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    Thanks for this one. I don't remember playing it and put about £40 in it and won the jackpot once on the £15 jackpot but I don't care. Hope you're doing okay Vecs
  1. TIP: If you want to change the volume, hold the hold 2 button and press tap the refill button and you'll see the option for changing the volume
  2. Thanks for this one. Hope the move goes okay and everything's well with you
  3. Thank you, I forgot I'd done this one!
  4. I played with the settings and found that 11000 sample rate seemed to play fine but the problem is that the game still seems to play it in chipmunk mode even when the override option is used.
  5. Me neither! I enjoyed working on this one though
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Now before anyone asks, @andy-1 very kindly gave me permission to release this version and sent me the unlocked version so I could include my thanks etc. Anyhow, as always, the first thanks must go to the late, great Wizard for his amazing emulator. Massive thanks to @andy-1 for the unlocked version and help finding the better images that I used for the symbols and cash amounts under the reels as the original ones were partly lit and some were unlit and I ended up trying to fix them but they didn't look very good so in the end I used the better images and although they're small, they look much better. I was going to release it tomorrow but given the rubbish weather and the awful experience I had with Tesco mobile (I won't go into it on here) I thought I'd release it so it hopefully cheers everyone up Hope you all enjoy this machine as I enjoyed working on it
  7. Many thanks for this one. Great release
    It's great to see you back, releasing another fine machine! Hope you're well and not suffering too much and thanks once again for it.
  8. Thanks, I'm working on one at the moment but I can't release it yet
    What a great machine this is. Many thanks for another excellent release
    I love the idea that you win so many shots instead of money, unless you get the jackpot. I've sent a message about a DX for it
  9. Thanks for the release but one question, how do you insert a coin?
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