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  1. Many thanks for this one. @Robsonmeg46, load the top box and the other 3 should load automatically
  2. Happy New Year to you too pal
  3. Many thanks for this one!!
    Love this one! Played it for ages and won the jackpot then another £25! It's great to see how your layouts are improving so much with each release Many thanks for this one!!!
    What a great machine! Glad I didn't spend my own money on it though. £10 a spin and didn't win as much as I put in lol. Usual for fruit machines eh?
    Excellent quality! I know what you mean about not great to play because I don't really like the wheel option much. Oh well, other than that you've done really well with it. Many thanks
  4. I like this one. Very easy to play and think a DX of it would be awesome
    Awesome. Many thanks for this one, I think it was one of the first Dutch fruit machines I played along with Twintimer but I love the way it is so easy to play. Excellent work
  5. Thanks @vectra666. I have never seen this machine before but it plays really nicely. Many thanks once again
  6. Many thanks for this one. Classic machine
  7. Multi Retro Man


    Very nice indeed Many thanks!
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