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  1. For those that cannot wait its HERE
  2. MPU1 is now in the next MAME
  3. No worries thought i was going daft i have the build with it in
  4. There is a new MAME out however MPU1 does not seem to be in it?
  5. They are still working on MPU4 as well another game has been fixed recently has a nice sound package too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt_oIGADkso
  6. No problem thank you for looking if memory serves me correct the author of MFME had the machine at some point so maybe had an advantage there black box sounds good thanks for continuing your work its much appreciated.
  7. Brand & Model: Lenovo Tablet 10 *Touchscreen. Excludes stylus and keyboard Processor: Celeron N4100 1.1GHz Screen: 10.1" Memory: 8GB Storage: 128 GB eMMC Optical Drive: None Graphics: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics Operating System: Windows 10 Pro (can be upgraded to Windows 11) Wireless: Yes Webcam: Yes Bluetooth: Yes Fingerprint Reader: No Ports: TBC That would be 8gb ram that windows can use and 128gb storage for programs from what I can gather that CPU will run Windows 11 but is dual core so might be a little slow depending on what you plan to do with it
  8. That also shows the difference between mfme and mame in mfme if it runs great mame its more cycle accurate you can hack some stuff for a while.... While you are here can I ask you to look at Ace Sidewinder it runs with sound on mfme but on mame its mute its like the sound isn't hooked up on the driver. The manual is on the mecca.
  9. Looks like the reviewers have asked for some changes
  10. Those that want to have a look can get the build with it in from here if you have the roms rebuild them using clrmame and the layouts will run not yet functional as a machine but you can get the jist.
  11. Hello what do we have here then? Barcrest MPU1 driver
  12. Does this still work for an upgrade to 10? https://www.laptopmag.com/uk/articles/upgrade-to-windows-10-free
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