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    Yet another fine release by @Clo06 and I really enjoyed playing this one. Many thanks
  1. Very nice indeed.... Many thanks for sharing it
  2. My pleasure I try and explain my thoughts and how to improve in a helpful rather than a moaning criticism like some do and I'm glad I can do that I was exactly the same with an old laptop and it had a resolution of 1600 x 900 (which means it showed 1600 pixels (or little dots) across the screen and 900 pixels down. Newer laptops usually have 1080P which equates to 1920 x 1080 pixels (across and down). What I'd say is that if you have a high resolution image that you can use, then older laptops might not play higher resolutions very well because it loads and plays it in the higher resolution but it can't display all the pixels so it shrinks it to the screen but is still running at the higher resolution (I may be wrong about this but I'm sure it's what it does....). If you press F3 for full screen mode, then if you've done a design at say, 800 x 600, if your laptop is running at 1600 x 900 then the layout will be expanded to the higher resolution. I found out by accident that you can zoom in the layout when in edit mode and realised that I can use it for higher resolutions, so I'd suggest trying with a resolution of an image that is 900 pixels high and whatever width it would work with, to keep it in perspective of the image, then see how you go from there. I was a bit nervous of using larger images as I have to keep scrolling about but if you work on moving the bottom parts of the machine (usually the buttons) then move the parts above, say the reels then you'll have the smaller classic parts over the image of the machine and then do each section bit by bit. My attitude to doing things has changed from "if I can't do it straight away or it looks too complicated, I'll not bother" to "I want to do this with the machine and I'm going to find out how to do it and how to improve the process as I do bits". @vectra666is a great help and he gives really great support and I took inspiration from his layouts with the quality he did and also had help from the late, great @Wizard himself (which at the time I didn't really realise it was him that was helping me until he stopped replying to my suggestions of improvements and I found out he had sadly passed away).
  3. Such a great classic machine. Thank you for this @vectra666
  4. I've never played this one but it's a great release Thanks @vectra666
  5. Thanks for this one. I wonder if anyone has the sound files for it? Be good if they did.
    What a brilliant machine and superb layout this is! Many thanks for the work that's gone into it, it clearly shows the effort and care
  6. Love this game, I downloaded it before but this newer version looks great
  7. Hiya. Congratulations and thanks for your second release. Playing it reminded me of when I was doing my first releases and I pushed myself with each one to get better and better. The only criticism is that the layout is quite small and difficult to see. When I do the full screen of it, it blurs a lot of it (normal for small layouts that are stretched to full screen). My early releases did that and my older laptop wasn't very good resolution and kept crashing on me. Feedback I received when I started doing mine was to start off with a large layout, as big as you can and the best quality you can find. My early ones sometimes were made up of 2 or even 3 images where I put the middle on top of the bottom then the top on top of that. I learned various other things with GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) that makes it easier to edit them as well. Keep up the good work and learning is always good
  8. Ah no worries at all Hope you're okay
  9. I'd love to do a DX of this please, with your permission. Obviously I won't release it for a long time (I'm still trying to finish Cash Lab but just started doing a book about emulation now)
  10. I love it when it says "Wicked Willleeeeee" It's a hard life when you don't win any more.... rudeness at it's best
    Yet another great release by @vectra666 Thank you
  11. Many thanks for this fine release
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