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  1. I agree @chasnbonsBut I am going to try and help. @SocialDragon368, I had this when I got my Pc back the other day on a factory reset as the update wouldn't happen but try this(might not work but worth a try). Delete v19 including its zip folder, deleted my temp files and checked for updates. I re-downloaded v19 and did the update, wallah, I'm in. This may not work for you but it did for me.
  2. Big J

    Cool Games

    Well I only have about 250 layouts odd and I am happy with just that still atm and that is only about 3 or 4% as I only take stuff that I play and can't stand the digital stuff. Even if things dry up there are 1000s of machines available, then there is drama, challenges, dupes to sus out and so much other stuff too. I agree with what you are saying but the way I see it personally DIF and Dads will never be a dull place
  3. Big J

    Cool Games

    You can also add retros/old skools that are out there and owned that haven't been shared to FME Land yet
  4. Or find the nearest bin!
  5. Lovely, thanks for this.
  6. Another nicely done layout and you seem to enjoy making these 100 pounders. Looks mint Vecs and thanks for all you do in FME Land.
  7. Nice to see you still knocking about @stevedude2, loving those layouts still
  8. Not stupid at all and good you are asking Yes PM is abbreviated for it and when sending one go to those three little bars in the top right corner of this webpage and select the envelope then compose. Start typing in a name where it says "To" (no need to put @ in front) then underneath you must put a subject (in your case say Dx creating), type a message below and select send. Hope that explains it ok and if unsure you can send me a test message to ease your mind.
  9. You can send Pm's as well to people you need help from off the grid and work either publicly or privately together as a team. I tagged him so he will see this straight away as with all the lovely images Geddy has put up over the coming weeks(respect to him) and everyone elses interactions it can be a needle in a haystack in unread content. Steve is over at the Mecca too
  10. Come on fellas sort it out You guys are at the top of your game and everyone plays a part in all of the tasks except for me as am a nuisance.
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