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  1. Yeah I did start to edit the images I had for count ya cash the image quality just wasn’t there so chucked it back in a folder. Is there any better images of count ya cash about now. Will get a dx done if some slightly better images can be found.
  2. The tech isn’t emulated as far as I know that’s probs why it hasn’t been done
  3. That's just great to see, i remember the blue pink panther doing this years ago. Never been able to recreate it in mfme, it won't even roll one jackpot in.
  4. 100% gent sir, your a credit to this scene.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Been enjoying these games after slagging them off the other week, so decided to have a mooch and see what art and roms i could find for these games. Here's the first layout of the few I'm gonna work on, it's a clone of celtic gold which was a clone of random gold etc. Has a slight game change though to the usual dead nudges and endless two holds and never a third. If it holds the wind normally drops in it very rarely misses but does. Artwork wasn't a great size to work with, I've ended up with what was formally a large layout at 1280 looks tiny compared to todays offerings, everything's clear enough to play etc, had to redraw the reel symbols as couldn't find any decent images about. Thanks to the rom provider and to the late wizard for the new mfme.
  6. Not ignoring the post by not posting a reply, @No1Stoney has given you all the info you need
  7. @ruthless deffo sour grapes there from you, good to see the membership showed you what we think of that post/s so it's good night from him and good night from me.......
  8. Weren't it money steppa on the green crazy fruits, if you got a 2 on reel 1 and it pushed it over 5 pound it just kept going.
  9. Could be the alpha display used in the layout, that looks like a pretty old alpha display from v 2 or the leaked 10.+ convert the alpha display in design mode see if it fixes the alpha glitch.
  10. I will try find the video it is on here somewhere. No haven't done any of them as it's only the concept roms you can run. To me they are very poor games that are a shadow of the original classic bar x 7 software. Yeah you may hit a streak of 3-£500 if you hit it right but the cycle of those coupled with the shite in between game play proper put me off these, especially when they started to release them with a hard coded 88% payout. May sound high but on a game like this it would be the recommended minimum % I've played those bar x 7 which were £1 a spin with a £70 jackpot at that time, they6 used to be set at 90% and could streak for £600 plus, once this was known by the operator they go moaning to concept so they then rechip with a hard coded 88% payout which makes the game brutal 90% of the time and halves the streak pot from £600 + to about £300 max if you were lucky. Used to go all over playing electrocoins so i know what i'm on about and the shenanigans when these started getting rechipped with concept software. Concept on 90% very fair! Concept on hard coded 88% absolute tripe, Just stops the game being enjoyable.
  11. You are right with that, but it did change on the later bar x and magic series. When they changed from mechanical to sec meters for the classic versions, they were coded with a saved up streak which come at random from the 1st pound inserted, after the first dead spin of that pound every other spin is a win. These could go huge if you was in a decent place that would keep refilling it. Let it alarm up when reset the streak would stop, and the game would select a random chart in the pot and start again. Baring in mind the machine is now over percentage the compensation kicks in and the game goes dead. I've seen £400 go in one of these without a single win. Massive sways in drifts both ways, if you play one for long enough you will see what I mean. I put a vid up of my bar x 7 doing the win every spin streak a while a go.
  12. Eastenders is deffo rigged, you can obtain a nudge offer for jackpot if you decline it will somehow make the usual losing positions rewards, like Frank selling a motor for the amount you need in dosh to make it a jackpot or any other feature. Does this on both bwb and maygay versions. Like @Retrofruit said if you push it in to a critical point of under percentage it will just chuck the 7s in or force I'm off to the Vic feature which will pay decent. I think towards the £8 jackpot conversions the 7s roll in was chipped out and would not do it for anything. It would Still offer the light after nudges way, JPM IMPACT on token settings would just throw jackpot in if it was way under, also did it on the £10 versions but no we're near as much. That's why my favourite manufacturer is electrocoin, yes the machines are basic low tech games, but alot of thought has gone in to the coding we're it makes a compensated game random. How many high tech games can you have for 150 plus, then give the next player along a win of 200 without being completely dead. Flip it and catch an electrocoin in the wrong state you will pay the price.
  13. Why is there a file named top giza 1024 I only made this layout one size. This is another early v16 dx that needs a little revamp the reel symbols I made for this dx were terrible.
  14. Stop spamming the threads all the time. Play the ones you already have.
  15. Dont forget if a layout has a ram clear by any method it will lock the notes out as it will read the hopper as empty. Not always the case but can happen, normally makes the game sounds low too as you have to turn the sound back up after a ram clear on most games.
  16. I don't read stuff that didn't interest me, this thread on the other hand was created in the emulator zone. Was a reasonable/good thread which is why I read and offered my help.
  17. Sorry but I can not take any more of it. I have stuck up for him in the past, but he doesn't half know how to wind people up. This isn't a step I would normally take hence asking '' how to do it'' but this guy is in a whole other league for being ignorant, that's that.
  18. Yet again my post is ignored, you really are a prize numpty aren't you. How the fuck do I block this numpty I'm done trying to help him. You need to go and get some social skills you ignorant git!!!!!
  19. Decals I'm not sure about, which lotr are you on about? Most of the time you can manipulate the higher jackpot decals and make them £5 ones, you just have to know how to use photoshop to a certain degree.
  20. @Reg I don't mind at all. Only way it wouldn't have been uploaded here is if it was done before fml artists had a release area.
  21. This bit is probably 100 % correct but you would only have to read a version that doesn't match the second string in the software version like i was talking about at the beginning of the thread. I mean you have learned lots more since then, so maybe that doesn't make a difference but i would say it does.
  22. Why thank you sir. Good to see people enjoy the layouts.
  23. Great progress updates again glad ingot those blended lamps correct to some extent on cash explosion.
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