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  1. While Tommy c fixes my Gladiator Layout, I'd thought I'd have a go at another layout. One of the changes in MFME V20 is Added support for 10 view Bandreels for QPS Devil Of A Deal, so I'd thought I'd have a go at that next. Once again, please are there any pictures of the machine because it's a Clone of Caribbean Cash....
  2. Finished this one, will be released in a few days. Also a few problems with the band reel. Is there any way for it to show properly?
  3. Thanks to the flyer @Tommy c, I could work out what the machine looked like. I can now lamp this machine.
  4. Thanks to the new MFME update, allowing Scorpion 4/5 layouts to run without sound roms, I thought I'd try this one next. Does anyone have any clear pictures of the machine?
  5. View File Game Of Gnomes £100 Classic The release had to be delayed due to the problems when running this on MFME V19.8, but with the new emulator release I'm first to release a layout for it on here. So I bring to you Game Of Gnomes £100 Classic on 82% payout. Thanks to @fruitsnappa for the roms @vectra666 for the symbols and @Wizardfor the new emulator. Shortcuts are in the notes section. Play this in MFME V20 only. Submitter SocialDragon368 Submitted 07/07/20 Category Reflex  
  6. I've just finished this layout. Will be released tomorrow.
  7. There is a way to force this when this is set on £5 jackpot. The best way is to get a feature board, and if the board is NOT no lose, just take the cash. Getting a feature on the trail without getting a no lose board is about 20p (rounded up to £1), but if you get it on the reels, you may be tempted to win a lot more. If it is no lose, just play the board and it MIGHT let you have a few no lose boards, or it will not give you one after this, and you must take the cash. If it does give you a lot of no lose boards, and it opens up the super shots (Filling the name will open this up but also turns super), it's in it's best mood and can offer a go all the way board. You can then go all the way to the jackpot or the Mega Streak. I think @Chopaholiccan test it out....
  8. Just forgot, this has different sound roms. Might do the £25 jackpot or £8 jackpot next.
  9. It's a little devil clone......
  10. View File Pink Panther Strikes Again £5 Classic I knew you were going to like this: Here's the £5 jackpot edition of Pink Panther Strikes Again. Shortcuts are in the notes section. Just to let you know I edited some of the reels so they look good. Play this in MFME V19.8. Submitter SocialDragon368 Submitted 04/07/20 Category QPS  
  11. Pink panther strikes again wins! I will upload the layout soon.....
  12. The next layout I release will be one of these. The highest votes will be released at 6:30pm tonight. Take a look at these:
  13. The machines i've mentioned are scorpion 4, but they aren't newer than June 2017.
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