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  1. Hi @PACMANIA new channel is here, it's mainly reuploads of old videos but there is a small amount of new content and re-edits (sorted into playlists). https://www.youtube.com/c/DegsyDegworth
  2. It was Cup Final, it was one of my FME Most Wanted Machines, but it just wasn't playing right. I made super sure of it before posting because Chris didn't suffer fools gladly, but I was convinced enough to say to him the machine wasn't working properly, and he tweaked something in MFME to make it work properly. (CHR related.) I'll have a search and see if I can find the thread. Chris was always so good at fixing anything and everything he could, R.I.P. fella, one of a kind.
  3. Hi @Levartemit - ESB has gone on the 'remake' list, I reviewed the original video a couple of weeks ago and wasn't happy with it at all, so my intention is to remake that as a new video. (Pie Factory + clones has gone in the same pile.) What I can do is append the original video to the end of the new one, so it's there for people to watch if they want to. My intention was to get ESB remade over this weekend, but I'm just recovering from Covid and my voice isn't up to it yet, plus I'm still feeling like shit on and off too (And Mrs Chopaholic and Chopaholic Jnr have it now too, so we really are The Plague House.)
  4. I just installed the latest Arcade Simulator update on the oldest PC I have John, this is the one with the GTX960 in it, and that runs the new version absolutely fine with all the pretties turned on at 1080p, solid 60FPS. That's a PC with 8GB RAM, quad core CPU and a 2GB GPU, so I honestly think you're in a very good spot in terms of system requirements, even the lowest end modern GPU will be kicking about as hard as a GTX960 I'd imagine. (If not substantially harder.)
  5. New video on the channel, covering the latest fantastic update to Arcade Simulator by @johnparker007
  6. I think rips and emptiers played a part in the demise of the AWP, in conjunction with the stakes and jackpots getting far too large. In the Alien video I reuploaded the other week you can see one of its clones ( @spa's real machine in fact!) wanting over £70 just to get on the board. That's a terrible state for a machine to be in, and is only made possible by (a) The machine being so doable and (b) The jackpot being so large. Yes machines were doable right back in the £4.80 and £6 days, but there was kind of a limit as to how bad they could get. As the jackpots got larger the 'debt' the machine could be left having to recoup also became larger, how many casual players are going to bother with machines once they've had £20 disappear in cold blood a couple of times and not even get a feature? I remember when Pie Factory first turned up over here, there were a few of them around and to start with I didn't have the method, but I did know enough by then to know when a machine was being fucked, and quickly cottoned on it was blocking at £2 (someone else was doing them), so even though I didn't know how to do them myself, I knew they'd been done and to leave them alone. In due course I got the method and made some good money on them, they could be left bad enough on the £15 jackpot, on the £25 jackpot they could be left wanting over £50 to go through the £2 block - a terrible experience for a casual player. The industry killed itself IMO, with a combination of incompetence/corruption when it came to the machines themselves, leaving them vulnerable to all kinds of fuckery that made them a miserable experience for anyone who didn't have 'the knowledge', and the constant pursuit of bigger and bigger and jackpots, at the expense of actual amusement and gameplay.
  7. Hmmm the forum has embedded the .wav file but it doesn't seem to play, here it is in a zip file. bandicam 2022-03-23 11-06-44-042.mp4.zip
  8. bandicam 2022-03-23 11-06-44-042.mp4.wav I am forlornly hoping that one day the sound ROMs for ACE's Money Mountain will turn up, we've got a Chloe classic for it but I can't play it without the sound. They had one in an arcade here for years and it was my go-to machine for lovely music when I was running out of money and wanted to at least hear something nice before becoming skint again. It's very similar to Jurassic Trail, which we have a splendid Pook DX for along with sound ROMs (I play this layout a LOT), but I always preferred Money Mountain out of the two, and that was the one we had in an arcade here. I think a lot of the samples were ripped from Amiga demos or something like that, as the music is VERY Amiga sounding. This is the hi/lo win gamble sample from Jurassic Trail. bandicam 2022-03-23 11-06-44-042.mp4.wav
  9. I had a couple of videos about these on the old channel @woodsy, they'll be getting reuploaded at some point
  10. If it's from Season 1 then that was broadcast in 1975, which is before microprocessor control. Season 2 was 1979 so there's a chance it could be microprocessor controlled, but it's unlikely. Actually, having had a look at the picture again that's from the first episode of Season 1 (A Touch Of Class) which is when Lord Melbury came to stay at the hotel, so it'll definitely be electromechanical. Therefore for it be emulated you'd need the schematics as slotsmagic notes above, so pretty much a 0% chance I'm afraid. (Electromechanical machines don't have ROMs.)
  11. Hi folks, there are loads of FME videos to get reuploaded to the new channel (200+) so it'll take a while to get through them all, at the very least each video will need to me to watch it through from start to finish to do the timecodes, do a new thumbnail, description and so on - so a bit of effort involved for each one. I am intending to get through the lot, but at a rate of 2-3 per week it'll still take a little while. As such, if there are any videos you can remember from the old channel that you'd like to see bumped up the list, just post here to let me know which one. @lammas10 has mentioned in another thread he'd like the That's Life one to be reuploaded, so I'll get that one in the pipeline to get done sooner rather than later. EDIT TO ADD - This does not include the Gambling Low Ebbs videos, my plan is to make those privately available to DIF members via invite, but that isn't ready yet.
