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  1. Thanks for the update! Thanks for the excitement and anticipation!
  2. MATE!!!!!!!!!! are you honestly telling me they are not photos of the real thing!!! they're your 3d drawings???? THAT'S LITERALLY INCREDIBLE!!!! I would give you the rest of the years awesome emoji allowance for the work you've done!! really fantastic to think it's something you only just learnt by yourself recently!!
  3. he offered to help me do it myself, very daunting though and was why i offered it to you as you've done the clone.. as for age i've no idea but figured if sparta was ok etcetc. ok then for now i'll leave it as a another day thing.. tbh i hadn't been up close to a real machine for so long i got a bit carried away hahahaha.. will leave the images to @infection haha.. good luck with your wip.. looks like it has a bit of enjoyment left in it!!
  4. looks like a nice high res image!! have fun with that.. got the ok for hamurai via pm back n forth if you want that for new years etc..
  5. arghhhh i've done the housework, put up a new bed for ffs, even done the laundry too... and all the while the reel numbers were nagging my mind haha so here is the end result that will now be used for the layout!!!
  6. have tried the arrows you mentioned though.. @vectra666.. am now pondering the reels i said wouldn't change too haha haha
  7. Won't be chnaging the numbers or reels further from here. here's the difference.. i'm happy with it all now it's going in mfme.. cobra is much bigger font.. cheers though
  8. Sweet! I’ll do the changes!
  9. reels are done.. @vectra666 what you reckon?
  10. Haha my previous work and errors make you right haha haha!!! Cool thanks, green and red it is! Will have to remake the reels yet so happier to know which way beforehand! Cheers
  11. Thanks. I can change the arrows if you think it needs doing, the real chips are just green and red. No blue. So you say green and red yeah?
  12. ok so it's ready for mfme at a last... the only issue i haven't resolved is the hidden feature reel colour choice. game original green and red spa's classic blue and red if anyone cares to share their opinion it'll sway the decision with me too!!! i think the blue red matches the overall themes of the game but the designers at red gaming obviously thought different, that or they didn't get the memo to change it haha
  13. Cheers pal, spa did the classic version, he chose to do the hidden blue/red over green/red that’s I’m unsure about!! It’s user choice, I think the blue/red will look better, but green/red is correct to the machine etc! The rest is fine! Thanks for the advice though, will help for future stuff!
  14. Agreed, the reels are going to need some work too! The strange thing is the hidden lamps are normal green/red whereas the features are blue/red in the main game, do I good authenticity or follow the theme as the classic does and change the green lamps on hidden features to blue?!? It’s not the work that’s the issue, it’s the looks!! I’m undecided
  15. so many double coloured bulbs to lamp for various reasons.. all had to be hand made and imagined to create the missing parts to still look nice.. i love it..
  16. nice looking game.. might say you're throwing us a bone with this one.. great release though.. thanks
  17. For both of you guys who do these empties/game play videos, if you need decals changed on games I’m happy to edit things for you, just pm the game and requirements and I’ll do my best to help!! Also please try and get permission from the original creator if possible as I don’t want to cause any disdain by editing peers work!
  18. Was there one called fast fruits? £4:80 that’s the only one I half tenner remember
  19. wonky I CAN DO IT!! JUMPED BACK ON PS, what can i say i've gained a .FML addiction... i've opened the jpg, its not huge but i can definitely work with it to make it playable with only the small mystery writing that'll be mediocre.. however do you have the roms? can you source them? if so i'll do it for your christmas present!
  20. That’s elevating my skill set just a little!! Haha!! You know me though!! I’ll have a
  21. great first release dymies
  22. had the hardest time getting the hidden wording visible.. dual bulbed irl too...
  23. blue super game wording completed. green feature super game, green/mega green/normal red normal red/super red/mega. can see mistakes happening here haha
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