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  1. The original idea was to be able to issue an update every time a bug was fixed and rather than creating a new download package and submitting it etc just provide an update. But due to the limitations of the original Updater, this proved impossible. WIth the new updater I can issue an update anytime without affecting the release number ( unless I have to ),, and MFME can be set to check for updates on Start Up. I don't want to clog up the Download section with dozens of updates. It's also just easier for me tbh and has proved useful when updating the beta version virtually every day.
  2. If he can access DIF, he can access the updates. It's only happening on two peoples PCs, so it must be an issue with their setup somehow.
  3. Wizard

    Roms Section

    That is the plan. The EM editor/Simulator is used for development and creation of electromechanical machines like Pool Play/Super Number Gambler/Hot Dog/Ten Up etc There aren't that many releases of those due to the amount of work needed to create them as the whole schematic has be entered into MFME component by component and wire by wire.
  4. I have no idea then, it's not code that I wrote so I can'r debug it. You'll have to wait for v20 which has a new Updater that I wrote myself.
  5. Someone else had this issue and we never got to the bottom of it. Have you tried running it as Administrator? ( Update.exe that is )
  6. Wizard

    Reel Sound

    If the stop sound plays while the reel is still spinning then it's probably because your PC is too slow.
  7. Don't need to open the door, just click refill and it should enter the refill menu and then you can enter coins to refill it, the refill is a manual process. Not to be confused with Top Up
  8. It could but you don't necessarily know it's a coin mech switch unless the Coin Note or Effect are set correctly
  9. 7, 8 or 9 or click on the note values above the Note Acceptor, if it does nothing you probably need to do a refill ( No Notes lamp lit ) Also seems like you have coin/note effects disabled otherwise you would hear the note going in and then being rejected
  10. Actually the error is caused by not having Lockout checked on the bezel to disable the coin mech when the light goes out:
  11. I can get it to work, but all these boards ( apart from the PACdrive ) aren't quick enough to keep up with the flashing lamps in MFME so aren't suitable tbh The main issue is that you can't write to all output ports at the same time, so there is always lag. The PACdrive allows you to write to all 16 outputs in one message whereas the others only allow 8 outputs, so need 12 seperate messages to update all 96 outputs ( UltimateIO ) It's a shame they behave this way as they are very good hardware wise.
  12. Thanks. I don't think there is a need to MFME to examine ROMs, there is also a lack of consistency inside them Rather than having to look in the gam file, what if MFME could get the ROM by itself? Downloading stuff directly from the site was something I was looking into.
  13. Wizard


    Erm from the download section: https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/files/category/71-legacy-releases/
  14. Ah now that sounds like a plan I apologise for my lack of tact last night, and I do appreciate the amount of effort that went into the conversions. Indeed, it's the missing piece of the puzzle hopefully, looking forward to see what you have come up with.
  15. Where did I say I was ungrateful?? I just said they are of no use to me unfortunately for the reasons I stated. I am allowed to express an opinion aren't I?
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