  12. Here you go folks, back in business.
  13. Many thanks for all the comments folks, much appreciated. I've been turning things over in my mind as to how I can restore (nearly) all of the FME content from the old channel to a new channel (I'll jettison the online slots stuff), it'll take a bit of a time but it should be doable. In terms of new content it'll be limited, Arcade Simulator updates, maybe the odd 'Sinbad moment', that sort of thing, but mostly just restoring the 200+ FME videos from the old channel to be available again. (The Gambling Low Ebbs series won't be on the list, they were the ones that were causing me the most stress along with some of the online slots stuff, but the idea with the Gambling Low Ebbs videos would be to make them available privately to the specific Google accounts of only DIF members who want access.) I've got a bit of time off work coming up, so I'll see if I can arrange something that'll function OK, it won't be any sort of mass reuploading, but maybe a process that could get a video reuploaded once per week or so. (Each reupload would be re-appraised, edited where required/beneficial, and timecoded.) TBH it was quite surprising to realise that the channel/videos had actually managed to touch quite a few people, as @Mort alluded to above, I hadn't quite understood the extent of it, albeit in its own small way as a niche hobbyist channel. Once again, thanks for all the kind words.
  14. Hi Alarmkid the raw file for that video is 10GB in size so that's not getting emailed anywhere! I'm currently musing on the possibility of opening a new channel and working through uploading the old channel's back catalogue to make them available again, but can't say for sure if/when it'll happen yet.
  15. Thanks everyone I do genuinely appreciate all the comments. It was a bit of a wrench to delete the channel as (1) I'd put so much time and effort into all the content on there and (2) Whilst it was a small, niche channel, the videos were viewed many hundreds of times on average, with some getting quite a bit more than that, and I didn't want to 'let down' those people. (As an aside, the more popular videos were managing over 1000 views, with some getting to 1500+ or even 2000+, such as the Psycho Cash Beast Club video. The most watched video on the channel was 'Roshtein - fake money streamer?', which last time I'd checked was around 175,000 (!) views.) Ultimately though it's supposed to be a hobby, and when a hobby has started to cause you a degree of stress and worry, it's probably time to change things. @wearecity is quite correct that the channel ended up going in directions I really wasn't expecting when I started it, once I began dropping little anecdotes and stories into the videos - (which I did very early on, and it was very well received) - they morphed into something far more personal, culminating of course with the first Gambling Low Ebbs video, which became a series. (I remember recording the first Gambling Low Ebbs video, it was late one evening and I'd had a small sherry or two, and the idea of getting some of this horrible stuff 'out of me' had been percolating in my head for a while, so I went downstairs and just recorded it, it all just came out. It was a bombsite and the footage sat on my hard drive for months, I didn't think it was salvageable but I decided to try and edit it together one evening and managed to get it into a coherent state, and the first Gambling Low Ebbs video was born, it got a really positive reaction in the comments (as well as here at DIF) and I leaned more into the personal story/anecdote/feelings side of things going forward.) The simple truth is though, that many of those videos contained a lot of personal stuff, including descriptions of activities that were flat out illegal, and we all know how stuff can 'reach through time' to bite you on the arse these days, and I didn't want that to happen. (I'm not going to go into specifics here, and nothing horrible happened, but I will say that my online name and channel, crossed paths with my professional real life in a way I really didn't like, and it made me realise that a genuinely malicious actor could make serious trouble for me if things had gone in a different direction. (It's not just that, there's some other stuff too.) Oh yes and there was also an attempt to hack my Google account, that came as a result of the Online Slots stuff, mutil-factor authentication FTW there. Oh and the guy who threatened to track me down and beat me up over the Alien method video, which was nice. Ultimately though it was the IRL crossover, along with some of my changing circumstances, that made me go ahead and delete the channel.) This is not the exact scenario, but imagine you're working with a new customer on a big project, there's a lot of money at stake and you're a key resource on this project, and your online identity and YouTube channel are known to the customer, something goes wrong and/or someone decides they don't like you, and they're also aware of (multiple!) videos where you graphically describe taking drugs, dealing drugs, abusing alcohol, stealing, and being utterly consumed by gambling to the point of self-harm, hospitalisation, hunger and desperation - are you potentially compromised by those videos? I did consider doing a 'sanitising sweep' on the channel to leave behind only the 'safest' videos, but that idea was dead in the water because the personal stuff was woven so much into so many videos, plus I really hated the idea of butchering my own content, to me it either had to be 100% genuine or not at all. I also considered self-censoring future videos either during the recording or editing phase, but again, that felt totally alien to me and I knew I wouldn't be able to do it and not hate what I was making. It wasn't a rash or impulsive decision to delete the channel, it's actually been bothering me for a while now, and whilst I am genuinely sorry to those who watched and enjoyed the channel because it's no longer there, I can't lie, it's actually a weight off my shoulders now, so I know I made the right decision. I know it sounds harsh, but as wearecity notes above, it's a big risk to take for videos that are often only getting a few hundred views and generate no income. (The channel would have only earned pennies even if I did monetise it, but I was adamant that it should purely be a passion project so never went down that route, or asked for donations on Patreon or anything like that.) When I started the channel I had no earthly idea if anyone at all would watch it, so it was nice to see it grow into a reasonable little channel, and I'm delighted to have been able to introduce new people to fruit machine emulation, Arcade Simulator, and of course the community here at Desert Island Fruits or elsewhere such as The Mecca and Dad's FME. Please note that I did a hard-delete on the channel, it doesn't exist on YouTube anymore so the content is gone in that regard, thus I do not have the option of sending out private links to anything such as @Boulderdash asking above if he can have a link to the Ebbs videos. However, I have got backups of every video I made for the channel, so if there's anything anyone wants a copy of I'm sure we can work something out. (I'll PM you about the Ebbs videos Boulderdash, and @dad you're welcome to have a copy of the DAD Tribute video )
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