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  1. Big J

    Red Line

    Thanks for this, another great layout under your belt. With the way roms are starting to appear and sounds roms for Omega turning up hopefully these and others will too. Nice one
  2. Ich liebe es, wie wir Designer aus allen Teilen der Welt haben, die großartige Meisterwerke wie dieses schaffen. Versteh mich nicht falsch, ich liebe meine typischen englischen Obstmaschinen, aber gut, dass wir auch ausländische spielen können, da sie ein bisschen aufgedreht und interessant sind. Fantastisches Zeug und weiter so. Vielen Dank. Ich dachte, ich würde mich bemühen zu übersetzen, also hoffe ich, dass es richtig ist
  3. Oh I know all about clickers, it was discussed over on the emptier thread and was one of the highlights of my younger days. Dx or not I'll still be keeping this and playing it as really love the theme, it is quite capturing and don't know where @Clo06 gets her designer ideas but would most certainly like to be advised by her on fully creating a classic. Sorry to go on like a creepy obsessed fan (which is not the case) just means a lot to me that is all because of my history with certain machines. I've said enough now want Chloe to revel in her glory.
  4. Not my type of machine but know plenty of you love this stuff and a fantastic Dx by Tommy over a couple of years ago. Anyway here is the happy ram, don't know much about playing these with all the little tricks so sure enough you will do better than me. Enjoy and long live MFME. Arabian Nights.rar
  5. Oh I'm well aware of that lol tried the roms a few weeks ago and bam. Did a fair few of these in the 90s especially the one they had in a little arcade in Streatham Hill, I even pulled the bird in the arcade and ended up getting married (don't ask). This machine has been on my mind for quite some time and it has now been made a reality thanks to the lady up top.
  6. That's ok bud If you want to leave any kind words you can as he has his special rest area on the Portal page, it does not matter if you haven't been here that long it is welcomed by all members. Thanks for your donation
  7. No, do not donate through the emulator as our coder passed away last year sadly. Click on portal and it is just there at the top on the right hand side. If you need further help or there is something wrong contact @pete_w our admin by clicking on his name here and sending him a PM, he will sort you out if needs be.
  8. Wasn't saying otherwise and good of you to help her Nice one.
  9. We have that here too in the Legacy section and also done by Tommy iirc
  10. We are giving the classic a bit of an airing before it gets Dx'ed aren't we, after all it is a damn fine classic and out of respect for Chloe?
  11. Tbh I am a bit addicted to it as climbing the Hi-Lo got boring after a while so turned my attention to the red features and mixed 7's features, switching between BWB Monopoly that Chloe built and this and will admit it is quite some task between two machines that have a great margin between them. Thanks for leaving me hanging with the IM bit, a little mystery is good for the soul anyway
  12. Just want to say a massive thanks to you Chloe for granting my special request to emulate this and you have done a damn fine job, was going to be doing it myself but it was too tempting chucking the roms over to you, I would of taken ages and besides you have done a much better job with it especially the theme. You know how I am going to playtest this lol sorry I took so long as wanted it to be spot on for you especially that label This is why I told you to share it to the world because I knew the responses and you most certainly deserve it. It is a bit of a tight git even on the emptier b
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