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  1. Thanks for this . Looks good you seem to have the knack for creating layouts and have picked it up very quickly were you an FML artist in a previous life .
  2. Just tried it on my bar top cabinet which has a lenovo think centre m93tiny i5 12g ram 256gbssd and it works fine, must be my laptop just find it strange that it doesn`t work as I have over 1000 layouts of various techs etc and all work fine I did read somewhere a while back that lower end laptops struggle with some layouts. Thanks for the font much appreciated.
  3. Is anyone else having problems with the reels not moving very well with this layout ? first time I have had this with a layout. Don`t want to sound cheeky but is it possible @hitthesix to grab the following font from you A_assuantitul3dup seem to be missing it Thanks.
  4. Ginge

    Orlando Magic

    Thanks for this Andy .
  5. Oops this didn`t mean to sound rude .
  6. Thanks HT6 not one I recall ever playing so look forward to giving it a good bashing.
  7. Thanks Clo love these 2p machines and you do such a brilliant job.
  8. Awesome thank you HTS loving the sounds on this one .
  9. Thanks for this Woodsy and for the free £60 shame its not real money .
  10. I have an old manual and it’s definitely Pluto 5 technology according to the manual the climb motor has a microswitch on the top and bottom and on power up that reel goes to the top hits the microswitch and then back down to the bottom microswitch , don’t know how you would implement that in the emulator the machine also has 4 other reels 3 with 16 stop and 1 with 12 don’t know if this info helps.
  11. Thanks Tommy awesome job . Looking forward to the rest of them .
  12. Thanks for yet another old school classic awesome job .
  13. Thanks for this old school classic. Just wondering is this machine a Jpm or a Mdm conversion remember watching a you tube video of Chris217 ?.
  14. Thank you Clo . Used to play the 2p version machine at the Oasis arcade in Rhyl, if my memory is correct it was a bugger to get the jackpot will be interesting to see how it plays on the 10p £4.80 jackpot.
  15. Thank you for this clubber . This is a bit lazy of me not going back to the correct place also a massive thank you for the cat c version .
  16. Omg have just been catching up on this thread @johnparker007 can’t believe the nerve of this guy what a fucking prick pardon my french.Thanks for all the good work and time you are putting into this project much appreciated.
  17. Cheers Vecs nice job .
  18. Thanks for this Vecs makes the machine a little bit more interesting to play as they could get a little boring after a while. My Mum used to play all this style of machine for hours & hours back in the day ,Big 7s/Bar x/ etc sure there was one called silver something. As for the reels slightly out think it makes the machine more authentic. Thanks to @loo for the classic and roms. just been thinking about this could a big 7 version be done with these resources as they are practically the same machine.
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