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  2. i actually have an original zx spectrum unit but how to connect it up to a laptop screen or standalone screen doesn't seem too cheap.
  3. A Harlequin in a new build toastrack case, now that is nice I still have my toastie I bought a few years back
  4. This bluetooth keyboard project was by Steve Wilcox (Elite) - I'm normally a fan of software folks from the Speccy era, but he ripped me off £5k for R-Type mobile ports back in the day And probs some royalties too - so not a fan lol I also believe there is input latency with the bluetooth anyway (with some Speccy games needing precise 'pixel perfect' input), though to be fair I've read it's a pretty good physical copy of the original on a cosmetic level. Though for just an accurate collector piece you'd be better trying to source a clean original 48k unit.
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  6. They have repro Toastrack cases coming soon after fundraising, they look awesome, I will be getting one for sure, such an iconic case with the heatsink J
  7. Thanks its a different device its a bluetooth spectrum keyboard.A cheaper option but potentially achieves the same.
  8. https://retroradionics.com J
  9. Think they still have stock at Retroradionics. I just checked I ordered mine April 15, so around 8 week turnaround, they are built to order I believe. I tried UK based places but was told they couldn’t get them, I took a punt with these guys in the end, glad I did. I did contact a guy I’ve purchased from in the past ZX Renew, he said he’s find out but never got back to me, I suspect he also gets them from where I purchased from. J
  10. Yeah spot JP. There is an HDMI port but it’s not active, maybe a future option. Still I literally only want it as a stand alone thing the attached screen is decent to be fair J
  11. Thanks. I am tempted but i know i will probably use it one or twice and then it would gather dust. Does anyone know if this website is still alive. It hasn't been updated for ages but there are still links to click on it to buy. https://recreatedzxspectrum.com/
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  13. I believe it's based on the Harlequin arch, so a real Speccy, not an emulator. But with modern conveniences built into the new design https://github.com/DonSuperfo/Superfo-Harlequin-128
  14. Nice, sounds like it has a turbo function like the Next! Would recommend running Stunt Car Racer and some of those very early 3d games like Driller, there was a bunch on that Freescape engine - they are all much improved with an overclocked Speccy
  15. Looks cool but is it an emulated spectrum or an actual spectrum with just some modern bells and whistles added on.
  16. The Hobbit was a game I spent hours playing as a kid. Another interesting adventure game was Jewels Of Babylon. Then there was Lords Of Time where you had to travel inside that grandfather clock!
  17. Theres also a turbo button at one side, it was already pressed in and I couldn’t understand why games where super fast lol. Do I read instructions…. No I don’t J
  18. I ordered mine from a company called Retroradionics. It worked out being fairly cheap. $236 including shipping. Very well packaged, I did have to fit the screen but it is super simple just 4 screws, uses existing ones from base of case J
  19. Ooh, could you upload it I’ll give it a go. I’m sure it will handle it. I think it’s built on the Omni128 board, I haven’t taken a look inside. It has dip settings at one side which I assume it mode select, 128k roms etc. I tried to run some 128k demos but I believe it’s in 48k mode. Going to have a good go over the weekend and see what’s what @johnparker007 Never played Valkyrie 17, will have to check it out J
  20. Want one NOW Seriously though, how is it to use? You mention the key response being an issue - how does it compare to an original machine? Wondering if it is worth adding to my collection of Sinclair hardware and Spectrum programming books. More importantly - can it cope with playing my version of Spectrum Pong - written several years ago when I had a bit more time on my hands S
  21. Nice all in one unit! I liked Valkyrie 17 as an adventure game for the Speccy
  22. Was surprised to see it also had HDMI out which will prove super handy, built in joystick ports etc. I mainly got this unit as my missus likes the old skool adventure games and via emulation often prove a pain without a spectrum keyboard. J
  23. Forgot I ordered this, has taken a few months to be delivered. I just wanted an all in one with screen, it’s pretty nice, not perfect, key response isn’t as good as I’d want, though I could fit my own membrane, I’ll see how it goes. The device came with an SD installed and was surprised to see it has a huge amount of legit games already on there, nice surprise Anyone else got one of these nifty units? J
  24. I run dual screens in vertical orientation on my Vegas Strip MFME cabinet and I know others who do similar. The main consideration is that the screens will be evenly split - at least in the case of screens with the same orientation and resolution. I've never tried to use say a small ultrawide as a button panel, with a portrait mode screen above for the machine artwork. It probably would be doable but I've not tried it!
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  26. Yes, most systems have spanning or stretch within windows monitor setup it`s there for me using a nvidia graphics card . I`ve not got my system setup at the moment i use a quad monitor setup. other setting will let you to rotate also 90/180. hope this helps
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