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JPEMU Conversions


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49 minutes ago, vectra666 said:

Ooh well!! You know what you have to do then??

Yep, he could always make a couple more layouts and listen and he wouldn't have to pay diddly squat and unless admin changes the game which I strongly doubt everyone just has to live with it.



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Zippy🤐 from Rainbosays "Still waiting on an apology but I won't hold my breath 😗"


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On 26/07/2021 at 16:53, SocialDragon368 said:

Can you please convert these JPEMU machines to MFME V20.1 or are there already MFME versions of these?

They are 
Ace's Bucks Fizz 1024 Classic
Club Cluedo 1280 WDX
Club Royal Flush 1024 DX
Cracker 1024 WDX
G Force DX Layout
Megabucks 1024 WDX
Snakes & Ladders Slider Again 1600 DX
Thunderbirds DX Layout (Not The Clone Of Flintstones)
Wizard of Odds DX

All available in legacy area 

 but bit off topic but Don't most of these need updated dxs if there resources 

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