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  1. Amazing stuff all this, I have no real idea what's happening, but good to see people working together like this.
  2. It's amazing the level of perfection he achieved with MFME. It's a legacy that he should be very proud of. As I continue to delve into MFME on a regular basis I still come across things that I hadn't realised. Over the coming passing of time, when it comes a point when MFME may struggle with later version of Windows, I will always keep a VM running which will be capable of running it properly. Regardless of what happens with future developments, which I follow with keen interest, I will always keep MFME there running and doing it's thing. I raise my glass another year to the memory of Chris.
  3. i think i fixed this ages ago as part of my playable set, give it a try.
  4. Hi chaps, I know nothing about using the PAC Drive feature in MFME to drive real world components. Is it possible to drive a real alpha display this way ?
  5. Yep @serene02 as far as I can see any alterations to the CP would require a RAM reset first, which would put the machine back in a dire state, especially the ones which start out life in a negative compensator / percentage level. Some machines, such as Club Bullion, allow you to change the CP so it's behaviour is fixed and becomes Jackpot 2. This would be non-progressive and would always just display the JP amount on the 7 segs. I wonder what the difference is though ? Why would an operator chose a fixed JP in place of a progressive CP ? Just to attract player attention at all times to a full pot ?
  6. Thanks for the replies chaps. As I expected then it seems it simply updates the values displayed on the 7 segs and nothing more. Naughty naughty !
  7. I assume it may have been an option in case of say whereby a ROM on a machine is upgraded and after the upgrade the RAM has to be cleared. So before an upgrade the engineer would make a note of the pot values and then re-seed them after. Of course, this re-seeding would then only be legitimate (in my mind) if the re-seeding actually raised the pot compensators in line with it. And no i'm not looking for Fairplay #2 ! Just generally interested in what happened in the game code for this.
  8. A number of Club machines, normally only from an initial RAM reset, allow you to seed the Cash Pots. Normally in the Test menu you can just use the Hold buttons to raise the value of both the Cash and Reserve Pots to a value of your choice. Do you think this also actually raises the compensator and chance tables for winning the pots in line with the value you have seeded OR is this just a visual thing to entice the player and basically in reality the compensator (or chance of winning the Cash pot) is still at 0 ? Hope this makes sense.
  9. The Vogue cabinets are a thing of beauty, thanks @Spidy21982 for the hard work on these models and of course thanks @johnparker007 for implementing into AS. SMAA is a welcome addition and i see no performance penalty of note.
  10. Simply stunning what you have done here John - Just had a blast on Double Dragon. Thanks very much, and I love the new carpet !!
  11. I very much hope the channel returns in some form. It's very much missed, and was probably more appreciated than you realised.
  12. Thanks for the bloom slider, just gave it a try, settled on 5.0 for now - seems to strike a good balance for my setup.
  13. Great to see the revised settings structure and very keen to be able to control the bloom. I find it’s an awesome effect that adds that next level of realism to the emulation. I will be interested to see if I can strike a good balance though as i find that the bloom at its current hardcoded level can be perfect at times but then overbearing when the machine has many lamps active and then you see a compound effect of the bloom across the multiple lamps. All great stuff, still can’t believe how far we have come. To play these games in 3D is just awesome.
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