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  • Where did you find out about this site ?
    fruit-emu thankfully

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  1. Version 1.0.0


    thanks to wizard!! thanks to @Liverpool2008 for the images, @Tommy c for the reels which i edited slightly to increase the numbers visibility, and the decals for the b/r 7's on top row. thanks to @WonkySausage for sourcing photo of the top feature decals, to the rest involved thank you too!! the £5 is completely hi res but to facilitate the £15 i had to use the decals from the flyer version of tommy c's. YES THEY ARE ANDY CAPP BUTTONS, that's how the machine was photographed and for originality have been left in as i couldn't find the official ones and the flyer ones would of detracted heavily from the image. If anyone can provide decent images of buttons and also the top row decals please do and i'll update. a difficult layout to lamp this one, and the forsee the future text is as clear as i could get it whilst keeping it original.. one of my favourite games to mess around with as demonstrated in a @Chopaholic video.. hours of fun can be had with this... next up thanks to @Damici is one of my all time top 5 games. best wishes one and all..
  2. paypal is a safe alternative, but i also feel cautious with any internet payments. hopefully the admin will pm and you can discuss in private etc.. welcome to the site tho
  3. the worst thing about dial up was downloading a image and then finding out the gorgeous girl with massive knockers had a cock
  4. doesn't work for me but try ctrl alt (left/right/up) or this
  5. can you just rotate the display output via pressing alt Gr and a arrow direction?
  6. do you know i used to get bruises like rugby ball shadows on my upper thighs and it took me ages to realise it was from all the pound coins hitting my legs whe i went on the dance machines to flirt with a bird haha
  7. the joys of sprinting like mad from the owners brandishing golf clubs always spring to mind
  8. well if i had the font i could put up a ON image hahahah. catch 22
  9. woodsy

    Castle - Cashbolt

    @Clo06 thanks gorge
  10. need a font ident please guys, i've tried and failed several times before asking so appreciate the answer... @slotsmagic @serene02 it's a barcrest so hopefully you know it
  11. @Amusements sounds like one you’d of liked
  12. woodsy

    High Spirits £5 DX

    I’m only a pm away bud, I hope you’re coping a few percent better.
  13. woodsy

    High Spirits £5 DX

    Hehe I’m happy with 3 or you can send me the updated one to make it a 5 haha
  14. woodsy

    High Spirits £5 DX

    or this one.. which @logopolis can you remind me of the method please
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