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  1. I JP'd Thunderbirds/Frame & Fortune very easily. I was favourite to win JP on both of them, as the others had just filled them up after I walked away after getting the 30 winspins and when I returned, I heard the coins drop to the bottom again. They paid the JP on a ratio basis and more often than Casino Crazy. I won the JP after getting the winspins trail to 30 for the fourth or fifth time. I also managed to force Barcrest's Royal Exchange by climbing to the top on the hi/lo without getting any bonuses. Some machines pay out JP so rarely that a JP may never drop in one club befor
  2. Many club machines only pay the JP on their own accord. One might never even pay one by the time it leaves the club it's currently in! Some of them that were put into my now closed Buffs club never paid the JP at all! Alice Queen Of Hearts is an example (that was the last one ever before it closed down). I did win JP on some of the other clubbers that were there though. They were Cops N Robbers (original), Ace Of Clubs (Royal Flush clone), Monopoly (Maygay), Royal Exchange (Barcrest MPU5), Thunderbirds (JPM), Monopoly Wonders Of The World (just £1 in!) and Frame & Fortune (Crystal).
  3. It was a shock. Chris worked very, very hard to keep all those emulated machines alive.
  4. There is an unique club fruit machine called Tuppenny Chance by Global Games for sale on Ebay. I don't think there were many machines of it. Therefore, if there is any chance of emulating this machine, now is your chance to buy it in order to dump the ROMs at least. Do read the description carefully though. Collection is at Queenborough, Kent. I will not be able to buy it myself, as I do not have the space for it. But if I did, I would have bought it and made a YouTube video including the JP sequence. A YouTube video of this machine with the JP sequence by anyone would be much appreciat
  5. avenueroad

    Tuppenny Chance

    I first saw this machine on television during the 2007 BDO World Darts at the Lakeside Country Club at Frimley Green. I admit that it's very annoying. At least there is an autoplay button. No wonder why there is one. I always used it. I wonder what does the JP tune sounds like? I heard it before, but not very well; I did put my right ear as close as possible to the machine's loudspeaker when the 4 globals came in. I think it's familiar, possibly the BBC News theme? If anyone has the JP tune then maybe have it uploaded then I can most certainly see if I am right. If I had the space in
    'Miss, miss, miss, miss, miss!' Did anyone remember this being called out in the 2004 PDC World Darts Final between Phil Taylor and John Part? I didn't hear that at first but then I heard it when I saw it again when Part was checking out a big score with a bullseye and he got it. The referee instructed the gentleman who called out 'Miss, miss, miss' to inform a security man to be taken out immediately. The score at the time was 6 sets all, but Taylor leading 1 leg to 0 in the final set. On the serious side, I would not dare to call things like that out if I ever see a darts match in perso
  6. Does anybody have the ROMS to the clubber called Tuppenny Chance? As it's an unique machine, it would be interesting, but however annoying after a while. That is why there is an auto play button. I think the JP tune is familiar but I am not 100% sure. I would like to listen to it again if I ever get the chance.
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