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Wizard - A Virtual Wake

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I still class myself as a newbie to all this as it has only been 5 month’s since I stumbled on to the Scene by accident, it was during lock down and I was browsing you tube and came across @Chopaholic channel where he was explaining what mfme was all about and I thought to myself that looks interesting and decided to give it a go and haven’t looked back since.I was very nervous at first as I had never been on any social sites etc before, but within minutes people made me feel welcome you know who you are @Reg@Big J and many more. You’re emulator Mfme is a work of art That only a true genius could create it brought back many childhood memories from the mid 80s onwards when I played the old 2p £1.50/£2 jackpots with my pocket money , even the wife has told me I am a lot happier these days and have stopped moaning at her in the evenings.

Sadly you were taken away far to soon and I will not get to know you better and I wish I had stumbled on to this scene many years a go as there are many great folks on here and it’s all down to you ,so for that I thank you Chris and toast a glass of 🍷.

RIP Wizard 😢 you will be missed, and always remembered every time I load Mfme.


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Guys, I've been asked to forward a message to you all on behalf of Chris's family. They have been reading all your messages of condolence, and also this virtual wake thread. This was pe

Oh Chris. I really don't know where to start. So let me start with my day today. The day of your funeral. The day I spent doing what you loved. This morning I woke up and went to collect a fruit

Chris - there are a million words I could write - they will save for another day, but just know this. You took me on a magical journey and delivered dreams for people like me and saved me from god

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Sorry for the late posting here, this sad event has brought me here!

I would just like to say a huge thanks to Chris who took his valuable time and skills to help me repair my old fruity boards, we shared many hundreds and even thousands of emails where he put up with my untrained skills and guided me every step of the way, and he always got me there, I think this goes back to 2013. Having never met him I still feel I knew him well!

Chris knew I was not fully into the emulation but also knew I admired his skill and dedication to the MFME cause.

I want to send my condolances to his family and close friends, this was a real shock to us all!

Chris we are going to miss you mate you are a true gent and a legend! God bless.


netdent mpu mecca

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On 15/09/2020 at 16:53, Mort said:

To Chris,

Thanks for your creation which you shared with us all to enjoy over the years.

MFME provides me with the opportunity to remember the memories, times and places in my life especially throughout the 1990s.

The most important thing MFME provides me with is memories of playing particular machines with my best friend who passed away a few years ago.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to remember those times.

Rest well my friend.



Love that artwork! Did you make it yourself, or is there a company that sells reelband pictures?

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I don't have a photo to provide I'm afraid but I just wanted to add a note. I'm nearly 40 years old now, and I'm sat in my bedroom having a chuckle saying to myself 'I'm oot-a here' playing Andy Capp, just like I did when I was many years younger growing up living in a pub.

It means more than it probably sounds like it should to me, and it wouldn't be possible without you Wizard/Chris.

Take it easy my man.

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