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  1. The layout is even more great in MFME V19.
  2. This layout will need mfme 6.1 to run, but it works best in MFME V19.
  3. Pook created this layout on MFME V6.1 but will be released on the latest version of MFME.
  4. las vegas club was for MFME 6.1, Now it's MFME v19.
  5. When i extract mpu5 roms i get many p1 files, and 1 p2, p3, p4 files, but no hex file. Why is this?
  6. Do you need to use MFME V19 for all Legacy Layouts?
  7. This is a classic layout of Mazooma's Tetris, set on 25p/£15/82%. If fruit-emu's working, i might put the layout on there too. Thanks to vectra666 for the original DX layout. This layout will work on MFME 6.1 and will also work on MFME V19 if you have windows 10. Thanks to Wizard for MFME.
  8. Thanks lewis_drfc on your first DX and layout.
  9. There is a way if this is happy enough, you will be able to get a win of more than £3 or Mega Streak more often.
  10. You now upload each and every layout for MFME V19 to desertislandfruits. Why?
  11. This classic layout created by Reg and any further layouts by him in the future require MFME V19 to play.
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