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  1. https://youtu.be/9DheRtm1YOo
  2. The new staple of Blackpool and seaside arcades , they usually run out of tickets they do a tomb raider , flintstones , wacky races rip offs too
  3. Reminds me a bit like the Sims 4 adding all the extras
  4. Had my PC since 2015 the arcade sim works fine no problems Titan Gamer M2" AMD FX-6 6350
  5. Took The pic in Blackpool yesterday not much ‘retro’ left here to get snaps of
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Maygay - Madness 5p/£5 and 25p/£25 There is 2 versions of the Art work for this One called 'Complete Madness' & The other Called 'Madness' does not seem to be any difference just Art Work for the title of the machine and the Pictures of the Boats , has great sound and music to this machine (if you like madness) There is also a small facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/madnessfruitmachine/ Happy Christmas Enjoy £1 - 0 Start/Gamble - Space Exchange - E Collect - C Hold - 1 Hold/Hi - 2 Hold/Lo - 3 Cancel - ` Nudges - N Cash Knockout - X Feature Knockout - G Take Bonus - B Take Feature - F Take Cash - D With thanks to Wizard who without his Emulator none of this would of been possible -RIP- Crest II (ItzReaper) For uploading the Sound Roms / Program Roms Vectra 666 For use of the Reel Symbols Andy-1 For the Reference Picture Dad for Testing Thanks to everyone else in the Small FME world Enjoy
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