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  1. Big J

    CTL - Stop A Fruit

    For those who wonder who Mark is above that will be @bungle. There is a Dx version of this but @Clo06 layout above needs airing first out of respect. Love the fruity theme Chloe and another of your ingenious signatures, spot on!!! Zippy
  2. Great stuff to all involved, slam dunk again eh Clo Zippy
  3. Yep, he could always make a couple more layouts and listen and he wouldn't have to pay diddly squat and unless admin changes the game which I strongly doubt everyone just has to live with it. Zippy
  4. The recycle bin is the best place for it with a definite non revival. Zippy
  5. If you wanted tokens that bad you should of done a Stop and Match on Galaxy then it would of only been around a fiver in. Zippy
  6. Please..... Tick S Door top left and go into configuration, use the dropdown box to choose what you wish but don't forget to uncheck S Door after. Zippy
  7. Great stuff as always Laylow, you hit us hard from all angles with these Dutch layouts, brilliant stuff and keep them coming if you can because the English like something "different" and other members from the rest of the globe will enjoy them no doubt. A quick question @Laylow but was there any exploits or emptiers on your country's machines that players took advantage of (or the real piss lol)? I'm baffled how anyone could possibly manipulate any of your country's fruut machines and that includes numerous other countries. Zippy
  8. Big J

    Big Chief

    A great layout and you deserved your FML Badge regardless of the issues with it on the tech side, I know you asked admin to revoke FML Rights but imo you should do another layout sooner rather than later and grab it back, I'm sure our lovely admin would oblige, you have talent my friend and fucking love this happy ram or not. A well done from me whatever the case. Zippy
  9. Big J

    Crazy pays dx

    After all this time I have only just played this (sorry HT6 my bad), this is some crazy hacking shite here, are you a mad crazy scientist Seb, don't know how you do it but this is nuts from the get go. Clawed it back to just under 80% but what did you set it on on release. Love these hacked Projects mate, nuff respect!!!!! Zippy
  10. Playing for 3 hrs but did claw back to its 90% payout setting. Definitely won't push past as it balanced itself over the last 40 quid or so. Zippy
  11. Well that is karma for you, what goes around comes around but saying that it is spoils of war when it comes to that, had that a few times in my emptier days but just let them get on with it, not bragging but had other emptiers in a place where I went, this guy put all his dough in the one I emptied after as the old girl in the arcade working there re-filled it after I emptied it and he put all his dough in thinking he was getting a streak because it was banging down the back, I then re-emptied it, like I said it was everyone for themselves back then. Zippy
  12. It will be pants at first but just keep playing, gives but a slow process, it has its own form of happiness Zippy
  13. 200 quid behind and have not played it yet for the result to see if it catches up to % so have fun with it, it is throwing regular features in so looks like it possibly could. Thanks again to @kutjebef for this layout and very thankful for it as this and Jolly Taverner was my first taste of cleaning them out and they never got fixed so wouldn't mind a real one to see if my little trick still works. Zippy Big Chief £4.80.rar
  14. Big J

    Big Chief

    I echo what has been said above, thanks for the second bite of the cherry. Peace out and hope you have another go sometime soon. Zippy
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