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  1. Very Nice Laylow many thanks sir.
  2. No,Thankyou mate for all those resources you provide.May the ship keep sailing.
  3. Thats really Awesome,thankyou pook.
  4. Many thanks for the update Clo.
  5. Pook that is just sweet as,Can't wait to play it
  6. hehe Yeah you have a good memory because i'd forgotten until i looked it all up.Mind not as sharp as it used to be. tnx again for correcting my error.
  7. I am wrong on one thing Pook,I uploaded the wrong DX image,That one i uploaded was done by somebody else, the second dx of Viz as far as i'm aware.That is the one i did,so yeah there was a little booboo there lol.
  8. @Pook Mo did the classic.
  9. No mate it was me under the name of emul8,or dreamer as i was known back then hehehe no Pook i wasn't mo lol
  10. Well Reg your first layout looks pretty good to me,thats just how it was then,What year did you release that @Reg. This was my very first layout,sourced the crappy images and bought the reelbands for it way back when,Can't even remember what year it was, But a very long time ago,Bloody old codgers the lot of us. WOW,how the Scene has progressed since then......Love it!!!! Tnx Pook for telling me of the Image error,SO you were infact correct
  11. Looking very very nice though pook,keep fiddling.
  12. Brilliant Laylow,thankyou.
  13. Many thanks for the second flavour,Much appreciated.
  14. Brilliant Vecs,been looking forward to this,Many thanks.
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