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Community Answers

  1. Wizard

    High Roller Wdx

    Yes I know what you mean't, I was just saying there are no red images in the layout for those
  2. Wizard

    High Roller Wdx

    The red bitmap images seem to be AWOL?
  3. Reel lamp 0 appears to be missing from Reel 1 bottom position
  4. They have a battery monitor and will alarm if it's flat. You'll never find one with a flat battery
  5. Buttons can be mapped to whatever keys you want but tend to use a common set for consistency across all layouts like: SPACE for Start Button 1-4 for Hold buttons ~ for Cancel E for Exchange C for Collect 0 for £1 coin etc
  6. The key here is not to RAM reset them unless you know how to get them running again Your defination of "Seems to crash" varies from mine in this instance
  7. Wizard

    BFM - Big Deal

    Uncheck 29 to fix 10p payout issues
  8. IPAC is for inputs, PACDrive is for outputs. You can use an external power supply for the lamps but bear in mind the pacdrive has a total current limit of 500mA, so driving 16 12v lamps will likely blow it up, this is why people use LEDs in their buttons.
  9. MFME doesn't have a rotation option, so you would have to set your Monitor orientation to Portrait in the W10 Display settings.
  10. Odd as I've just tried it here and it works fine ( both methods )
  11. If you are running MFME via the cmdline you can add -mode 4 to that to start in Full Screen Mode MFME -mode 4 "game.gam"
  12. Obvious question is What is the Error?
  13. Regarding point 3 above, if you put 10 into the Lock Switch in the config, you don't need to fiddle with that checkbox:
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