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  1. Thank you for those BONUS releases.
  2. Sorry you didn't release a layout last week... but thank you.
  3. Can Jabro Games SWP Machines (which are MPU5) run on MFME? Any reason why this hasn't been done?
  4. Just to make this acceptable, the background is also needed.
  5. Here's the machine in detail....
  6. Thanks for this Scorpion 5 Layout.
  7. Layout releases are a day late..... but thank you.
  8. Has anyone found a hidden transfer button?
  9. You may remember Clown-in Around Has a Emptier, the layout which was forgotten is attached here, but now it has the £5 and £15 Layouts with Updated Alpha. ClownIn_Around_(1999).rar
  10. This does have a refill cash warning on startup.
  11. A slight clone of wizard of odds..
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