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  2. as always u guys come up with a nice 1 as to usual thats helped out also
  3. cheers as always u guys thanks
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  5. @gemini17 Can you unzip the archive okay? Which Spectrum hardware or which emulator are you using?
  6. Hi Struggling to open any of the slots! After losing my dad and multiple updates on the pc -the slots no longer transfer to winrar for some reason. Ive managed to open them in win-rar but now when I try to open the slots nothing is there!! Completely scratching my head now-any help appreciated. Jay
  7. Never take meds for anything don’t even follow drs advice, when you get to speak to them as takes four weeks for appointment so pointless really itll get better in own time “hopefully”
  8. Sorry missed this post - BGT did a machine with the same name in that horrendous 'piano keys' cabinet. I played it once in 2005 and it had a tenner for the board. Only ever saw the one unit. Super Suits was more common.
  9. Last week
  10. a new one on me look forward to playing it thank you
  11. Depends on what os you are using. Win 10/11 then v20 is the way to go. Download and then update to latest version. If you are still on win 7, then v6.1 is your go to mfme.
  12. Which emulator version is required for games like Line Up, Options Unlimited, Adders and Ladders etc? I remember when I first started drinking, Line Up had just been upgraded to a £3.00 Jackpot, all wins over £1.50 paid in tokens. To put that into context, beer was 59p per pint. Back in those days you could turn the machine off at the wall and it reset it, something I think the manufacturers cottoned onto fairly quickly.
  13. Thanks for all the work, it's a long way off right now, but am looking at implementing a lot of MAME-driven MPU4 fruit cabs in Arcade Sim when the time comes (after the internal MAME reference layouts are done on all platforms) - all this MAME FME dev is very welcome
  14. Yeah, still trying to tweak the sound - for some reason MAME had MPU4 as stereo sound cabinets, then tied all the channels together so you had two mono speakers. I'm switching it to proper mono, cleaning up the sampled sound and finally turning the alarm noise on (which is about two lines of code, but just fell on the floor for a decade because reasons). John also pointed out the unit tests were all MOD2, so shuffled that around too since we had one trying to connect to sound hardware that doesn't exist. Nothing that MFME didn't handle yet, but all this stuff pays off.
  15. Great stuff, thanks Vecs. Hopefully the back will be ok with a couple of ibuprofens.
  16. Do you think these Cirsa machines shouldn't be moved to the Neptune driver? If you have some good knowledge that the change is wrong, I can get in touch with the relevant devs to fix If it's just general buzz about MAME FME dev, apologies - and there is more MPU4 related improvements on the way from others...
  17. Sometimes it really is one step forward, two steps back! ...frustrating as hell, but so long as it's a part of the overall plan, it's still progress. So easy to get disproportionately stressed with those stages
  18. @vectra666 keep em coming! these resizes or re decals are bringing games to me that i've never played or knew of as we know you're a earlier machine man and that's (sorry) a little before my time so your passion for your greats is giving me newfound machines to actually not lose my pocket money on for years edit: streaked of first jp, that was a reminder of the real days of streaking machines ahhh the joy
  19. Oh yes! Been there and done that way too many times.
  20. Thanks man, this problem was super stressing me out! Gonna try work on that in general, with big projects you've got to accept that you're occasionally in what clearly feels like a backpedalling phase, but it's all part of moving forward in the overall process
  21. Thanks @vectra666loving this one and good luck on the move, one of the most stressfull things you can do !!
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