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  2. Many thanks for these 3 player layouts... they look awesome! Hoping to get another cheap PC so i can play them on my downstairs 43" telly, as my main MFME setup has a 27" monitor in portrait, so they layouts get a bit squashed at the mo! Love playing these Astra's and can't wait to see what other Astra delights you have for us fruity admirer's in the future. Cheers, Gary. XXX
  3. Thanks for another awesome looking layout, Vectra.... I can't believe the amount of Deal or No deal machines that were made... they certainly milked the hell out of that franchise! All the best, Gary.
  4. great layouts many thanks for all helped get these out !!
  5. You are a hero that worked in line up so I’ll persevere with the others thanks a lot Dave
  6. thanks pal, great game and it has the empty program on the £70 JP.
  7. I don't know that one. I use Coin ops in an old arcade cabinet build but didn't know you can use it for mfme or it is touch screen compatible. I'll check it out but pretty happy with Touch Play.
  8. I have just tried the 'Unpack Blended Lamps' operation on the high resolution Indiana Jones layout; it reported unpacking I believe 10x blended lamps. Then running the 10x sped up attract mode, it seems to have made some improvement to the stutter when viewing in non-Edit (DirectX shim scaled) mode. In Edit mode (no DirectX scaling), it runs at full speed as in the previous test. So Unpack Blended Lamps can help, but for severe slowdown, I'd also recommend doing stategies like the one outlined above, to reduce the net volume of blended pixels to be rendered. Another technique that I believe may be workable and help is; where you have your overlapping blended lamps, such as the 'Jones' in my tutorial above, you can also make one of the blended overlay lamps non-blended - so this would entail as one suggested workflow, capture the lamp in its On state rendering on the layout (all other lamps in Off state, acquire transparent pixels by layer subtraction against the background image). Then by placing that single no-longer-blended lamp at the lowest z order (Send to back), the other overlaid Blended lamps can blend with it, and I think the appearance should be identical, whilst drawing one less blended lamp.
  9. Why don't u use rertfe coin ops that's what I use
  10. You can set mfme to auto do it on startup in prefs J
  11. Not all the time but may speed the layout up via edit mode goto tidy then unpack blended lamps
  12. Yesterday
  13. Ahh, so unpack blended lamps on load option cures this issue. I'll get my coat I just saw in preferences J
    Brilliant stuff. Many thanks for this rlease. Glad you're getting better!
  14. I can't seem to work out where to place the logos for the different games in touchplay. I put the .png game logos in a folder in images called "wheel art" I believe and made sure they are named the same as each .gam file but they don't show up at all. Does anyone know? I can't seem to find out on the touch play forum. Thank you
  15. Hey, So there are ways to do this using other programs so that you don't have to risk your layouts, it's probably simpler and more powerful for general use. I use OnTopReplica for this, for other stuff and I'm just starting to add things using this to my MFME setup: https://github.com/LorenzCK/OnTopReplica You can run multiple instances of the program to use other windows. You can pretty much add as many sources as your PC will allow and it's really useful to have for music/video playlists. Hope this helps.
  16. Yes this does work and speeds the layouts up I’ve done this on partytime multiplayers as they were stuttering on lappy after that they were fine also if the layout is of a over large size it slows down i remember wizard once said “although mfme is capable of almost life sized layouts there isn’t any need to make them that big as most people wouldn’t have a monitor big enough to appreciate the size made” also I made a layout which used a blended lamp which was too big and it didn’t need to have all the lamps used in the real machine most dual lamps in a real machine are only there incase one blows, in mfme’s case no lamps blow so the majority of lamps aren’t actually needed also I recall the blended mask on layouts are sometimes bigger than what they need to be as in too much fade/glow. deffo unpack the lamps in edit mode
  17. just been given a few images of this as a crystal rebuild so will see if it's viable
  18. there's likely to be a few of mine that will be stuttering due my refusal to initially accept it was better to accept the error in sizing was at fault, off the top of my head, monopoly 60 and likely caesers palace 200 in attract modes
  19. @thealteredemu in mfme is an option to unpack all blended lamps .then you have no slowdowns at all. had this on my sinbad release . greetings spidy
  20. Hiya mate I did have a brief look into this MFME render issue before, I've just done a quick vid demo of @Pook's Indiana Jones layout, showing the issue. Basically, if you have a lot of blended lamp overall 'area', I think that's where you see more problems. Internally, MFME still runs a CPU based Delphi graphics buffer to put its graphics together. There is then some kind of shim on the end, that makes that into a DirectX texture (when in normal mode). This DirectX shim is not in place during Edit mode (as the layout is not scaled in the same way). I've sped up MFME here with cheat engine (rather than try get jackpots), and you can see, it has slowdown to 1-2FPS when in normal mode (layout scaled to window via the DirectX shim code), but when in Edit mode, the DirectX shim is not in action, and you can see it then has no slowdown at all. Also, at the end of the video I click and delete what I think are probably the main 'blended' lamps on the layout, and then you can see that it no longer has the slowdown when running scaled down by the DirectX shim. You could perhaps arrange your layout in somewhat elaborate ways to work around it 'a bit', depending if you have large blank areas on your alpha lamp, so for example, this particular 'Jones' lamp, could be broken into 2x lamps (both mapped to the same original lamp number): That way it might save some CPU/GPU time, since the overall pixel area is smaller. As another example from that layout, this would prob save some render time from the DirectX shim approach, by splitting this lamp into 3x lamps, again with the aim of not processing all those completely empty pixels: There's some other tricks that would probably help too, but I've got to head off to the shop That or simply avoid blended lamps of course! Hope that helps to understand what's going on...
  21. Version 2.0.0


    Hello All, Wow, into the end of February 2024, sorry for delay have had five weeks of bad health on the mend now! SO.. here is my third layout of the year I have been asked by many players of MFME for a DX £25 Party Time - so here it is in my own updated cabinets Top Box downsized and enhanced lamping, and included the 'rough' Confetti lamping which Astra missed out when released in 1998 post production, so included it for a unique effect. Slaves resized to match my other upright Astra Multiplayers in sizing, all have new clearer buttons for MFME members, better quality belly glass artwork which is more vivid. Reels used Diamond Jackpots symbols as have the glasses, as kept it clearer and simple for high Jackpot releases to come* Set to 20p £8 JP - 86%. To load select master top box file, if any green borders on show use Function and F1 to clear. Hope you all enjoy the refreshed layout! There is some brand new ASTRA layouts in the making so stay tuned.. and more revised ones as have better photos and resources to refresh some layouts back from MFME 5/6!! With thanks to bullionbars2011 for beta testing for me too! *HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE KIND COMMENTS AND PRAISE for the previous releases of PT on £8 £15 and £25, I may redo the £5, £10 ones at a later date.. Peace - AstraLuke (YT AstraFruitMachineCollector)
  22. Not sure mate. Use Triac ->Hopper (1 or 2) Then put the Triac number from the diag in the box and add a multiplier, even if it’s just 1.
  23. Having said that I did not put a label could it be that? I presumed that was just a text reference (optional)
  24. Thanks Dave I am almost certain thats what I tried on line up but I will have another go in the morning at play time. I was driving me nuts earlier!
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