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  2. Found something really cheap on hduk so will try that for now.
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    @woodsy you done it again fella I love this game and you've done another fantastic job with it Many thanks for your release and I hope you're okay and not suffering too much pal.
  4. Thanks for this fresh GIFt to the FME community.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    thanks to wizard!! thanks to @Liverpool2008 for the images, @Tommy c for the reels which i edited slightly to increase the numbers visibility, and the decals for the b/r 7's on top row. thanks to @WonkySausage for sourcing photo of the top feature decals, to the rest involved thank you too!! the £5 is completely hi res but to facilitate the £15 i had to use the decals from the flyer version of tommy c's. YES THEY ARE ANDY CAPP BUTTONS, that's how the machine was photographed and for originality have been left in as i couldn't find the official ones and the flyer ones would of detracted heavily from the image. If anyone can provide decent images of buttons and also the top row decals please do and i'll update. a difficult layout to lamp this one, and the forsee the future text is as clear as i could get it whilst keeping it original.. one of my favourite games to mess around with as demonstrated in a @Chopaholic video.. hours of fun can be had with this... next up thanks to @Damici is one of my all time top 5 games. best wishes one and all..
  6. You can get windows tablets that are reasonable depends how small you need it
  7. Its quite a new build on the android version I have all the game and watches playing on it but I agree its the last option.The alternative is a Windows handheld and then I can play any version of mame and mfme but they are quite pricey at the moment and steam deck is a bit of a faff to get windows on it -not that I have one but pound for pound is the best value.
  8. Retroarch is satans piss for emulation uses a very outdated core for mame you are better looking for a way of compling mame and running the latest build
  9. Thanks.What i wanted to see worked namely playing them on my android phone through retroarch on the mame core. Is anyone working on a cfg file for fruit machines or is this way too niche.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Lots of jpm impact run try sonic and indiana jones for a start
  12. Is there a list anywhere of roms that currently work/playable in mame? Thanks in advance
  13. I asked on that thread and they have a manufacturer for that set.
  14. NOTE - From Bedroom To Billions - Special Edition, 2 x DVD - is now £10. EDIT, I can't get DVD1 to play, for both DVD's, but I can only get DVD2 working.
  15. Heavy heart, and with a pelicon with an enorgomous bill. From Bedroom To Billions - Special Edition, 2 x DVD - £30. From Bedroom To Billions - Official Soundtrack CD - £10 *** SOLD *** Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict by the late AR, DVD - £10 Ocean - The History - Paperback - £10. All as new as I rip dvds/cd, and keep the original safe. Postage won't be much, £2 per item. Also cross posted in Retro For Sale on FB. Thanks.
  16. Last week
    Top notch Tidy Beard Edmonds machine here. I've played this one before and out of all of them, it's up there at the top. The machine layout, particularly the lamps is really clear and plays great. 10/10 on this one, thanks matey !
  17. Looks amazing - I'm looking forward to playing this one.
  18. Sore this while taking a tour in Dublin today had to take some pic and post lol
  19. This looks promising. Visuals have come a long way since VP9.
  20. paypal is a safe alternative, but i also feel cautious with any internet payments. hopefully the admin will pm and you can discuss in private etc.. welcome to the site tho
  21. Just a request to see if there is any other way of donating, like straight into a bank account. I would appreciate account number and sort code if possible. I dont pay or give anything over the internet now, after being hacked. Thanx PartyTime.
  22. Nice a picture too always good for making layouts
  23. Must have missed that SRU one, it's in now, thanks for the find! Looks like it's a machine called Super Shuffle, can't recognize the manufacturer though. No idea what "SCH" is. I also finally got a hold of the fruit ROMs torrent and had a look through the unknown stuff. No dice regarding MPU1, found a fair amount of Black Box ROMs though. Nice job! Definitely more of a fresher look compared to the old pile of flat colored rectangles Save states are a very neat feature, particularly handy when it comes to doing reel skills for example
  24. Thank you for this fab layout
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