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  1. Do you have any software that may be blocking the screen from showing, such as McAfee or Norton, i thought it may be thinking the update part is a trojan etc, (it isnt) but may be putting it into quarantine, i know it was already tried but curious to know why it isnt showing up as normal for you...
  2. Many thanks for the latest update @Wizard, i appreciate this and the updated magnifier feature is excellent for blindies like me lol thanks again!
  3. Hi @Wizard Can you make the magnifier circle bigger in full screen mode, and remove the mouse cursor in the magnifier mode - not the zoom level but the size of the circle is a lot smaller in full screen mode, cheers.as you see it it dosent show the mouse curser (not seen in screenshot, but is in game mode) Appreciate the great work you do thanks.
  4. Thanks for the 19.1 update - although as soon as i install it i had a McAfee Quarantined error message - needless to say i took it out of quarantine anyway and works great as usual. On a side not - is it possible to make the magnifier bigger, not the zoom level but the size of the circle in full screen mode as it seems a lot smaller than the previous version of MFMEv6, thanks @Wizard
  5. Hi All, just joined this site and i usually am kicking about on Fruit-Emu too, Wizard, thanks for the MFME updates!
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