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  2. Yeah it's an impossibility to get it right on that, It had an ancient touch screen. Will have to wait for a single player.
  3. Had a request for some high-res scans of Sonic's £8 jackpot decals, which i did, so if anyone else also wants a copy then let me know how i can upload them here, or just PM me. 2x TIFF files, 52Mb each. One from above, the other from below. Not sure what the file size limit is, but i can't see TIFF in the list of supported file types on here. £8 is obviously the best jackpot on this one ;)
  4. Yeah, had a play around with it. It was for my home build, I generally set them up on my main PC first then transfer them over, i'll probably have to fiddle with them on the actual machine build. Thank you, anyway!
  5. New posts in current topics on the hone screen no longer show in Bold for me now. Thank you for the upgrade also.
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  7. did notice that reputation points are missing
  8. Cheers! I gave it a go and in test mode you only get up to option 5 Option 1 shows "LPS" - a lamp test I believe, not sure what option 2 is (possibly 7 seg display test?), option 3 shows "RLS" and tests the reels, option 4 dumps coins. Option 5 shows up as "targ" but doesn't show any payout %age options and just gives the option to switch between "H1" and "H2" and set a value for both of between 100 and 500. After that it cycles back to Option 1's lamp test. So i wonder what i'm doing wrong or missing.. I only ask because i think this 25p/£25 is set to 86% and could do with a buff, and the £70 DX release is on 88% and is brutal, so again could do with a bit of a %age buff
  9. Thanks guys Yeah I wish Chris could've seen this too, even though he was more into the low level emulation side of things, I think he would've been interested in it. It will probably be quite a while yet, I know this probably seems strange, since there were videos of me playing machines ages ago, but nothing works currently since redoing the rendering systems (to make them fast). I might get (some of) these test machines going, but I have plans for redoing a bunch of the conversion processes (will make conversions hopefully faster/less painful in the long run)... plus I need to redo how the machines in general exist - as I think it needs to be a 'download on demand' system. So if someone wants to download arcade sim, and just play in a small arcade with 20 different machines in - they only download those machines (automatically) to their local library when they first load that arcade. There will be an option to 'sync entire library', so people who want to play offline can ensure they have all the machines installed from the server in advance. All this stuff is for the best in the long run, always good to get the big structure work sorted up front on projects of this scale - so a more patience I'm afraid Before then I expect to be chipping away at some smaller bitesize parts for my weekday evening tasks, such as developing attract mode codec (reduces filesize and improves performance), and then changing to a linked asset... then I'll do a patch so everyone will have that update. Also have a fix planned for a lot of the flickery overlapping lamp issues (not blended lamps like game logos) which I may get in before the big structure changes(again I'll do a patch when I get that fix working).
  10. @johnparker007 I thought so, as to why nothing was able to do much as you explained in your post but that is a great job that you are doing in your development and I applaud you for creating something which in the long run a lot of the FME Community people will enjoy. As @Reg said, if @Wizardwas still alive he would of loved this!
  11. Hi just wondering if this machine ever got emulated or not possible was one of my favourite machines when i could find it in arcades thanks DAVE
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  13. This might work? Try test mode "9" and use buttons 1-2 to set % between 72/98, then exit.
  14. All I can say is wow.How soon will we be able to play one machine. Looks amazing
  15. @johnparker007 simply put, stunning to walk around and have a look there - this really is a great looking demo. I wish that @Wizard was alive to have seen what you have created - I really do. Think that we came from something like this... ...to an enviorment where you can walk around. Great work sir.
  16. (Can't edit above post, but just remembered, as well as WASD for movement; hold left shift to move faster).
  17. Thanks for the upload! also a fav in Blackpool pier when i was there! (years ago now)
  18. multiplayer machines are difficult to get full size automatically, you need to click each instance of MFME, press ESC to get the machine window showing, then resize it by dragging he corner of the windows and try and resize them manually, then align them, then play with them minimised, rather than full screen. If you click each machine, after clicking F1 again on it, hold SHIFT then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it to the position you want also. You can also move the whole set of machines, ie on initial load, by holding SHIFT, then drag them with the mouse to the centre of your screen also.
  19. This !!! Hmmm I wonder what it is ripping off
  20. I got absolutely battered by a £5 / 10p example on a holiday camp a few years back (Haven or Park Resorts, can't remember which). I thought being a Barcrest it wouldn't be too bad, think I was about £40 in when I gave up. Must have been something on it, surely?! (Edit) Sorry - forgot to say thanks for the layout! Cheers
  21. If it's anything it's more like a pre-pre-pre-alpha lol But for those technically curious folk, the current build can be downloaded from the webserver Download button: http://arcadesimulator.net/ (Windows Defender will show a popup with a Don't Run button, you need to click 'More Info', then Run Anyway button - it's because it doesn't recognise my .exe so is being cautious in case it's a virus). Keys are WASD for movement. There are some debug keys for changing some light settings: - and + [ and ] , and . and R This is purely a tech demo at this point! Most stuff doesn't work, isn't written yet, there are plenty of bugs! So please can I ask, no bug reports or anything yet ...as they will be of no use, as this is so early in development. I just thought it'd be good to get a slightly usable build uploaded for those who just want to see the machines rendering etc on their own machine, now I have the webserver/fileserver - many thanks again to Slasher and Reg for that. I just tried it with the default (only) arcade it comes with that I made tonight in about 3 minutes But it just about coped on an old AMD Phenom II, with and AMD 5800 GPU - though fans were whirring quite audibly! P.S. @Jamesy4 In theory, if you want to try this, you should just be able to launch Arcade Simulator from your Windows start menu (if it's still installed), and after some progress bars and restarts - it should auto-patch itself to the latest version. Seemed to work for me at least, though the Arcade Simulator process wasn't full-screen, so I had to press Alt-Enter to get it full screen again. Though I think I knocked the keyboard, so it might have been me that caused that in the first place.
  22. Back in the old days there were some that were a cheeky nod to a franchise, these days it's just taking the piss. I know I've mentioned them before in other threads before but Big Bank Theory (Big Bang Theory) and Cash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot) are some recent Bell Fruit examples.
  23. Were your ears burning by any chance? I was only looking for this the other day, and hey presto, here it is. Gonna have a bash now, but thanks for layout
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