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  1. Mine is very slowly getting there, but if I bring it out of autoplay and play it myself, it's still doing obvious block boards and generally being an arsehole, even with a substantial drift still in its favour at exactly £1000 in. My feeling now is it'll get to percentage eventually, but it's really playing weird. (I also used Wizard's excellent tip to get MFME's meters in sync with the machine's own meters.)
  2. Yes I've got it going on autoplay as well Reg, we're only talking a £25 jackpot though, there's no way this should take more a few hundred quid, £1000 tops, to get properly settled down and sitting around its target percentage.
  3. First off congrats on your first release JonBoy and what an excellent DX it is! Always good to see a new designer enter the fray so I thought I'd take a look and TBH I wouldn't have guessed it was a first release going from the quality of it - many thanks and hope to see more from you in future! But....... There's something not right with how this is playing, not from a layout perspective, but the machine itself. MFME's meters don't quite tally with the machine's internal meters, but either way it's way out, like waaaaay out in terms of meeting percentage. The machine's internal meters have it at £328 in with £72 out. It does seem to get happier, and it will allow the odd jackpot, but it's got a drift of about £180 in its favour and I can't imagine kicking that back! I'll keep going with it and see if it finally settles down, but for now at least it seems a bit screwy. Anyone else found this?
  4. But the whole thing is so small anyway (I doff my cap to Wizard for his incredibly lean and effective coding!), I don't see any reason not to just have the latest version available to download here, rather than rely on the updater. (If there is a reason and I'm not seeing it, then someone please correct me! :) )
  5. Wouldn't it make sense to simply have the latest version of MFME hosted directly on DIF, rather than rely on the updater? (The updater can still be there too, of course.) It has always occurred to me as being a slightly worrying dependency on the updater working correctly to get the emulator to the correct version following an initial install. Let's imagine a worst case scenario where Reg wins the lottery and buys himself a trip on Elon Musk's spacecraft thingy, but then there is an accident in space and Reg is stuck orbiting the earth forever. Something goes wrong with DIF after Reg has got stuck in space, and an MFME fan needs to rebuild their PC. They have a backup of the V19 installer which they run to get MFME V19 on their system, but with no backend for the updater to connect to, they are unable to ever get back to the latest version.
  6. I'm going to try and get more specific info, but from the sounds of it, this was indeed a full empty!..... I did say in the video that it seemed pretty dangerous to me to have a feature that is guaranteed to always offer a jackpot, especially on a £70 machine and via a feature that isn't explicitly blocked if the machine is behind percentage.....
  7. According to the some of the early comments left on the video, there was a way to read the box and it was a full emptier!.....
  8. Cheers spa I was having a little play around with this last night, seems that 50p stake is the way to go? Anything in particular in getting the setup for Cash Attack? I seemed to find it easier to get it on Give Us A Clue. I was trying to get smart with steps and No Lose gambles and suchlike to get the right number at the right time, but didn't have a huge amount of success. I mean, I was getting the rip and definitely before it would have climbed out a jackpot/MS naturally, but I felt I could have been doing better! Also, how do you get it up there when it's winning gambles but still routinely killing you on good numbers long before you get to either of the features? Would make for a nice little video, any advice appreciated! Thanks
  9. Cheers Reg As per the video I think it just makes sense to send people here, to an actual FME community, rather than me trying to give out piecemeal bits of advice in YouTube comments, plus of course folks here are more knowledgeable than me and will probably have better advice anyway! Besides which of course, the more people involved in the scene, the better!
  10. Trail Blazer and The Heat Is On caught my eye in the last week.....
  11. Sorry for the gap between FME videos, have some New York New York....
  12. Took a while to get this one ready, as Maygays are notoriously horrible for releasing their streak pots, but here it is, caught in RAM+GAM file form! Layout has been knocked down to a realistic 78% (it was released at 98%!), and has had £1200 through it from a RAM Clear. Should streak within £10 or so, but it can sometimes play funny buggers, although you can always go back and have another go Generally has £50 in it. Video here. Close To Streak 78% - STREAK READY.zip
  13. Yes I was trying to get a streak ready RAM file and then demonstrate how awful it was afterwards, for a video for the channel (to demonstrate the streak and then how shit it is when blocking), referencing back to the absolute horror show of a kicking it gave me at that pub in Manchester back in 1996. I got it to the state where it was ready to streak (seems to be £50), but then after the streak it started going back through the block again almost immediately and I was like, 'Eh? This isn't right.....' and then I checked the config screen Anyway, I've knocked it down to a more realistic 78% and used the Clear RAM button to zero it all, but it'll take a while to get it back to a streak ready state, but needless to say at 98% even this apocalyptically awful machine isn't too bad.....
  14. Is the percentage setting on the config screen correct for this one? i.e. It's actually set to 98%? Thanks
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