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  2. Not happy with the WIP I have so not sure yet.
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  4. where is this from ? please
  5. I've got images capable of dx of this (Need Checking tho) https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1Fz1SDyfQEO1ZteYOxyq9yn3McWcwav8M
  6. infection

    Impulse Geronimo

    I've got some images of this https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1Ecnd1s4anP7_TL_xEr2qsRFLVIVxfYj5
  7. infection

    Take Two Wdx

    This machine is a close clone to DNA
  8. Never catched up on reading this thanks for the update retrofruits cant wait for the release of this Trophy of a machine
  9. Is the dx getting released @dad just wondering?
  10. Yesterday
  11. the rubber key speccy lol could you just simply bang one of them DKtronics memory packs on the back and run all the 48k games?
  12. It can be actually very quick to build a layout. Wizard has even implemented a tool into mfme that will mask your lamps. They lamps need to be well defined and not joined to any other entities to get the best results. He might have tweaked it even more, it’s not something I’ve really looked at. I mentioned being able to load at entire machine lamp mask in, not sure if it’s worth his time though as his tool pretty much does this. When I create a layout I create a full machine lamp mask in photoshop that way I can add adjustment layers to certain areas to tweak brightness and saturation for individual lamps without making changes to any base artwork. It takes longer to work like this but I really enjoy the creative part of layout creation the most. I often spend months working on artwork and never actually finish the layout. I’m a bit of a nightmare. I decided to stop posting WIP updates, when I finish a layout I will just release it. Lol, people know what to expect from me... mostly layouts that have been in production for at least 2 years. Though I had a bit of a patch with the BWB video slots. I released a fair few layouts in the space of a year. Nothing compared to the layout making machine that is Vecs J
  13. you need to load the "on" one into mfme first then map out your lamps (yellow squares) over the corresponding lit text once done goto lamp editor and extract the on lamps, then click onto the art on the layout and find your "off" image then via layout editor select to extract the "off" lamps next tick off on the mask lamps then apply
  14. nails

    8 bit game music

    jeez some of those took me back 30-35 years! thing on a spring was particularly awesome?? i had a rubber key 16k spectrum, then c64, then amiga500, b2000 and lastly a1200 in a tower 030 with squirrel cd rom etc. now a 8/16 core intel water cooled blah blah.. where will computers be if i last another 30 years?
  15. I'm still a bit stuck here... So I've got my classic layout, not the published one but a save from just before then (I assume if I use the layout I published I can't change the notes e.t.c.?) I've got a darkened background image (which I've saved as a BMP called OFF) and one that I'm lamping (so it's saved as ON, although still a work in progress)... so I have two different bitmaps of the machine cabinet, effectively one like the machine is switched off, and one with all the lamps lit... ... and that's where I get stuck! I'm guessing I need to load them into the layout but I really could do with a guide on exactly what to do next
  16. i normal use omni lamp then add extra 20+ to the contrast for all on/red lamps, if the backgrounds like yours i add extra contrast (+40) also make the lamp with a touch of red colour =
  17. shiny

    8 bit game music

    Definitely Auf Weidersehen Monty on the Spectrum 128K for me: Fans of this kind of thing might well enjoy The Spectrum Works on Bandcamp which updates some of the 8-bit originals very nicely: https://allisterbrimble.bandcamp.com/album/the-spectrum-works (my personal fave is the Robocop remix)
  18. It's the only method I know, it's something I've used before elsewhere and tried it here and with some tweaking it seems to work OK... but I know others have mentioned other things, including 'omni lamp' within Photoshop. Never had any good results with that, not sure why. Am going to play about to see what MFME itself can do as well!
  19. I can't remember exactly I'm afraid, but I get a lot of errors, probably due to a cruddy laptop I use for the emulator. This classic is excellent though, so it was a happy trip down memory lane. I remember the machine well - it was always quite easy to climb quite high and get £40-70 from Wall Street, but the pot took so long to build up I think it only paid jackpot once in six months at my golf club.
  20. Wizard

    JPM - Wall Street

    What was wrong with it?
  21. Thanks Great Layout from you as always cant wait for more
  22. Big J

    8 bit game music

    Got the the whole boxset on DVD. Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  23. Using dodge layer effect isn’t a bad call for red lamps J
  24. Still can't get the hang of the 'omni lamp' tool so using my normal method of creating a new layer in color-dodge mode, filling with dodge-neutral colour and brightening that way!
  25. Been out most of the day shopping and meeting a friend in their back garden, with benches metres apart (as you do!). This is the redrawn (well, retyped) feature panel at 1:1, as it stands the layout will be at 2160px height (since I personally use full-screen max mode on my 4K monitor). Still not convinced by the 'G' of the font, otherwise not looking too shabby. It doesn't look blurry at my end, that'll be some more JPEG compression going on. (You'll just have to take my word for it!).
  26. ace5k

    8 bit game music

    The Last Ninja 2 on C64 - I think it was the Mansion loading music that stood out for me, oh and I think there was a Thundercats game as well that had a good soundtrack as well.
  27. I deleted my download of this as it wouldn't play in the latest MFME and it seems to be removed by Dad now - I never understood how to fix that anyway. Are there simple instructions anywhere?
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