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  1. I do not think so, as wearecity said it can be done the other way around. I used a tool (By Ross) which batch converted older layouts to .fml when I painstakingly converted all old formats to work with the current v20.1. The reason for this was to uniform the legacy section. Please remember though the converted layouts were just that, converted not enhanced with the newer features the later emulators embraced.
  2. Spot anything familiar?
  3. Just bought this on the switch. Quite different to other Lego games. Loads of information (overload maybe) and could be erring away for the simplistic control methods for other games which I think might be a bad move. Bloody hell though it's going to take a long time to get through it. Even a dash through a New Hope (I always belt through story mode as fast as possible to get to the free play asap) has taken me nearly 2 hours and I've just delivered the plans so say 2 plus hours per film then there is the whole revisiting each level to get mini kits etc etc - it's going to me months of game play on this one... well done TT
  4. Geddy

    Chuckie Egg / Amiga

    Now that was a game, awesome
  5. Nope or it would have been posted here
  6. Oh forgot the four Electro Mechanical games too so you can add.. Hot Dog (Bellfruit) [Electro Mechanical) [c] Pool Play (JPM) [Electro Mechanical] Super Nudge Gambler (Bellfruit) [Electro Mechanical) Ten Up (Bellfruit) [Electro Mechanical]
  7. 2710 MFME Layouts (20220318)
  8. Eeee you are nee bother like. There are no duplicates in the list. They are different versions of games, i.e. different jackpots, classics, DXs etc... (here is a new list) Fruit Machine Layouts - MFME (20220318).zip
  9. I can take the doubt away for you. Here is a current list of all MFME layouts to date, all 6442 of them. (Publicly released of course) MFME Layouts (20220317).zip
  10. I think it was the early Barcrest machine 'Flowery Twats'
  11. Geddy

    Burger Time

    Indeed, back in the day, can't remember the magazine but they used to basically compare Arcade games to the 'home' equivalent. I remember them showing the maps for Pac-Man, that if you followed would never get eaten by the ghosts and showed a similar method for the Atari Home version in the same article.
  12. Cheers @Reg and @serene02 Unfortunately due to lack of time (and how things have advanced since I last built a MAME cabinet) I'd love a as 'plug n play' as possible. So looking for the ready built option I guess. However I'd love one that has as much updating options as possible. So ideally a cabinet with a good number of the best emulators on there that has a user friendly interface so I can add or even delete roms so I can get a smaller than 9000 plus games!!! but my favourites on there. Obviously no way I'll be regularly playing 9000 games. So I guess a cabinet with a USB/SD card or HDD plug in play update option to add/remove roms and update emulators would be great. Even better one with both emulators and Mister built in but I presume that would cause a few headaches on the GUI front. So just thinking out loud here but Arcade games are a must as genuine as possible so I presume MAME not Mister is the way forward here. Would love plenty of console games on there from the NES, SNES, Gameboy(s) Megadrive, Saturn, Dreamcast etc etc too.
  13. After some advice if possible. I'm looking to purchase an 'arcade' machine for the daughter, she is well into retro gaming. I would obviously be aiming for a cabinet. Back in the day (Late 1990s) I had my second PC inside one running MAME. I would really love one to run most emulators if possible, like SNES, Megadrive, Spectrum, NES, Gameboy etc etc and of course MAME. What is the best solution to this? Is it possible to use the Mister in a cabinet, she really wants a full size cabinet? (I understand the limitations of the Mister for MAME etc..) I really do not have the time or even the knowhow nowadays to 'manufacture' one so I am willing to pay a bit extra to have a ready built system. Hopefully one I can 'open' up the back and add the 'roms' of my choice if that can be done. Cheers for any help.
  14. Not much competition though is there haha
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