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    Here is the MFME v19 Release This version will only install in Windows 10 For a list of changes/fixes click the MFME logo in the About box The most significant change is that the graphics drawing is now done in it's own thread and uses DirectX hardware acceleration to display the final image. There is also a builtin updater, just click on the Check for Updates box in the About box and any updates will be automatically downloaded and installed. There is no longer a requirement to install the DX runtime if you are installing for the first time. Game Fonts can be placed in the MFME fonts folder and now don't need to be installed. You will also need to rescan your games folder to rebuild the game.db file in Manager Many thanks to all the Beta testers who assisted by finding bugs/issues, hopefully this release is now stable. Download from here: http://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/252-mfme/ Enjoy!
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    Hi all, Please find attached a classic layout for Masterspy by PCP. 2p fun at its finest Layout notes and buttons all shown in the notes. Any issues let me know. I'll be fucked if I can get the OUT meter working, so if anyone does then please accept my congratulations in advance Cheers, Steve Masterspy PCP v1.00 release.zip
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    View File Jpm's Big Bucks Wdx Here's another dx of a classic jpm,from the entertainment era,flyer was one of those lit ones so had to do loads of adjusting to get it to look ok,had to redraw all the text on the bonus features etc,thanks to £6intokens for the 1024 i used as a base,stanmarsh14 for the reel images he sent me years ago and to wizard for mfme MFME V6.1 ONLY PLEASE. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 08/07/19 Category JPM  
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    The big cheese £25 DX. I have left this so it loads in 6.1 still, so you can see the difference if you load it in 19 with all of @Wizard hard work on the new emulator. Best in mfme 19. Enjoy The Big Cheese £25 DX.zip
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    I am going to share my mfme 19 custom default sounds folder, mostly rippped from youtube, some from my machine and they include project sounds from Jonno. You will have to configure your machines accordingly, not every tech is done but some are, but i have set them up with what i have. Some may not be perfect. If anyone who owns machines would like to record sound effects with their phones etc, i dont mind editing them or someone else might. I have a few other loose ones that need to go into the machine folders, i will sort them out shortly. Custom.zip
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    Thank you for this, maybe just the remedy required to get the juices flowing again.
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    View File Bubble and Squeak £25 Dx Next up and this was made over a year back, but now Thanks to Wizard for fixing the sound bug and then releasing the newer Mfme Update V19 i can now release this Here's Extreme's Bubble and Squeak a cat and mouse game If i can remember thanks goto Firstly a BIG thankyou goes to Wizard for Mfme's past, present and future!! Ady for the hi res flyer he gave me ages back Mavroz for the extreme reel symbols uploaded and to whoever may of helped with the making of this. Shortcuts are listed within the notes and the newer mfme v19 can be downloaded from here but don't just d/l and waltz off into the sunset, give a little thanks and join in within this thriving community. ONCE AGAIN THIS LAYOUT ONLY RUNS IN THE NEWER MFME V19 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 14/07/19 Category Extreme  
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    Probably not of much interest to folks here
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    A very playable game from back in the day! Has a true skill feature, Gold Strike, which is reel skill. Also, Golden Runner red you can hold the reels to manipulate a jackpot. It can give and icon board, exchange at each cash, this is jackpot and normally free as such. Can give superskillstop off bonus too. It numbers, 1,2,11,12,red number and dual stakes. Thank to Reg for bagging the roms. I managed to get the reels and glasses from the same person which are found here, Reels = https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NNsC4kz69-hBa9fzuTmRH_9aKcYnDE5p Glasses = https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sOyFkFJa1Ki5AoT3ujBgq5byQn40MCqy Enjoy! GoldStreakClassic.rar
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    View File Red Gaming's Lifes A Beach Wdx Here's another photo based dx of a decent red machine,again only one photo available and the machine was on in places so had to a bit of editing,Thanks to spa for the roms from his drive and wizard for mfme. USE MFME V6.1 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 08/07/19 Category Red Gaming  
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    View File Quid Vicious £35 and £70 Wdx's Here's a couple of photo dx's of quid vicious by qps,set on 50p with a £70 and £35 jackpot,not the best as the images were poor.Thanks to wizard for mfme,all short cuts are normal USE MFME V6.1 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 05/07/19 Category QPS  
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    View File Red Gaming's Holy Moley Wdx Here's another photo based dx of red gamings holy moley,not the best as the image i had wasn't great,plays quite good on 50p stake,thanks to wizard for mfme. USE MFME V6.1 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 07/07/19 Category Red Gaming  
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    If ive pissed anyone off with my original post,then i appologise for it. Things like this winds me right up. If the guy listened to people and took advice i would've had no problem with him doing this layout, thing is he didnt even ask and looking at the on image it looks wank to be fair,just another draw around rushed pile of shit qith the wrong reel symbols too. With the new emulator now,it shouldnt be insulted with such things tbh.
