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  1. i've had to do a lot to get rid of the flash from the original solo image that i have plus the win needed creating/editing.. joy.
  2. Check out the legacy section of downloads, the whole jpm collection is there!!!
  3. It does a guarantee board when all the exchanges light up both sides, from memory it’s like a red alert, you don’t play for jackpot instead take all the wins you can set up on nudges etc, @logopolis can you help further?!?
  4. Very close, think this was first, beer guide is the exact clone and thanks for your feedback
  5. Mad to think how long ago these were all the same!! I’m going to be dx’ ing Geronimo in next few weeks!! Great game if you know how to play it
  6. That’s strange, but thanks too!! I’ll have another check and see if I can find out why. Thanks. Been thinking…. I have changed the saturation and vibrancy of the colours over the whole layout and I believe that has changed the pixels size andand area of colours on the ON image, the off image wasn’t edited that way, the sizes are identical hence my confusion.. thanks for commenting, I’ll avoid doing that in future.
  7. Yeah that’s the clone of double impact
  8. Thanks, I had trouble with this as it mixed sevens not bars and the pears are in place of having a mystery win below the cherries!! Utter ball ache, I’ll screen a closer look but you can see I’ve had to create the number £6/8 and £1.60 wins, plus drop in the pears too!! Real pain in face getting them correct. The picture you provided is the layout, I’ve removed as much of the flash as possible and cloned a few areas too! All in all I’m pleased with the outcome
  9. Think @fruitsnappa would be the one to ask?? What’s the earliest impulse game released??
  10. lets try that again with the painstakingly corrected win decals and amounts shall we!!!
  11. Unsure but I think Geronimo was first as a clone of another version WHO’s name I forgot but had a empty on the stop and step hitting twelve quid red sevens
  12. I’ve hit jackpot on the line once before and seenit other times, the way the middle and third reel step up for the jp by numbers makes it a kind of advanced stop n step. if you hit nothing it’s a quid win but that’s harder to do than you think!!! The jackpot lines up quite often and you can hit lines too but there was never any need, made my think now though, might have a good go at it with the emulator and share screens, tbh it’s been so long I’m hitting the 4 in the middle quite often on last few tries so I’m a bit out of touch!! Also forgotten the mixed bar setup for it to be jp set on shoot em up too, I’ll try and remember that to share as well
  13. we have a impulse to work on... heres the off with art in place thanks to @Tommy c for his decals AGAIN haha.. @vectra666 for the classic which i'll use parts off (reels i expect)
  14. sorry didn't think of this in time.. only came to me as doing reel test on sparta.. sorry i know its too late..
  15. Ah man that first 2 nudges was the ten set!! Bring the reels down a little further you’d of seen it, nudge the jp 1 down and leave the blue on the line if it hold hold reels 1/2 for free ten quid
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