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  1. JPM's Bonanza played in the lovely new vectra DX on the correct jackpot size, namely £6! Also some chat around AWP jackpot dates (linking into the thread about it here).
  2. God help me I've just noticed this is the release thread, I thought it was a WIP thread Many thanks vectra, downloading and playing this one right now
  3. Yes there's definitely a £10 ROM for this, I remember we had a couple in pubs here and also one lived on in an arcade until about 2004 or so. Played a right shit game on £10 though, £6 token ROMs are the correct way to play this
  4. Yes I love this machine on the £6 jackpot There is a video of it on the channel already but the audio is dreadful 'cause it was done on the faulty laptop that I sent back and got replaced with a new one, also I was running the £6 ROMs in an old £8 DX! As such it's probably one that needs revisiting and a proper new £6 vectra DX is the perfect time to do it.
  5. Many thanks for this release Andy, a machine I have many memories of. Forgive the cheeky question but are any other ROMs available? 20p/£6T would be perfect
  6. As I understood it the way to do a plugging emptier 'properly' was to play out the accumulated value in the machine before leaving, mostly to increase profits but also to mitigate the risk of the machine running empty (which is always a red flag to an operator). Also this doesn't just go for plugging, but also free win emptiers like on Maygay machines where it was possible to get wins through the block (Money Money Money, Super Pots etc). i.e. Don't actually empty the machine, and don't leave a load of value in it, the goal being to take as much out of the machine as possible, and le
  7. Update for the Wall Street and Cashbuster videos, also an apology to @Clo06 as I used her Wall Street classic in the video and didn't give credit/thanks which was an oversight on my part and very rude! Turns out there's a DAD DX for Wall Street which I already had in my collection but managed not to find before making the video! @dad
  8. Yes that was my point with the video really, I openly said I wasn't playing it perfectly, but well enough to earn on it, which is what I managed to do on the real ones here, once I stopped forcing them..... I'm intending to do a video on Wild West at some point (I know you've already done one!) - actually had one here that I unfortunately I.O.U.ed by accident when nursing a dreadful (ahem.....) 'long weekend' hangover and lost track of what was in the hopper, IOU was paid from behind the bar, machine had gone next time I went in.....
  9. I don't even remotely pretend I'm playing this perfectly, it was still a money-maker though once I knew what to do.
  10. Pure skill in the form of Cash Buster. (NOTE - My attempts may not represent 'pure skill' very well.)
  11. Sparking shenanigans from the cross-channel ferries.....
  12. It's a very interesting machine, it looks to me like the note rip isn't actually tied into the machine's happiness at all, you can just get lucky and it'll walk into it at any point, but the win is accounted for normally. Also I'm not sure you can really play for it as such, as the first session I had on the machine it just didn't offer the setup at all. Max The Monster definitely needs the block to be off though, I'm still not entirely decided as to how close the machine has to be to a natural jackpot for it to offer MMM on the 8 or above, sometimes it feels like a definite early rip, ot
  13. Thanks to everyone who made this happen - video time
  14. Happy birthday to you Chris - wherever you are now (apologies a day late!). Hard to believe that five months have passed already since you left us, but the scene you made possible lives on, and your life's work in MFME continues to bring joy to many. Thanks for visiting DIF to mark the date for us Amy.
  15. This is the sort of cool stuff it'd be nice to know before I make a video I'm always super-interested in information like this, but much of the history of UK AWPs is so secretive and opaque it's really hard to know where the truth is, and the history of compensated machines is, shall we say, not good. (And truth be told, at least the Betcom model did produce 'unfuckable' machines, so I do give them credit for that.) Always happy to revisit stuff like this in follow-on videos to get it right.
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