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    View File The Pink Panther Wdx Here's a photo based dx of maygays pink panther,plays a top game to say it's the bwb version,thanks to all contributors and to wizard for mfme v19. All shortcuts are the usual. USE MFME V19 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 15/07/19 Category Maygay  
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    Many thanks Wizard, amazing stuff!
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    seriously guys give up on windows 7, or at least dual boot it with windows 10 and try it for a while. You could dual boot windows 10 and not even have it attached to the internet if you want to play mfme that way and it would not surprise me if windows 7 has 10x more exploits than windows 10 these days and thus alot more insecure. Your only spoiling your own enjoyment of one of the biggest leaps in mfme history by staying on 6.1.
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    View File Red Gaming's Rampage Wdx Here's another high tech red gaming machine,this time it's rampage, Not sure how you play this one it seems tight as owt,yet again flyer was far away and on an angle so i've had to do some adjusting to the artwork,plus the arrow matrix is 3d on the real machine. Thanks to spa for the roms and wizard for mfme. USE MFME V6.1 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 09/07/19 Category Red Gaming  
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    View File Lucky 2's MK1 10p Hi Guys For my 3rd release, I have redrawn the original lucky 2's from JPM. Unfortunately I found no pictures of this anywhere and had to rely on a youtube video of it. However after a couple of weeks of clicking away, we now have something that resembles the real thing to play. Read me file is in the folder with shortcuts and general info. A big thanks to Ploggy for testing and invaluable help, Richy1976 for sending sound files, the guys over at the Mecca for the roms, and Wizard for the emu!!! Thanks also goes to Reg for hosting this site. Submitter Amusements Submitted 02/07/19 Category JPM  
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    View File Electrocoins Let's Play Darts £35 & £70 Wdx's Here's a couple of wdx's of electrocoins lets play darts,not a machine i've played in the wild so not got a clue how to play it right,i forced it and it took ages Had to do some redrawing to the feature panel as the lines were wuite thick which were running through the feature stack,Thanks to Who ever upped the flyer,spa for the reel images from his drive matty n for the classic and as ever wizard for mfme. Short cuts are normal apart from the hi/lo's which are num pad 4 and 1 and 6 and 3. USE MFME V6.1 ONLY Submitter Tommy c Submitted 07/07/19 Category Electrocoin  
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    Lovely looking classic again, mate. Love the style of your layouts. Very neat, and crisp. Massive thanks for doing them. I've fixed the issues with the Masterspy layout, plus I've fixed the original issues with the Aladdin's Cave layout you did as well. Both layouts attached in the zip file. Added the 2p coin-ins as well, just for that one extra credit you need sometimes. Will it hold? Nah. Masterspy and Aladdin's Cave.zip
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    Last year while in LV I took this picture, not a very good one - but still a picture... Taking Aliens by @Tommy c, I wanted to have some full screen immersion. Originally the background properties looked like this... ...by changing it to the below... ...when you hit F3 once you have left edit mode, welcome to Aliens in Las Vegas !
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    View File Maygays Money Money Money Wdx Here's a wdx of maygays money money money,never played this before so don't know what it like,thanks to mort for the tiny dx i used for a base and wizard for mfme. USE MFME V6.1 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 10/07/19 Category Maygay  
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    View File Project's The Roll £6 token & £8 All Cash Dx's Double release tonight of the project machine "The Roll" Thanks goto £6 in tokens for the original £8 layout used for the majority of lamp positions etc Fuzion/Ploggy for uploading the sound roms Ploggy for the Image uploaded/used Richy1976 for the £6 roms uploaded and the usual help adding coin effects Fuzion for toning down the "reddness" of the cabinet and adding better "on" buttons And to the Mecca from which i gained a couple of images enabling me to make the reel symbols from Shortcuts are as standard The Roll Button = R Plays in MFME6.1+ Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!! Submitter vectra666 Submitted 23/06/19 Category Project  
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    Hi all, I've got this in WIP at the moment, shouldn't be too much left to do. Great PCP 2p fun from the good old days Very similar to Aladdins Cave, except one of the features is slightly different, and it's £1.50 jackpot so the gameplay should be better than Aladdins Cave because that used £2 ROMs. Cheers, Steve
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    At social,if you spend plenty time and think about what your aiming for,you will end up with something like this.
