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  2. @Chopaholic Going to give you an early "awesome" before I watch it as as I can be premature with your info bud Looked for it in the layout gallery @A:E in Maygay and Bwb but no sign of it.
  3. vectra666


    There was a fruity in emmerdale it got blown up when the plane landed on top of the farm they never replaced it since as for this game I’m sure someone else was dxing this and afaik it’s got more bleeding leds init they’re getting on my t;:”s
  4. Didn’t tommy c release Red pink panther on £6Tokens if so it’s a certain switch to put it to all cash
  5. I have the layout already set uP for the fiver edition just needs the fiver decals to go within Wouldn’t take that long to amend could even be released tomorrow or Saturday??
  6. This has been requested quite a few times via comments on YouTube and PMs here and elsewhere, and I'm nothing if not amenable to finally getting around to doing something after months of prevarication and eventually feeling slightly guilty that I haven't done it yet.
  7. TBH, I don't really know what LED's you are on about lol. But as said, unfortunately, the emulator release, is final, so you may as well release them and put in the notes/release thread, what doesn't function correctly. That's unless they crash or lock up the emulator during gameplay instantly or very frequently. Even then they can still be loaded up and admired by those who like that sort of thing. The other option is to not release them, until there is absolutely nothing else to emulate and that is still way off, thanks to the vastness of MFME.
  8. This has been made but not in £5 version I think
  9. thanks Ht6 gotta love these lo-tech astra's especially the rarer token ones
  10. the Led's on sharks don't seam to work same goes for the red lamps on the reels not lighting also that layout via edit mode seams to freeze Mfme unfortunately the top feature uses such led's atm it doesn't light up, apart from that its fully ok as for this layout, well i don't know what Led's will be used, i think the gnome logo uses them but its not an actual feature so maybe able to do a workaround we'll see when i get to that stage, i certainly pick em, these modern crappy machines are way more advanced lamp-wise than you joe average 90's slot .
  11. What's the issue with the leds. If it's not game/emulator breaking or a work around can be used, then I see no issue in releasing layouts. Sadly we know that if it's emulator breaking, then it's a no go, but otherwise I guess you do what you can do.
  12. they're not actually needed though so will leave em out (maybe)
  13. They should be available, I made a classic of the BWB/Maygay one, I never released it as it was just for testing. These are the BWB/Maygay low stake rebuilds. J
  14. Today
  15. Thank you for this. Building machines without images can be half the fun - remember having to do it for some DOND's that were in test and I bet you're almost right with what you've done, as a designer you have a gut feeling of how it all goes together. Never be sorry and thank you for this release.
  16. Thanks for this, another one off the emulation ticklist.
  17. Never heard of it, but looking forward to giving it a play, thanks
  18. I know this was some time ago and you know I can't resist the urge to stalk this thread but this is what I was looking for some time ago and even enquired about them as remember "doing" these as well as Monopoly in the same cab back in the late 90's, 10p play with a switchable cash/token JP. Did these particular ones ever turn up with the roms that were in it?
  19. View File Astra's twin dragons classic Set on 20p with the jackpot at £8 tokens thanks to the rom provider, dad and amusements, for the pre release testing. and thanks to wizard for his amazing emulator sadly i couldn't find any images of this machine. so i came up with this. Submitter hitthesix Submitted 24/09/20 Category Astra  
  20. It has LEDs around the DOND game panels - looks absolute shite in real life too
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