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  2. Forgot about young Kev McCrindle doing layouts as seen in Geddys list. Feeling a bit sad now, it's like a list of war heroes, lest we forget or something. I wonder where 90% of those people are now. NQ.
  3. Bollocks, get your arse into gear! Do some more! NQ.
  4. I was listening to Britpop group Menswear at the time................. NQ.
  5. Nah - this is about everyone else - not me.
  6. Err no, but you did! I demand you put your name on it
  7. Someone else I can't find on the list made this great layout : https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/index.php/files/file/3149-bwbs-volcano-1280-dx-mfme-32/
  8. Going to need a link to layouts for last three and also one for Ady please. If a legacy person only every did one layout, they're not up for inclusion if I have space issues. Here is the updated block... @pete_w... ...you were there - just not shown above as I saw my mistake !
  9. LOL ! No mate, I did get you after I posted the picture, I said above...
  10. So what about Ace Pay Rise with spa too?
  11. I know, especially classics which I have become very accustomed to. It has to do with going back to basics, history and the birth of emulation. Everyone loves a Dx but always remember where you come from *figure of speech*
  12. Some ultra rare ones to by Pete w hidden in the Mecca vaults in some random release topics from days past
  13. Not at all got a few of yours you did with that trouty Haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is well.
  14. You talking more of an online arcade play system, so you might play a machine that has been hammered or has hammered you, the next person finds a paying machine. Maybe now we have the online rom thing Wizard might look into adding an online play feature. Certainly would make the 50 credit challenge interesting. J
  15. https://www.fruit-emu.com/forums/index.php/topic/14194-bling-king-crazy-dx-1024-barcrest/ one of many £6 in tokens did also others I found were cardie hurtland daemonX
  16. I’m selling a 27” Acer 10 point touchscreen mate, let me know if you are interested. I was using it for a time but I never really got round to much with it. The screen has a crack in the corner of bezel, doesn’t affect anything as it’s nowhere near the touchscreen area. Mine is the Acer T272HL 27”. Its 1080 but in portrait mode it’s perfect. Touch response feedback had almost zero latency. J
  17. fruitsnappa

    WIP Classics

    Looking forward to these. Great so far, hopefully you can get sounds working.
  18. There's a a area somewhere
  19. You forgot me - its been a long time since a did a layout though - they are probably best forgotten now anyway lol
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