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  1. not sure about the JP decal itself though.
  2. pots would max out at £100 on dual stake mode.
  3. Yes it did have a £100 pot with a repeat chance on the 20p game. It mentions it on the graphics if you zoom in close.
  4. Maybe you climbed it when it was still on dual stake mode before we switched it ?
  5. look out for the file tips.txt in the installation directory.
  6. Your DX's are at another level Pook. They have a level of polish which would be in keeping with a professionally released video game. I love a bit of Pinball FX3 on the PC and consoles, each table they release has an ever increasing awesome amount of detail and polish, they remind me of your layouts, such is the quality of what you produce. Thanks for this awesome DX mate.
  7. Still corrupt for me chap. I have played a previous version though and I think you have done a great job on this. Great to see you progressing , and also that''s a sweet avatar/profile photo
  8. Awesome to see you taking on a DX, I hoped you might, and I think you have the right approach to become a brilliant DX'er If you do become bogged down with it though, take a break and come back to it (even if that takes months!) this is a hobby after all and it's supposed to be enjoyable.
  9. Some people don't like WIP threads because they only care about getting stuff for free, playing it for 2 seconds, and moving on, with no appreciation or care for any of the work involved. It's just the way it is, human nature and all that. Rest assured though, that many of us do care and like to see and understand the process you go through and also to help when we can as well.
  10. Amazing to see how far you are progressing in layout creation, and at an absolute blinding pace ! Thanks for sharing your progress in your WIP threads as well, it's good to see layouts coming together and will also hopefully inspire and help other users who may want to have a go at layout creation now or in the future.
  11. Just watched the video chap, great stuff, nice to see it captured finally !
  12. This deserves a quick video Choppers Just to show the damn thing dropping in ! £8,100 IN for a cashpot, ah well at least it's a 'free' win rofl !! That rich eccentric millionaire who comes into the club and plays this exclusively must be one crazy fuc*** !
  13. I assume I completely wasted my time composing the above ?
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