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  1. I fear sadly the SPace code is not going to be much help fpr MPS, Space is a Motorola processor and MPS is a Texas processor so wont be the same code sadly, but defiantly interesting!
  2. yes a rom one would likely have that, but a masked rom doesn't! it is silicon etched permantly when the silicon wafer is made, no way of reading masked roms inside a cpu, it protects the manufacturers code 100%
  3. complete information covering the cpu TMS7000_FamilyData_1986.pdf
  4. Yes it was a masked rom version of the TMS7041 TMS7041.pdf
  5. It was a few years ago now when I was into repairing them. It was one of those surplus suppliers, when its gone it's gone! they was new original stock too. I will see if I can find out where it was from through going through emails as I say it was a masked rom at manufacture, I remember I also looked into what the processor was and all that but cannot now remember what it was, I have looked in my pc folders to see if I downloaded any sort of datasheet on it, but I didn't. If I remember any more i will post
  6. yes it is a masked rom inside the cpu, as you say no direct way of reading it out and far to expensive to get it dumped using the nitric acid and microscope technique. I did look into this using a version that had a cpu and a erasable rom section, but I could never find a hint of the internal code! the masked chips were available new a couple of years back at £15 each in the original antistatic tubes, but the seller would not budge on price so I only bought a few at that price. That really was the way they protected MPS technology from being easily copied!
  7. Well this is it! everything helps for sure! I have also heard that barcrest sometimes used the same chr chip in different games, It could be they got a bit lazy towards the end when they knew MPU5 was on the way so they put less effort in perhaps, that's my guess!!
  8. Oh cool!! it is these chinks in the armour that helps! sadly the BWB chr chip is a standard pal chip where thee Barcrest ones are not (they are a custom made device similar to a PAL but more complicated inside) thatnks again!
  9. Ah thankyou, I did look at the github link but didn't see anything, but you have explained it well, thankyou (no worries I know I am on my own with real chr's)
  10. Is there anything there that could help me with the differences between real and MFME? (Once the work on the boardmaster 4000 work is done, I am thinking of writing a testbasic program for it so it can get the real lamp tables out of real chr chips easily in a few seconds, this might speed along working out what is going on hopefully)
  11. well I did buy my tester some years ago when you could get them from the states for character chip interrogating you just need a mpu4, power supply and connecting power lead and of course a character chip in a progtam cart, then the lamp tables can be read out using the fluke troubleshooter you can see why no one else has gone deep into looking at the character lamp tables!!
  12. yeah and you still need the 6089 pod!, I think I paid £500 for the pod not working when I got one, they go for double that now
  13. If anyone wants to do there own investigations in real character mpu4 chips then there is a fluke troubleshooter 9010 on ebay right now!, you will then just need the 6809 pod to plug into the mpu4 board to the troubleshooter https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125328711461
  14. Patching of the 128k rom is much the same on the later machines, you just have to do it twice for chr and checksum before its happy, and you have to add in 2 identical lamp tables and change the #802 / #803 references to the chr chip 4 times. I remember you saying some you did you found 8 occurrences to have to patch, so this is not that different to yours, It just took me most of a day to do it
  15. he is going to find out tomorrow what version of cloud 999 he had
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