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  1. Here is Critical Mass set on 25p/£25/84%. One thing to point out that the lamps don't turn red when the red gets locked, so you aren't sure if you get a repeat or not. Thanks to Matty N for the original classic and Wizard for MFME 6.1 that i created this layout on. Critical Mass DX.rar
  2. Thank you, as i downloaded this layout from fruit-emu..
  3. Here is Impulse's Spin On It, Set on £15/25p/84%. One slight problem when you get trail held, one of the lamps on the disc reel lights up. Also there is no overlay for the disc reel, so it shows the full disc reel. Thank you to Matty. N for the original classic and to WIzard for MFME 6.1. This layout must be played on MFME 6.1. Spin On It DX.rar
  4. OR BETTER YET, wait for a upcoming release from andy-1...
  5. Andy-1 has not done a disc reel classic layout on scorpion 5, but this one might get released...
  6. Following on from my Monopoly Lo Tech Classic is Lucky Balls, set on £15 jackpot/25p play/84% Payout. Please note when you get the feature the square moves along with the disc, but it doesn't affect the feature. Thanks to DADS for the reels (including the disc reel) and the original DX. I have tried to clear the pay unit error, but if you see one, tell me. Enjoy. Lucky Balls Classic.rar
  7. When i try to play it it says this layout requires MFME V19 or later
  8. Hopper 2 must be unchecked to clear pay unit error
  9. Happy birthday Richy1976 and thank you.
  10. Managed to convert hi stakes to MFME, but it throws up a IOU when collecting. Can you fix this layout? histakes1280dx.rar
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