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  1. Good to see you still knocking about Porky but it is what it is!! I'm reporting back to the land of fuckoffville with my smiling chops
  2. Have you ever thought that some like your posts just because you are admin? No Harvey I have chosen nothing, I am true to myself and if no-one likes it then that is tough, headstrong as you are I totally disagree, I do not follow as am an individual and individuality plays a main part in ones own life, so I think that buries that, just because I disagree does not mean I am wrong or right it means I have a difference of opinion and no I am not aggravated (as am in a very good place right now) so please don't put words in my mouth. I don't go against you for the fun of it or an argument but will always stand by what I believe and you know deep down that is important, for you, for me and for anyone else in this realm. If it is not about me then whom? Just say it to my face and lets be done with this nonsense. The person who I was engaged with before this thread (until someone brought it to the surface) was made has carried on doing the same thing but still nothing said which says it all tbh, I humbly and kingly rest my case. Whoever says this place is turning out like FE must want it as is nothing like that so disagree with that immensely unless you allow it and like I said you alone!! You do as you will on keeping this thread open as you are in control and that is the bottom line. the main thing is what I am told via PM is totally different but am loyal as you know and always will be. I have nothing else to say and will not respond further as we disagree and that is that, you want to chuck me out then do so for whatever reason but like I said in my previous post I am bound by obligation and will carry on doing what I am doing off the grid for others to benefit. We may not see eye to eye on this but respect where you are coming from and your empowerment in letting others know where you stand, now that is what you call a good admin, you should give Mark Zuckerberg's minions a few pointers on FB, it would then tidy up a lot of shite and being serious on that statement. Don't worry about me derailing other threads as am coming off the grid and keeping myself to myself. Take care mate and see you around. Jason (Zippy)
  3. I get that Tommy but there is only so much you can do before giving up, I see others above have told him to basically get back on the case and create so to speak but think he has been disheartened in many ways. He does try which I have to give him but like I was saying the other day that when you look at a layout which is just 'playable' it is sometimes not enough and this is not comparing but Chloe goes that extra mile for the theme it tingles my spider-senses, she may not Dx but @Clo06 has got some serious talent and sure you agree, sorts all effects and settings down to a tee. The more effort the better outcome, I know you are frustrated as well as many others but you either accept the inevitable or you don't, end of the day the choice is yours!
  4. I know you Tommy and you are quite tolerant but that is your decision and yours alone, sorry you feel that way but please don't let it disturb your passion for emulation and the future. If you are not comfortable with reading something then don't read it.
  5. You have hit that nail right on its head which is why I fucked off for a while and again doing so, I haven't the time or inclination to get into petty squabbles with anyone that thinks they "know better than everyone else" just because they have been in the FME scene 10 or 20 years as I have bigger and better things to deal with which benefit FME world. I work behind the scenes to get things done, that is how I am staying and will still supply things that are important to DIF and that is due to one person and one alone (made a promise and am sticking to it), don't ask me who, what, where, when or why as again you will get no response! **Nothing infracts the terms which are stated across this site and you can take this to the bank** I am keeping it this way so don't expect replies from me on an immediate basis like before although @Reg you say no-one should take anything personally but how does that work when it is directed at just one person and we both know this? Others may not stand up for themselves but that comes down to respect and respecting ones self which is the bottom line which as an integral human being you will understand this, I show no hate, animosity or ill-feeling towards you or anyone else but wouldn't a warning or move of said comments been a better and more predominant response? I have nor want control of anything at DIF as that is your responsibility and yours alone, what I have done for DIF in any way shape or form I would stand by and do not regret for one second (you and you alone know what I mean), this is no public attack in any way shape or form just me airing my views which on any platform I am entitled to. I have what I want/need from DIF and that is what is most important, yes I may post too much, yes I may get on others nerves, yes I may post bollocks at times, I have FME sites and not just this one at heart but like I said to a good friend of mine "a community is based on many things other than just the task at hand", if we all sat around a camp fire having a few buds and talking fruit machines it gets boring after a while like a relationship/marriage you have to put something in to get something out, funny thing is that even though some dislike me on here it is very much reciprocated I would still have a beer with them, thing is most on here don't know me in person and just go on "keyboard text" which well and truly is unreal in every sense of the word. I am off the sleeve and yes I don't give a fuck what others say but will continue my service which benefits Desert Island Fruits and what she stands for in every sense of the word!! Take this how you will but had a long time to think about my response and reacted in a positive and respectful manner. I have nothing more to say than be well and may good fortune fall on each and every one of you. **P.s. please shut this thread**
  6. But that is normal for him and that is the way it is. Ignore is>> click on your username, Account Settings, on right Ignored users then add to list. It is your preference and yours alone but personally I don't do ignorance as shows poor communication skills but that is my own humble opinion.
  7. Mate you really haven't got a clue and not getting into any silly little battles, I don't know what you are trying to accomplish but I want no part of it. As for spam in threads I see lots elsewhere which has nothing to do with me so you need to check the forums properly and stop being two-faced. If you are having a bad Sunday then I apologise for that but don't go round pissing on others cornflakes when someone has obviously done it to you....... ..... am out the politics business, go and join Trump and Boris!!! Laters dude
  8. Never saw you as a troublemaker mate, quite disappointed in you, this isn't your thread and no-one else is complaining, people are exchanging comments in a non-aggressive way and if you don't want to join in then don't, stop acting like a control freak, if you don't like it then that is your problem.
  9. Nettles, a damn good actor and still kicking about in his late 70's, think I am going to get back to my Miami Dice (yes I said Dice) series with Donny.
  10. Argghhh it's on but that don't surprise me. This was a favourite of mine along with Aladdin's and Bars of Gold, many clones to this which some you have done already, now imagine all of them lined up in AS, fooking hell this is going to one hell of a ride. Thanks for this to all involved including that pain in the ass @AK45
  11. It is a secret work that is cryptic and spells an 80s programme with Michael Elphick
  12. Zippy

