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  2. Ahh! So there was a released 6.1. Quite a few upgrades since then:)
  3. When your download limit resets, it’s here
  4. V6.1 sounds like the illegal Aristocrat emu that was leaked, nothing to do with MFME.
    MY new favourite game! The music and layout are amazing!
  5. Have you read the FAQ when you joined which tells you the download limits?
  6. hi when can i download a fruit machine just for the last 4 weeks it says am not aloud just that im trying to find the 6.1 emultor on your site and i cant find it anywhetre else would i be able to download it from herte if you dont mind thanks jack
  7. Anyone know if we have ROMs for Super Silver by Barcrest ? I believe this was on a £3jp and was released around 1985/86 but was fairly quickly 'reskinned' as Nifty Fifty on a £4jp I have had a good look in the ROM dat but cannot find them.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thanks for the tips. Struggled to get Wine to work, so ended up installing Windows through Bootcamp to get up and running Might look in to Parallels as that would likely be less of a pain!
  10. Pure Madness £70 by Empire is one I always wanted to see. Cash Box £70 by Empire has a layout so I assume Pure Madness £70 can be emulated
  11. Great.cheers for this MRM
  12. The one thing that I wish I could have made better, but unfortunately I can't, is the display for the credits etc. as to make it fit the machine, it's a bit too small for my liking. I could have put a larger version at the bottom of the machine but felt it would detract too much from the machine. Once you play it for a while though, it's quite straightfoward as there's not that many buttons to press as the machine seems to do it all for you, if that makes sense? The best way is to try pressing the buttons and see what they do, if they're lit, and hope for the best
  13. Thank you for this release, MRM... these newer machines seem very complicated with a ton of things going on... think i'm going to need a PHD in F.M.S (Fruit Machine Science) to be able to play it lol
  14. as usal many thanks to ya all and urself MRM on another great rls
  15. Dig it.rar Reg sent me this a while back, not had time to anything with it, and won't for a while. Help yourselves Its just a started layout, fully incomplete, but working.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    I'm hoping this works okay. I copied the files into a different directory without the bak files but it wouldn't work, so I have simply zipped the files from the main directory that I created it. Many thanks for @Matty.n for his superb original classic layout. Thanks to @infection for his excellent images and @vectra666 for his help and also @Liverpool2008 for his suggestion and help in working out where the DEATH wording goes. I've left it at the bottom section and hope it looks okay. As always, biggest thanks got to the late, great @Wizard for his amazing emulator, without which, none of these machine layouts would be possible. Enjoy the game and I don't know how, but one of the icons for the Victory game got deleted so I recreated it.
  17. I really hope someone emulates MPU6 someday. I hope that it would make Wizard happy, wherever he is up there.
  18. If only Party Time Double Decker could of been emulated!
  19. Last week
  20. I'm not sure MPU6 and Scorpion 6 were emulated, even in a non public release. Scorpion 5 was possibly going to be removed when V5 was released, but just the £100 jackpots were taken out of it, until later emulator releases.
  21. Could it uv been Clockwork Cash , maybe ? It's got a happy face on it.
  22. They were both released as MPU5, and possibly MPU6 too. There was a crossover period where some machines were released on both platforms. I had a Can You Dig It and I can't remember if it was MPU5 or MPU6. Part of me is confident it was MPU5 in which case it should be possible to run in MFME - but my memory could be playing tricks on me (it was a while ago now, must be a good 10+ years or so!!). There was a Star Wars clone of it which definitely runs. The problem would be though that even if it was an MPU5 release, you'd need to have the MPU5 ROMs available. If they aren't available it's not possible.
  23. Why not? I've seen emulations of Count Ya Cash and It's Amazing
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