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  2. Wow. I've been away for a while with the pandemic, lockdown, shielding, turning 50, new PC (so still reinstalling stuff 5 months later) another lockdown so shielding again etc and have only just come back on to see what's going on in the world of fruit machine emulation and I saw this news. RIP Wizard. Your gift to the world does not go unappreciated. You allowed me to revisit part of my youth and this doesn't happen very often in this world...
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  4. thanks vecs and all cheers
  5. I seem to recall our QPS machines did OK in the arcade, but they were only on £5 jackpot and they might have been 5p, things like Cash Lab and Red Hot Wheels. Not a fan of the gameplay on £25 though Cheers for the layout, still giving it a good play
  6. Thanks Vecs, not one I've seen before. Great layout. This is exactly how I feel about QPS games. Cheap sounds, cheap graphics and cheap coding. There were a few OK games but overall I never understood how their games could have good cash box performance. You can see that someone's had a good idea around this game, but it's been poorly implemented. The Steps are nearly useless since none of the features actually depend on the reel position (no Nearest Win, Super Hold etc). You can improve your Reel Blasts, but rarely to more than £5 given the £5 -> £15 jump.
  7. Looks awesome, thanks Vecs.
  8. looks great Vecs. Thank you. Definitely a bit weird regarding multi stake and payouts, but good fun.
  9. Cluedo usual suspects?
  10. That was layout 399 so again would need something special for no.400
  11. Are your layouts in the correct path? And if you add a layout manually, is it showing up?
  12. Happy birthday mate i know we still don't get a along well hope u have a good day mate
  13. They were both a Dutch game, both probably around 1993-1996. That's all I can remember. Maybe they were not popular enough to mass produce.
  14. Thankyou Vectra awesome as always from you and at this rate the right hand side of your sheet of A4 wont take long to reach the bottom
  15. Thank you for this one - another fine release.
  16. HI infection, I just started to watch your vids on youtube - cheer. I then went to try to have a play of these but I couldn't find the emu's listed on DIF - pugs life, corn of the dead. Are they hidden in a section somewhere?
  17. Thank you very much for this! Hopefully more fun to play than Space Ace. (InB4 tinny QPS sounds and the 4-notes descending "Game Over" sound)
  18. Reg

    2021 - Member Reset

    That is absolutely going against the nature of trying to do the right thing. There has been a reset and I hope not to have to deal with that behaviour.
  19. Yes, this certainly needs to stop but they were often done to counteract someone abusing the system in the opposite way. It was even admitted by someone, something along the lines of "I don't agree with the system so I just put a welcome on everyone" This needs to stop and the shit bombs need to stop. If the post is crap, try and encourage engagement. If no engagement, leave them there and Reg will clear up (something a hands off admin like Pete - no disrespect - wasn't doing). If everyone can do this, the system works. So come on everyone, let's sort it out, no more shit bombs
  20. Yep press collect then wait also the forward/ backwards I though was the trail direction but no it’s the reels, suppose it makes the reel blasts and certain features better?
  21. A:E

    2021 - Member Reset

    That’s my biggest issue, new members being served a shitbomb, most just simply aren’t warranted. Not a great first experience for new members and causes a negative reaction. J
  22. What a bizarre game this is. It seems to make sense when playing but then not, I mean how do you collect the reel blasts? Choose Collect then wait, I was looking for a button for it lol. Many thanks for this excellent conversion
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