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  1. I honestly wish I'd known at the time how rare/impossible it was supposed to be as I'd have taken a screenshot or a quick video with my phone! I was surprised when it gambled past HI LO NOTE CLIMB but figured it'd have to unblock it at some point and that's all that had happened. The thing is I farmed the autoplay task out to a secondary laptop that I could just leave running downstairs for several days, it doesn't have Bandicam installed on it. If it was on my main PC or the gaming laptop (both of these have a licensed install of Bandicam on them), I'd have grabbed a quick video that way. With the benefit of hindsight even screenshots would have done, just to see that position on the trail with hi/lo gambles being available would have done the job.
  2. Yeah I had George play £200 through it, no cashpot! He did manage to harvest just over £400 though so can't criticise him too much.
  3. I'll get a video done for this Quite a rare sight both emulated and for real!
  4. Follow-on Super Blackjack Club video, from this thread. Turned out into quite a nice little fruit machine emulation community effort this one!
  5. Fascinating stuff everyone, thanks to all who've contributed to this thread, I'll do a follow-on video as this has been really interesting
  6. I promise it happened! I was thinking of collecting the cashpot but decided to carry on for the £200 at the top. Only did it the once and I tried it quite a few times when I took over from the autoplay.
  7. TINFOIL HAT TIME. Is it possible this is a hacked ROM? We know this was a very popular machine, there were plenty of them about and they were played by both casuals and 'pro players' alike. An unscrupulous operator gets themselves the 3.1 Ferry ROMs that are locked to 65%. They do 'hacking stuff' to make the ROMs boot up showing the favoured 2.0D ROMs, (so tempting to players who turn the machine off and on again to see what ROMs are allegedly being run), they also hack out all the machine's internal bookkeeping pages to hide evidence of the crime, and then site the machines at an alleged 72-88%, when in fact they're raking it in at 65% and also behave like 3.1 ROMs to thwart the pro players. EDIT - They also do 'hacking stuff' to get the Datapak output to show 88%, or to reflect whatever the dip switches say they're set to, whilst in fact the 65% locked ferry setting is taking effect. TINFOIL HAT DEACTIVATED.
  8. The thing is Mort that still wouldn't really prove anything, as we know for a fact Barcrest changed how the machine played between those ROM revisions. So however the results of the test came out we still wouldn't have a definitive result.
  9. I agree, it does feel like it's targeting 65%, we need some way to find out what the machine itself thinks is going on internally.
  10. Just throwing ideas out there but maybe it allocates a certain portion of RTP to certain features or win ranges or something? The way we're playing it here is highly unusual, basically just straight forcing it the whole time. Of course out in the wild it'd never get played like this, thinking back to the one in the snooker club I used to work at, that machine got a LOT of play, some of the local guys who kind of used the place more as a pub/social club than anything else, would play change from the round or a few pounds here and there, maybe change down a tenner at the bar and collect just about anything they could safely gamble to. One old fella loved the Blackjack feature so he'd try and gamble to that and always collect it, that sort of thing. Someone left this comment on the video on my channel, and TBH I have been thinking along similar lines.
  11. Yep that does indeed appear to be the case, all you can do is clear the alarms.
  12. OK thanks for that Wizard, I can't seem to find any internal meters in this game though?
  13. And of course you get this when you open the doors, 2.0D - i.e. 2.0 Datapak ROM.
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