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  1. SocialDragon368

    YouTube Emulation Extravaganza

    You may remember Clown-in Around Has a Emptier, the layout which was forgotten is attached here, but now it has the £5 and £15 Layouts with Updated Alpha. ClownIn_Around_(1999).rar
  2. SocialDragon368

    DOND - The Red Mist Club

    This does have a refill cash warning on startup.
  3. SocialDragon368

    DX'Cellent release quiz

  4. SocialDragon368

    DX'Cellent release quiz

    I don't know what it is...
  5. SocialDragon368

    MFME beta testers required

    What new techs will it run?
  6. SocialDragon368

    Cash of the Titans

    Thank You
  7. SocialDragon368

    Football Crazy

    A slight clone of wizard of odds..
  8. SocialDragon368

    Cross Fire Wdx

    Thank You.
  9. SocialDragon368

    47 - 0 and counting - Who Dares Spins

    This is a picture of the actual machine.
  10. SocialDragon368

    Pink Panther - Crack The Code DX's

    Why is this set to 92%?
  11. SocialDragon368

    Crazy Fruit and Nutcase

    This has to be a failed test machine.
  12. SocialDragon368

    Pink Panther - Crack The Code

    Yes because i redownloaded the layout.
  13. SocialDragon368

    Pink Panther - Crack The Code

    When i did this i loaded the fml file, not the gam file.
  14. SocialDragon368

    Pink Panther - Crack The Code

    The roms weren't in the rom loader, plus it has a mech note err...
  15. SocialDragon368

    Happy Hour

    This machine was before DOND BIG One came out...