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  1. PS, love the @Wizard Coin in the coin tray
  2. Great machine, i alos used to play it and just loved it, i know what you mean by feeling 'safe' playing it.
  3. Congratulations on the big 500!
  4. great layout and effects etc, i tried to have a go, but had no idea what i was actually doing lol...
  5. Thanks for the release. I wonder if its as tight to pay out like the £5 version was, took quite a lot before i got JP out of it...
  6. Thanks Vecs! looks exactly the same as JtR&R as you said!. maybe a dip setting to control the option for multiline stake? I'm not sure...
  7. JRSC01


    thanks again to @Liverpool2008for the HQ pics too! my local has a No Mobile Phone rule at all, to be even looked at whilst in the arcade, maybe paranoid?
  8. you cant beat a bit of bully!
  9. I actually love the old LO-tech machines, used to play them in the bingo a lot, and not bad return, the did get played a lot and were very popular though, along with Doe-See-Soh i remember lol, the line dancer one...(Was it called Line Dancer?) Thanks Vecs
    Really fun game, loving the retro tunes with it too, just got Big Money and repeat lol! Thanks @Clo06
  10. Thanks for the release @woodsy, never seen this IRL before I don't think!
  11. I remember seeing this IRL for the first time and loved the vastly different colours that the lamps had compared to other machine, more pastel colours and just loved it, such a different style from TIJ 1 and 2 also. Thanks again,
  12. JRSC01

    £15/£25 HOT SHOT DX

    Great release once again, cant wait for Pot of Gold that was another fav of mine. I remember it being released by Ace, then another firm, maybe it was just rebranded by the company I'm not entirely sure... "You're such a Genius" i always remember!
    Great fun to play, i really cant get tired of the Ronnie Barker / Cops n Robbers, Mr MacKay sound bytes, i love them. great release too i do like the £15-£25 JP machine, mainly i used to play them all the time, the £100s - £1/£2 can be a little expensive to play now...
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