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  2. Tell you what “if” no one else has done pork chop or is doing it by around feb 2022 then I’ll look into it
  3. Thanks for the update! Thanks for the excitement and anticipation!
  4. Update on getting last things in for this Xmas patch - some Experimental rendering options, plus some new debug Scraper options (to try figure out why it isn't scraping properly for a user). I think I may need to flesh out the debug Scraper options more to really figure out the problem, but it's a start on a working approach.
  5. Oh wow that looks excellent! Really nice work man Thanks very much, I will work on converting that (might not be until after Xmas), and get some MAME attract mode videos in it, then I can make 'unplayable' machines that can be placed around the arcade (just for show at first)
  6. Press F1 after clicking anywhere on the machines, or top box
  7. MATE!!!!!!!!!! are you honestly telling me they are not photos of the real thing!!! they're your 3d drawings???? THAT'S LITERALLY INCREDIBLE!!!! I would give you the rest of the years awesome emoji allowance for the work you've done!! really fantastic to think it's something you only just learnt by yourself recently!!
  8. he offered to help me do it myself, very daunting though and was why i offered it to you as you've done the clone.. as for age i've no idea but figured if sparta was ok etcetc. ok then for now i'll leave it as a another day thing.. tbh i hadn't been up close to a real machine for so long i got a bit carried away hahahaha.. will leave the images to @infection haha.. good luck with your wip.. looks like it has a bit of enjoyment left in it!!
  9. Reel symbols and Jester area Jugglin jackpots reel.zip
  10. nah as said afaik @dad was or has made this maybe wrong normally am lol and I still think it’s to new atm of course nowt stopping yourself from doing it
  11. @johnparker007 here comes the goliath . Hope you like it Greetings spidy arcade.zip
  12. Wow thought this would be cool on mfme Thanks can’t wait to play
  13. looks like a nice high res image!! have fun with that.. got the ok for hamurai via pm back n forth if you want that for new years etc..
  14. After many months of badgering by @infection and countless images i thought i'd better try and dx this badboy lots going on with the dx especially the feature reel and a million base reel symbols to remake, but thanks again to infection for hi res images of these they should be ok to make thanks also to @Matty.n for the classic layout used for lamping purposes incidentally the notey also accepts the new £50 note on this machine which will be added, it does ask for the note recycler in test mode can mfme payout in notes? i'm sure i've seen a setting where a recycler can be added, may have a fiddle to see if that works when complete so @infection hopefully i'll do it justice and it should be ready in time for santa p.s do you have better images of the transfer and all start button(s) and @infection can you zip up all the reel symbol images you have in one handy files please as it'll be a pain in butt so copy n paste em all off existing PM cheers!!
  15. arghhhh i've done the housework, put up a new bed for ffs, even done the laundry too... and all the while the reel numbers were nagging my mind haha so here is the end result that will now be used for the layout!!!
  16. Thanks Woodsy. Low res like you say, but the main thing is you can read the board and features. Would have killed for a dx like this 20 years ago. I only ever got shafted on Red machines in the real world and thus avoided them after being burnt 2 or 3 times. Nice to be able to play them risk free after all this time.
  17. Nice idea but it just doesn't work. It's like trying to play a machine that is 20 feet away. In a virtual reality world where you could walk up to it, it would be great. Sorry and thank you for putting so much work in.
  18. have tried the arrows you mentioned though.. @vectra666.. am now pondering the reels i said wouldn't change too haha haha
  19. Won't be chnaging the numbers or reels further from here. here's the difference.. i'm happy with it all now it's going in mfme.. cobra is much bigger font.. cheers though
  20. Need to look like these numbers example from cobra cabana reel band image can be found in galleries via fruit emu
  21. Sweet! I’ll do the changes!
  22. The numbers and chips are slightly to bright imo, they need to match the background fruit a bit more darker maybe
  23. reels are done.. @vectra666 what you reckon?
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