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  1. Simply Awesome ! you are a layout machine at the moment
  2. AK45

    Red Line

    Big Thankyou to you Wearecity for another awesome classic
  3. Awesome looking classic,Thankyou Mavros
  4. Thankyou Wearecity for the great classic
  5. Thankyou Vectra for the continuos releases of these awesome looking machines
  6. AK45

    Club Clouseau

    Thankyou Andy for this awesome classic
  7. Awesome Classic , thankyou Clo for these superb releases
  8. Thankyou,Awesome as always from you Vectra
  9. Thankyou SD for making this great classic
  10. AK45

    Fruit Swop

    Awesome release Ginge,I just love these oldskool 2p machines with the mega difficult gambles
  11. AK45

    Blackjack Club

    Many thanks Reg and its great to see you back in DIF
  12. Thankyou Wearecity for another great classic
  13. Huge thankyou Tommy it looks amazing
  14. AK45

    Tree Amigos

    Awesome classic ,Thankyou Wearecity its very much appreciated
  15. Thankyou Tommy for an awesome release
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