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  1. Trying to figure out if that looks like @Reg or @Geddy? Answers on a stamped addressed envelope!
  2. Have you tried the volume control on your Pc Put it into test mode and when you get to volume just adjust then come out.
  3. Now why do I think you are telling porkys Have you tried v50 Warp Drive MFME with the new warp speed converter Grabbed it from Wizards future dynamic crytstalized entity emulator. Just an idea from Star Trek and yes I am talking a lot of 24 carat bollocks but could you imagine a Warp 9.5 emulator
  4. Still say you would make a great Dx'er not like the lazy bum who is writing this post You know I am going to nag like an old bag about this. Thanks and brilliant to have more than one version
  5. Right, this is your username from now on KickassClo06 Errr and thanks too love x
  6. Ah shite, Jokers Wild emptier @A:E but can't do a friggin video(resolution issue). Life is a true bitch as I can't share and care
  7. Not a damn snowball's chance in hell but each to their own and still respect people's work more or less
  8. Not a Betcom fan but brilliant and thank you still
  9. Big J

    Revolution Wdx

    Argghhh thanks again
  10. Big J

    Cash Run Wdx

    Thank you again Tommy, bet it is as good as your other masterpieces
  11. Big J

    Legal Tender Wdx

    A tenner JP Will have a bash a bit later just so I can tell you no faults and plays great, I also remember this so brilliant Tommy and thanks fella
  12. Could you imagine what it would of been like if we was a team back then smashing up and down the country Even if it was just manual emptiers Bonny&Clyde would have had their faces circulated @dondplayer, I did pay a few arcade managers to turn a blind eye and do lock ins after hours too but that was only a small handful. The only Landlords in pubs I got away with it was by paying them ones where the brewery owned or rented the machine, in these cases most Landlords didn't give a shite as they never earnt anything from it..
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