    arcadia pdx

    Going all out tonight eh?
  13. He makes it look so easy until one hits PS and you think wtf!
  14. Zippy

    arcadia pdx

    Hmmm it is a little bit more than that, just a squigen
  15. Zippy

    arcadia pdx

    There is an empty/exploit on this too!!
  16. Zippy

    arcadia pdx

    Lol mate, I wouldn't go that far. Seems like you are at it, go there me old chap
  17. He is right @vectra666and it is only a few words of thanks, don't be like that mate, if it was one of yours I would say the same thing thing bud. Extra appreciation never hurt anyone, so thanks to all involved from start to finish on this layout and other versions x101 (yes I am putting the extra '1' lol).
  18. Let's ask if it can make eggs and bacon too smh
  19. This isn't all about electronics and how to implement things from coding, roms and other stuff I haven't a clue about but can benefit the virtual world no end, it is people like @andrew96 and @johnparker007 that are the brains behind the machine which in turn gives an understanding of how to implement work arounds in FME world, speaking to many that have real fruit machines and know how to repair on a real machine brings light to MFME and MAME, so even though I am nowhere on their level I understand the fundamental basics. Without the real fruit machine world/owners how could anything be incorporated in FME world, I see it as a stepping stone. Fantastic thread Andrew and love the progress you are making mate. May happiness and good fortune smile upon those that give us what we require to exceed in what we do.
  20. Realistically speaking Vecs nothing lasts forever which is why we should never take things for granted. Some hard hitting words from me in Johns thread but have wondered if that overwhelming responsibility can take a major toll on ones health. For me on the AS is that reel bounce for now, just seems so realistic and wanting.
  21. I'm in @slasher and will gladly pay, haven't seen you around the forums for a bit but good to see you are still floating like a turd in a toilet
  22. You have to show a little patience concerning Johns AS, this is why I think this thread should be closed as he through all pages of this thread is overwhelmed with requests and fixes, not starting anything but this coding stuff no doubt needs a lot of focus (imagine what @Wizard went through), determination and an incredible amount of patience, we also need to show some compassion (including me as just as eager to have his finishing product) so he can complete his off the scales platform and put a massive grin on all our faces. Me, I am not thinking of myself or other members I am thinking about new beginnings and Johns wellbeing whilst he does his job to satisfy the masses whilst asking nothing in return which sounds like someone else I once knew!! Much love all and lets do the right thing by him
  23. You and me both. We disagree on some things and have different points of views on some things but have no intention of getting out my pram, healthy discussion is good and you responding with no animosity says you are not a childish twat. Gonna start a new thread on AS as don't want to flood JP's thread, hope he don't kick my arse over this lol.....
  24. If @johnparker007 requests for this thread to be removed or @Reg thinks it is inappropriate under the circumstances I understand and have no ill feelings with eithers decision, just saying this as I can only imagine the stress John is possibly under as would presume he has irl things to deal with and would not want to add to that stress on this thread in any way Now I am not taking anything away from @johnparker007 but didn't want to ask this on his thread as he is already starting to get excess members asking things and requesting stuff (I have backed off in that department as he still has plenty of work on it to do and is still in its preliminary stages) but what is your single favourite thing implemented into his Simulator? Now I am only asking one but I am sure we have many, have asked this before about something similar but cannot remember (cba to trawl all through my threads). Bearing in mind it is in its initial stages and there is bound to be numerous other things added but I am talking about now, this point in time. **Note this thread is not about fixes or requesting anything just an insight to what part you like best, now shoot...... For those that haven't seen the simulator yet you can find it here, https://www.desertislandfruits.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6460-development-updates/page/60/&tab=comments#comment-84536 Zippy
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