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  1. cheers thanks! I would not be in any rush so that's not a problem, everything is on hold for now, but at somepoint the glass will need to come out to be reprinted and the reprinting will take some time so most likely around that time, It should have read above that I need to cut out more metal where the disco button is going to go as well, nothing is easy or quick lol
  2. cheers! when I do take mine apart I will have to first it out to take the disco button first! will bear this in mind as electronics is my thing not paint spraying lol
  3. that's nice! you can do my red dwarf one!!!
  4. yes bands can be done and they have let me know they are ready for pickup, but for them to do them you have to do all the artwork yourself, they are not a 'one stop shop' where they do everything, if they did that it would far far outweigh the cost anyone would want to pay! recently over on the mecca some have got decals done and they were disappointed with them as the printing is already coming off and they have only just been done! The place I have them done are happy to do them for me as I do whatever is needed, I have spoken to them and they do now get calls from people off the forums want
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