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  1. Geddy

    WIP Classics

    Good luck sir!
  2. Geddy

    Cash raker

    Many thanks
  3. Geddy

    Rich geezer

    Brilliant, many thanks...
  4. Geddy

    Funspot x

    Many thanks
  5. ...and what did you find?
  6. Have you looked in the Gallery?
  7. 006 Games Bond (Kev) 006 Games Bond DX (Kev) 8th Wonder (Steve Phipps) Action Bank (Steve Phipps) Action Pack (Steve Phipps) Alphabet (Steve Phipps) Alphabet Pseudo-DX (MFB/Harvey) Andy Capp (Digital Fruit) Andy Capp 1024x768 Limited Edition (Digital Fruit) Andy Luvs Flo DX (Digital Fruit) Bangin' Away (Steve Phipps) Bank Raid DX (Gary) Bank Roller (Steve Phipps) Beat The Clock (Steve Phipps) Big Apple (Russ/Alex) Blazing Trails (Munsta) Boulder Dash (Steve Phipps) Calamari Club (Steve Phipps) Calamari Club DX (Dean) Cash Attack (Steve Phipps) Cash Attack PDX (Rogue) Cash Lab 1024x768 5p/£5 (Kev) Cash Lab BETA 1 (Digital Fruit/MPU34Dev) Cash Lab DX (Kev) Cash Lines (Steve Phipps) Cash Lines DX (Digital Fruit) Cash Machine (Alex/Bellman) Cash Matrix (Emul8/MPU43Dev) Cash Strike (Digital Fruit) Classic Tuppenny Nudger (Kev) Club Adders & Ladders (Digital Fruit) Club Blackjack (Steve Phipps) Club Blackjack DX 1024x768 (Digital Fruit/Gary @ MPU34Emu) Club Blackjack DX 800x600 (Digital Fruit/Gary @ MPU34Emu) Club Climber [Unreleased/Unfinished] (Steve Phipps) Club Climber (Steve Phipps/Kev/Alex) Club Safari (Digital Fruit) Club Vegas DX (Digital Fruit) Colossus (Gary) Cosmic Casino (MPU34Dev) Crazy Capers (MPU34Dev/Digital Fruit) Crown Jewels MkII (Steve Phipps) Crown Jewels MkII DX (Digital Fruit) Crystal Dome (MPU34Dev) Crystal Maze (MPU34Dev) Crystal Maze DX (Digital Fruit) Double 9s (Gary) Eureka (MPU34Dev) Eureka DX (Gary) Everyone's A Winner (Steve Phipps) Final Frontier 30p/£15 (Digital Fruit) Final Frontier 5p/£5 (Kev) Final Frontier DX (dean) Fright Night 800x600 (Digital Fruit) Fright Night 1024x768 (Digital Fruit) Fruit Full (Steve Phipps) Ghost Train (MPU34Dev) Ghost Train Alternative (Gary) Ghost Train DX (Gary) High Spirits (Digital Fruit) High Spirits DX (Gary) Hi-Jinx (Steve Phipps) Hi-Jinx £10 (Steve Phipps/Kev) Hi-Jinx DX (MikeyFromBlighty/Digital Fruit/Gary) Hot Cash (Gary) Jackpot Gems (Steve Phipps) Jackpot Gems DX (Digital Fruit) Jackpot Gems Erotic DX (Forbidden Fruit) Jiggin' In The Riggin' (Munsta) Jolly Gems (Steve Phipps) Jolly Gems DX (Dean) Jungle Jackpots £10 (MPU34Dev) Jungle Jackpots £5 (MPU34Dev) Line-Up (Digital Fruit) Line-Up 20/20 DX Gold Edition (Fruitworkz) Line-Up DX (phantomDX) Luxor (Steve Phipps) Mad House (Steve Phipps) Mad House DX (Digital Fruit) Magnificent 7s (Steve Phipps) Mega Bucks [Unreleased] (Steve Phipps) Money Spinner (Gary) Nifty Fifty (Steve Phipps) Nudge Nudge Wink Wink (Steve Phipps) Nudge Nudge Wink Wink DX (Digital Fruit/MPU34Dev) Nudge Nudge Wink Wink EROTIC DX (Forbidden Fruit) Nudge Nudge Wink Wink JIM DX (Rio G) Nudge Nudge Wink Wink DX REBUILD (Munsta) Off Yer Tits (Gary/Alex Maroney) Off Yer Tits [Original] (Gary) Ooh Ahh Dracula (Gary) Ooh Ahh Dracula £5 (Gary) Ooh Ahh Dracula Pseudo-DX (Fruitworkz) Over The Moon (Digital Fruit) Over The Moon (Beaver Fever) DX (Bod) Over The Moon DX (Digital Fruit) Pontoon [Unreleased] (Steve Phipps) Pot Black (Steve Phipps) Pot Black Pseudo-DX (Rogue) Ready Steady Go (Steve Phipps) Red Hot Roll (Steve Phipps) Red Hot Roll Pseudo-DX (Fruitworkz Edition) Red Hot Roll Pseudo-DX (Rio G) Red Hot Roll DX (Fruitworkz) Road Hog DX (Digital Fruit) Road Hog Club (Fruitworkz) Road Hog Club PDX (Fruitworkz) Rocky Horror Show (Gary) Smash 'N' Grab (MDM) (Munsta) Snappy Viper (Gary) Snappy Viper 20/20 (Fruitworkz) Snappy Viper 20/20 DX (Fruitworkz) Stake-Up [Unreleased] (Steve Phipps) Sunset Boulevard (Steve Phipps) Super Blackjack (Steve Phipps) Super Streak (Gary) Super Streak PDX (Rio G) Super Streak Southpark DX [Hybrid] (Fruitworkz) Take Your Pick (Steve Phipps) Take Your Pick Club (Fishsta) Take Your Pick DX (Gary) Ten Out Of Ten (Digital Fruit) The Gambler DX (Gary) The Mob 30p/£15 (Kev) The Mob 5p/£5 (Kev) Top Gears (Steve Phipps) Top Tenner 30p/£10 (Steve Phipps/Kev/Alex) Top Tenner 30p/£15 (Steve Phipps/Kev/Alex) Treasure Trail DX (Gary) Tutti Fruity [Unreleased] (Steve Phipps) Tutti Fruity (Steve Phipps/Kev/Alex) Viva Espana (MPU34Dev/Gary) Viva Espana DX (MPU34Dev/Gary) Viz (Digital Fruit) Viz DX (MPU34Dev) Wacky Weekend (Steve Phipps) Wacky Weekend 1024x768 (dean) Wacky Weekend DX (dean) What's On? (MPU34Dev) What's On? DX (Gary) Winner Takes All (Digital Fruit) Winner Takes All DX (Digital Fruit) ...Razorsback, Bruce George... erm and more I guess..
  8. Geddy

    Card swop mps1 bwb

    I'm afraid not, the Gallery top centre of the forum has a picture of all emulated games. If you choose a manufacturer then sort by caption it will give you an alphabetical list.
  9. Geddy

    Cool Games

    You remember correctly, Terrance and Phillip I believe...
  10. Geddy

    BFM - Cash Blitz

    Oooooo many thanks... the upload has the .bak and not the .fml in though...
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