. Probably was £10 I might even mess up the decals to make a £10 version as we’ve loads of roms within the layout that aren’t used only one left to do is big wheel a game similar to this one
  14. Version 1.0.1


    Not a new layout from me but a larger version of the layout i did back in 2013/14. Someone sent me this larger version which has been upscaled so the quality is slightly better than the original, also newer crisper reel symbols added etc Enjoy it all over again
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