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  1. Thought I would share a story! As I had said in the memorial thread Chris had helped me out no end with trouble shooting many many mpu boards for me, within those emails he had mentioned he has an Ace sidewinder, my ears pricked up as I had not seen one since the 80's in an arcade I had worked in as a teenager. Anyway he said he had accidentaly necked the tube (means cracked the tv screen small end) Sidewinder is a video fruit for those not familiar. And is it was an odd size 16 inch Hantarex rather than the normal 19 inch one's he could not find a replacement! Well seeing this chance to help
  2. Sorry for the late posting here, this sad event has brought me here! I would just like to say a huge thanks to Chris who took his valuable time and skills to help me repair my old fruity boards, we shared many hundreds and even thousands of emails where he put up with my untrained skills and guided me every step of the way, and he always got me there, I think this goes back to 2013. Having never met him I still feel I knew him well! Chris knew I was not fully into the emulation but also knew I admired his skill and dedication to the MFME cause. I want to send my condolances to h
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