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  1. What you on about? What machine? Take a look at other similar machines emulated and see what makes them tick!!
  2. 2p’tastic thanks clo still amazes me after all the years mfme’s been out we’re still unearthing missing machines and roms etc
  3. A fair few of my earlier 1024’s I’d love to return to if I ever find the original flyers etc used rich geezer, and my first double 9’s and many many more. I’d love to see a revamp of Nickelodeon one day , I do have images for that one so never know one day? Never could get the £1.20/2p roms to load think they were Bwb ones?
  4. I did release a smaller version in between this one and the earlier version simply because at the time I couldn’t play the larger early one and didn’t like the reel symbols they looked cheap n nasty loads of Scorp4 were released like that in the great leak of v9
  5. started lighting up and still a tad rough around the lamp edges didn't realise there's actually a dx of this a small version though seen it on youtube
  6. Thankyou for another new dx for mfme
  7. It’s when the lines go through text is the headache especially when there’s no other words to duplicate from, sometimes you’ve got to rebuild the letters from other bits n bobs
  8. Coming soon the clubber of the Awp, using a flyer which needs "cleaning" for those that don't know @woodsy this requires the removal of dreaded lines and blemishes via the clone tool in Ps. Not cleaned a flyer for a will so a learning curve once again for me. early thanks goto @Samson81 for the hi res flyer uploaded a while back even though its hi res, due to the original machine size on the flyer (took up about 1/4 of the flyer space) its still grainy in places, so may not be the clearest from me, but you never know. anyways here's the flyer image i'll shove the finshed product in my usual real gold cab image so will be slightly different to this cab
  9. I’d say around 2013 of course if all depends on the images used we can’t get em picture perfect all the time
  10. thanks to @Dougsta layout updated with white "bullseye" lamp no.182 here are the bmp's if you want to add the m yourself you'll need a lamp numbered 182 set to graphic transparent and add the on one to the on and off to the off and place it like its placed below off 2.zip
  11. I’ll add a white light in it tomorrow and the upload I’ll also add the bmps off n on ones so peeps can add it in theirselves if I remember that is lol
  12. Any idea what it looked like on the real machine was it just a bulb shining as in a circle of light as could add it in properly
  13. layout updated in a min but here's the solution from @Clo06 Hi, I've sorted out the payout sounds for you, the problem (for future reference) was Port 37 - Value 2 & Port 38 - Value 3 needed to be set as Triacs.
  14. Big thanks goto @Clo06 for sorting out the sound effects for the payouts I will amend the upload later and I’ve asked her to post what she’s done in this thread for others to amend their downloads in the meantime as not on lappy till laters
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