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    May as well take the lamped art too then
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    Here's a prime example of something that has taken me ages to get to a workable stage,i've had to do all kinds of adjustments then cloning the lit lamps away off the flyer then also redrawn all the text,as they just wont lamp nice when the time came. This has taken me months to get to this stage,working on it on and off not just grab an image,draw round the lamps and add a lighting effect.
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    View File Barcrests Golden Dragon Club Wdx Here's another barcerst clubber,this time it's golden dragon,it now has a fully functioning disk reel,thanks to all contributors and to Wizard for mfme19. USE MFME V19 ONLY. Submitter Tommy c Submitted 15/07/19 Category Barcrest  
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    Mate, you are a one man layout making machine today... ...I wish I was at the PC to download and play these today - but my god, you won the day ! Look at the Portal, it’s now “Tommy’s Place” !
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    Reformed gambler so nice to be able to play these old machines without losing my shirt. Cheers
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    Like you, I do well to spend more than 5 mins on machines like this. I remember them when growing up but 10p was too rich for me, until 1988 , by which time the first machines with more than just nudges and holds, had started to appear. I remember older people in my family/friends would say to me when I was playing or had been playing, I don't know how to play these modern machines, they're too complicated for me. But I fully agree the main thing, is that it's preserved through emulation. Great to see a new dx'r around FME also.
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    Cheers for your hard work Tommy - I'll take it from here
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    It's got squares round the lamps again. Leave it to the pro's. People work hard on these layout. Not just a 2hr job. And were did you get art, looks like Tommys.
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    View File Nitro (new version) Further to my original uploaded at fruit-emu, I've revamped it, so decided to up it here as well. Submitter wearecity Submitted 18/06/19 Category Red Gaming  
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    . MPU4 Road Hog Cabinet.zip
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    I have images for the 3D version gained from retro fruit from mr ps its to complicated for me so I’ll add them here laters
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    I got a 360 degree bracket but the novelty wore off after about a week lol.
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    And ticket redemption machines. Why would you want to put good money in a machine quite frankly to win tickets to buy a pile of
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    Nice to meet everyone, I'm Adam. Been a fan of fruit emulation for a couple of years and hopefully will be looking to do some DX layouts soon
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    Never thought I'd find myself playing this old bugger on the channel........
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    i spent £130+ on roms from this seller hoping to get atleast one runner but, due to an unemulated chip on the rom board these do not currentley run in mfme. i will upoload what i have once i have them sorted out but off the top of my head, MIB, Kiss my axe, Cash Exploder, Count Yer Cash, Corn Of The Dead, Show Time, Winsons and i think Popeye have been sourced. save your money.
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    LAYOUT FIX UPLOADED HERE Hi, here is a little DX I was working on. Ploggy uploaded some semi decent images of this machine, I used them and did some extra photoshop work, it's come out pretty nice in the end. Thanks Ploggy. Thanks to Vectra for the original classic layout. Massive thanks to Wizard for the amazing MFME. This version is running a very early release software on 20p £6 token jackpot with all the magic. There are two ways to empty this programme. Game on nudge setups and Hyper Nudges. (Token jackpot wins on the reels are free... if you can get to them) PS This DX layout will work best when using it's native resolution of 4K. Scaled down and this layout will struggle on a low spec PC, it struggles on mine at least. I won't be releasing lower resolution version. The main BWB video screen is skewed to create a sense of perspective, this causes a hit for MFME. J BWB_-_RENO_REELS_NEWSOUNDS.zip
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    Oops sorry Niall here you go, should be in a nice mood too £6 ROMS - READY TO GO.zip
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    Did you know you can offset the position of the text in a button or lamp as follows:
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    This is a preview of the ZZap64 advert... Again, based on the original which I had great support from @A:E on.
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