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  1. No problem Jay I'm well aware from some of the comments that get left on my videos, and posts that people make here that not everyone 'speaks emulator' like some of us do, it's like a foreign language if you're not reasonably well versed in it. As such my goal here was to make it as easy as possible for folks to have a go at landing the £1000 jackpot on this machine, which is still pretty exciting even when it's pretend money, and putting yourself into the mindset of someone playing the real machine you just know you'd be crapping yourself!
  2. Omega finally gets sound after nearly 20 years and a chat about the arcades in Blackpool and how exciting they used to be.
  3. As good fortune would have it I'm off work today so I managed to turn this one around pretty quickly Also includes an extended intro discussing the arcades in Blackpool and how exciting they were in the 1980s and early 90s.
  4. The gameplay was identical on both the £35 and £70 jackpots, or rather, the 'correct' way to play remained the same, as it's exactly the same Betcom codebase that's still in use today on the £100 jackpots. (IIRC the first one of these was Jackpots That Rock 'N Roll on a £25 jackpot.) Famously of course they were so fucking lazy that on one of the clones of Poker Face they didn't even change the text for when you got the top streak so it still said 'POKER FACE' on the alpha when it was spinning the wins in. I take it these are the Scorpion 4 ROMs tommy? There's actually an EPOCH romse
  5. I'm going to do a follow-on video for this machine and layout as I wasn't aware of this thread and the fix to get it running in the new version of the emulator. This is the complete fixed version of the layout, including my jackpot happy RAM file ready to go (and a backup copy of it), converted over to run in V20.1 of MFME. I'll link directly to this thread in the follow-on video so this download is for people who aren't comfortable applying the fixes themselves or generally mucking about with RAM files and suchlike. This is the same RAM file used in the video, and should climb
  6. Gah! Sorry Dougsta I wasn't aware that thread with details of the fix existed. Oh well it gave me the chance to waffle on a bit about the leaked versions of the emulator, and demonstrate I jackpotted it the old-fashioned way without autoplay!
  7. The big club version of Up & Over.
  8. Already sort of covered in a previous video:
  9. Second crack at Up & Over. Many thanks to TommyC for the DX
  10. Video explainer below. TL:DW - I've pushed this as hard as I can and can never get it much over 90%, from a target of 80%. Autoplay profile is included so if you want to get it back to having a bit of value in it, let autoplay do its thing for an hour or two first. If you play it without the reversing method it will take you to the cleaners. Many thanks to TommyC for the fantastic DX Up N Over Tommy DX.zip
  11. Let's try that again then shall we
  12. HARD BAN from YouTube thanks to the collect bank sample Back to the edit suite......
  13. Many thanks for this Clo, and also to Jason for his help with the ROMs/pictures/lamps. In a way it's sad that it isn't Retrofruit who is bringing us this release, but at the same time it shows how FME will endure and find a way, as long as there are those who are keen and active. I won't say anything about the game itself as this will be getting a proper video review The layout itself is fantastic, absolutely a perfect example of how a lovingly made classic can completely capture the feel of the real machine. Just one thing Clo I think one of the bars is incorrect, you can see
  14. Yes that's me Some of the older videos on the channel need revisiting really, I was using a crappy headset and wasn't doing multitrack audio so wasn't highlighting the game music/sound properly, I've got a proper mic now and use multiple tracks for the audio so can bring out the machine's music/sound at the correct points. IIRC the Reno Reels video was the first one where I did that. Glad you're enjoying the videos anyway!
  15. Actually this is probably the better way to do it, from inside the emulator itself when it's running. File > Check For Updates
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