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  1. Has the following machine ever emulated and are there roms for this? Spoiler Alert: If you have not heard of Voodoo Games or played any machine by this manufacturer, look away now.
  2. I know there are roms for this machine but is it possible for this machine to be emulated?
  3. Here's a picture of this layout.
  4. but everything on the site has a password.
  5. Speaking of the post by Vectra666 saying they have a flyer, here are the roms for Grand Prix Club by Vivid. m5gpclub.rar
  6. I once saw this in a Camber Sands (Park Resorts) years ago. There is a clone of this, by Vivid, called Grand Prix Club. There are roms for this, are you planning to get this emulated?
  7. Basically Clickety Click was created before big chief?
  8. Enjoy that FML Artists Badge while you can, No1Stoney.
  9. Firstly you'll need MFME 5.1 for these. Then you can download Legacy Layouts, then save them in MFME 5.1 to use them in later updates.
  10. What I want to see emulated is scorpion 5 Reflex Gaming games running on £100.
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