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  1. AK45

    Up and Under

    Thankyou andy for this great classic
  2. outstanding as always ,thankyou for this excellent machine
  3. Thankyou MRM for this fantastic looking machine
  4. Thankyou Vectra666 for this awesome machine i dont know how i missed such a great looking machine
  5. Outstanding release !! Thankyou very much DAD for this amazing release as there is only a very small picture of the machine available
  6. Just watched and liked both video's as they are as always very interesting especially when you have the knowledge you do
  7. AK45

    BFM - Strike It Rich

    thankyou clo06 for these great classics
  8. Thankyou slotsmagic for a great classic release
  9. Amazing machine from you as always ..thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou
  10. AK45

    Super Cobra £3 BWB

    brilliant ! thankyou for this
  11. Thankyou MRM for this great looking machine
  12. Thankyou slasher for this really great looking classic
  13. thankyou clo06 for these really great classic releases
  14. Chopaholic says"Weapons grade bullshit" i do agree though this machine is one of the worst i have ever seen for refusing to pay the jackpot.
  15. AK45

    On The Up

    Thankyou slotsmagic for a great classic
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