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  1. Ross

    Tornado (Reflex)

    Thanks for this Matty.
  2. PS will always offer the best results in my opinion as its far more flexible and has a massive range of options for creating a lamped effect. MFME however does offer a really good alternative with the "Lamp Mask" option built in to get a lamp effect too. i have attached an example, the top one was lamped in PS and the bottom one was only lamped in MFME (left is the final image and the right one is the un masked image).
  3. nope, not dead just had a spot of appendicitis and spend 3 weeks in the hospital which was fun. feeling alot better now so thought i would work on something new. With thanks to @CaptainCash for sending me photos of all the reels (i will upload symbols to the resource section at some point)
  4. Ross

    Tips: Rom Dumping

    if your using the g540
  5. View File Maygay - Cashflow Classic Classic. Submitter Ross Submitted 17/05/20 Category Maygay
  6. Attached. Stake Yer Claim.zip
  7. Attached. Maygay - Cashflow.zip
  8. btw i wasn't having ago just outlining what goes into getting roms as it seems people think they are always free which isn't always the case. i am thinking of creating a repo again for roms / artwork etc (something akin to cliffc's repo to keep things simple) a thread may come later on that. and just to finish, i have no issues sharing what i have, if anyone wants to make a classic for a machine that i might have the roms for feel free to pm me and ask.
  9. View File Barcrest - Horn of Plenty 1440p WDX Submitter Ross Submitted 29/04/20 Category Barcrest  
  10. people have the right to sit on roms that they want to create a layout for (i plan to dx most of what i have dumped), you seem to forget people spend money to get roms (i have spent about £200 over the last 2 weeks alone just to give you some idea) and money for the equipment to dump them and the time to hunt them down, they will be uploaded publicly at some point (i love to preserve machines hence why i tried to create a db for fme)
  11. i will be uploading the roms i have dumped soon enough, i am in the midst of going through everything i have sourced over the years and having a tidy up.
  12. Nice, used to have this in my arcade when i first started playing. Cheers Tommy.
  13. Ross

    a few more roms

    Thanks for these Amot.
  14. View File Extreme - Bling & Queen 1440p WDX With thanks to @vectra666 for the classic. for best results hide the meter panel. Submitter Ross Submitted 23/04/20 Category Extreme  
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