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  1. @vectra666 there is some gameplay in this video of both Pork Chop and Spartacash if you want to check out the reel/LED lights, etc
  2. A couple of clones were about: Pork Chop - The Last Hamurai Einstein - Genius Jackpots Forced a few in my time, win a bit or lose a bit. Interested to see how they play if say taking the game when not risking anything so look forward to this.
  3. @davep180 cheers for the pics - yes that is the one I was thinking of - TBH I only really remembered the cards that flipped up but obviously it must have had the route up to the £10 too.
  4. Anyone got a pic of the actual machine ?
  5. Is it the one that works similar to the 'Knight Time' feature on Maygay's Screen Play, but more mechanical. That is four playing cards (the 4 Queens) start face down - then in a random order the Queens will individually flip up 90 degrees to reveal the face and then down again - and you must choose the last card shown. I was once in a Hotel in Coventry in the late 1980's that had one of these. A few years later when I saw the 'Knight Time' feature on Maygay's Screen Play I thought of it.
  6. Can't agree with that - well actually I ALMOST can these days. I say that because there are very few current machines with anything on them but they do exist. Yes a few years ago (in fact for a long time) there were methods and empties all over the place and I'm sure many on here have benefited. The trouble is a random machine (if really random and that's dubious on some games) gives no advantage and thus no point in playing and they usually are just press start * a million and that's about it. At least Hi Tec AWP often had more to them than this.
  7. This is really old news. It's been covered many times on this and other sites. Even I made a post on the club Cops and Robbers where you could perform the same actions to get the JP - and that was from a downloaded state , not even RAM reset IIRC. A lot of the 'older' games always did the same thing from a specific point - in some cases you can get JP, in others get to a specific win but no further which is what you describe. I once toook note of actions on an older build of Maygay's screen play that would make you a decent profit every time. The 'newer' games are much more interseting - they vary in how happy they are from a specific point even though in theory they should perform the same.
  8. DK'Tronics - remembered that name - turns out they produced Maziacs for the Spectrum - image below
  9. Question - When is an in board IM not a JP ? Answer - When you get it on an old DOND machine which has a flaw. Some of the original DOND machines (like CYBTB and Big Reds) used to spin the mirrored box as soon as the DOND feature became available rather than waiting until the player presses the 'Play DOND' button. This was good news for those who could read the boxes as they make elect to just kill off that board if it was a low value box. But there is a flaw - if you achieve an in board IM (Go All The Way) and the game is already available then the box is already in place and cannot change to JP/MS. I achieved this in the video below with relative ease (I also had it once in real life on a Big Reds) - you will see the box value is £20 and that's what I was awarded - of course in real life I would have taken MS (streak boxes all red) and not the DOND game, or one of the £35 offers on the DOND game.
  10. It's any time you gamble against the number on most if not all of the DONDs.
  11. I started off with a 48K ZX Spectrum - gave me an interest in BASIC and Assembler. A sad day indeed losing Sir Clive. I spotted 'Everyone's a Wally above' - one of the few games I was well into - sadly it had a bug such that you could complete the game without doing all the tasks. Jet Set Willy had a bug too such that (without a 'poke') you could not collect the invisible icon.
  12. I don't know what to say to you here as it's always gone OK for me - I've done 5 runs and here are the results: Two of the first four runs I've just stopped at around 100 up Two of the runs I've had a Go All The Way board at about 20 up - now in the real world I would have taken the GATW for a 50 profit overall - on these runs I've noticed this kills the bust (which BTW did a 25 bust both times on the GATW board) Fifth run is the one in the video and as I said I was messing around killing off boards on that at first - ended 200+ up I'm not holding anyhting back - it's just buzz it up then bust your heart out. There are times where you are putting more in than you get back but they soon subside and you suddenly make a bundle out of nowhere. As for the theory - many of these DOND games have a separate game and bust pot - but they aren't totally sepaerate - there is kind of an overlap where one pot will nick a few quid from the other. There are even cases where the game pot has some separation too. In this case it seems the bust pot is taking the game value but not totally and thus there is still some value there - this is shown on the instances where suddenly you get a GATW.
  13. Can You Beat The Banker ? Turns out you can with this nifty little trick involving the Cash or Bust feature. Noel declares 'You have won that is your money now' as you bust your way to profit in the video below. Thanks to @vectra666 for this great Dx About the video: Started after I'd got the machine into about the right state and already busted a couple of big wins. The first third or so of the video may be a bit confusing - you will see me kill off or avoid boards - that was because I thought busting shortly after a big win would always result in busts or low wins - that theory was wrong and I abandoned it - at some point later on you will see 3 big busts in a row within something like 20 quid of credits. So really the second half of the video is better. @Chopaholic you might want to do a better video - from downloaded state bung about 50 through on 50p stake. Then play boards (not collecting) until you see two that offer £20 or better on the cash stack. Then start busting every board on entry.
  14. Will upload to YT over the weekend and post a link and some more comments
  15. OK I've just done another run and I've videod this one - I stopped at over 200 up. Now the first half of the video is a bit drawn out because I had this theory that if it boarded soon after a 25/WS/35/MS win then it would always bust or low win so why not just kill those boards (or try not to board). That theory was wrong as you will see in the second half - I've had three 25 wins in a row within less than about 20 quid in. So I recycled more than was necessary I think. No 'Go All The Way' problem this time so I still need to investigate whether it will recover from that in time. Won't put the video up yet - maybe the second half would be most useful ?? - whole thing is an hour long . Better chop does one because mine has no commentary.
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