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  1. Pretty sure it is much closer to the Nudge Ladder but it has been around 25 years since I played this last. @Amot is going to try and get you the info as the machine is with a mate of his.
  2. Italian Job "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off". Violence is good.
  3. Set all mine in sub folders on quick access but you also have the Game Manager in the emulator too, not ideal if you want to extract a happy .fml. @slasher that is correct but didn't know if he meant maximum creds or a lockout alarm on coin entry.
  4. @Clo06he only did this because he is not happy with a 1000 rep points he is going for double bubble. he is trying to catch up to @vectra666 lmfao
  5. Just noticed and added, a thanks to @bungle with whom I had success with recently.
  6. You carry on slinging them up that is your job and you are great at it. I would just like to know who the fish people are, you smoking the funny fags again?
  7. I am puzzled about this I thought a happy file could be thrown into a Dx with the ram and gam file but it isn't happening, do I need to start a new one with the Dx or is there a way to transfer the happy ram over? Cheers all
  8. I'll never keep up with you, how in blue blazes do you do it, have you got a wand lol. Nicely done again Chloe and thank you.
  9. You'll get bored of that too eventually, happened to me when I was under a black cloud once and had to sort my shite out plus lose weight, took several months away from work to focus properly but was so glad to get back to business as usual.
  10. There are a couple of little tricks to this, firstly if you get a win with two jokers on the winline you can either have them hold automatically via cancel or just hold two jokers and spin the other reel, you may get a lower win but the only chance to get a second or even a third hold (don't know if it will go anymore tbh). Secondly I never hold anything unless it is one joker or bar on either winline as a fair few times you could have two of a kind on the winlines but not after nudge, press start a on occasions it will throw in three of that kind on a slower spin even if two of the bars or jo
  11. Thank you and will be having a bash on this later Pook, got more surprises ahead first to deal with eh @bungle
  12. @Laylow do any of your dutch machines have a streak profile or multiple hold when ready to payout, would like to know your recommendations please as still learning? They say a machine is just a machine well it is until one knows how to play it well which I'll keep practicing eh. Thanks.
  13. I would like to know one thing though which crossed my mind several days ago but I'd like to know exactly how others lamp as I find it fascinating.
  14. I see where you are coming from but personally we thought it looked more alluring this way and pleasing on the eye and just went with the flow of it. I'll remember that for the future though and thanks for the suggestion
  15. Here is one of the images we had to work with. A couple of bits and pieces were redrawn also like nudges and some backgrounds. Double checked and no logo on it, so we just made it our own.
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