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  1. We seem to be missing a few hundred images from the Bellfruit Layout gallery section, i can only see 311 vs the 686 above, which pretty much runs from # - D and nothing else. Gone thorugh my browser history and links don't work. "Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2G188/2"
  2. Matty.n

    Cool Games

    This is possible with some Empire MPU4 machines, Haunted House is an example that works. Crazybar/Peko did a few layouts about 10 years ago. I also seem to remember hearing of a joke layout that Pandy managed to change sound samples effectively creating his own machine.
  3. No idea how those mistakes slipped through! Have corrected & amended the layout over on F.E.
  4. Thank you for all your continued hard work!
  5. View File Jugglin' Jackpots (Global) Another machine from Global's final hours, Shortcuts found in the layout notes as always. Thanks to: Amot for the roms Reg for the MFME Font Tommy C for the Number reel Wizard for the emulator Enjoy Submitter Matty.n Submitted 01/05/20 Category Global  
  6. Thank you Tommy, always been one i've enjoyed a good session on from time to time
  7. Typical Betcom! Tend to clam up upon taking any wins, but on the flip side it can give a lot of board time while not actually offering you anything so there is some amusement.... I have been working on a couple more but given this & the earlier Global/Epoch versions were on my want to play list i had to give them priority .
  8. View File Jugglin' Jackpots (Betcom) Shortcuts found in the layout notes, if any one wishing to DX this wants the unlocked layout then feel free to message. Thanks to Gary for the roms Reg for the MFME Font Wizard for the emulator Any issues as always please let me know and finally, enjoy! Submitter Matty.n Submitted 27/04/20 Category Betcom  
  9. Just a reel to knock up for The Jester but ready to go other than that! (Aware of the spelling mistake)
  10. Matty.n

    a few more roms

    Thanks as always! A treasure trove you've got! Will have a look at this as a classic once the Betcom version is done, doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between the two.
  11. Unfortunately not, spent many an hour looking. Only mention of it i found was a post on Fruit Chat mentioning it was chipped against the Fortune 500 empty.
  12. View File Millionaires Row (S16) - Reflex Here we have a "mid tech" S16 from Reflex. Basically Fortune 500 with a Cops & Robbers style game tacked on. The feature is activated randomly during any spin. Thanks to Wizard for the emulator & Reg for the reels & win plan. Shortcuts can be found in the layout notes. Any issues please feel let me know. Enjoy! Submitter Matty.n Submitted 23/04/20 Category Reflex  
  13. Just a heads up to say I'm working on a classic of this, not been a fun experience so far with the reels going out of sync but think i've sorted it. Expect to see it within the next week. In the mean time if anyone is working on a DX and wants to use this classic as a base then feel free to PM me.
  14. Once the machine was set up to get around the 29F error i just reloaded the layout in closed door mode, took about 5 mins to boot up but it's working.
  15. Once you've applied the Betcom alpha type you have to save the layout, exit the game within MFME then reload.
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