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  1. It's nice to admit one's faults,Anyone who has never made a mistake is a liar,simple as that really.Wizard was indeed a very special man.Not a believer either,but you never know.
  2. Hope it all goes well Reg.
  3. bungle

    Ace - Hot Shot

    Many thanks Clo06 much appreciated.
  4. Thanks very much Wearecity.
  5. Cool,many thanks Amot.
  6. Looks great Vecs look forward to it
  7. I shouldn't laugh really but it is quite funny maybe @Reg might have a little heart to allow you to download it should you ask him. :)just a thought! as a one off maybe
  8. You could try here .hope this helps
  9. Many thanks for sharing this nice story Ronnie.
  10. Sorry you had a problem with your build,awesome all the same,would love to have a go at something like this,but im crap with wood metal glass, you name it. you either have it or you don't.I Don't. good luck though,look forward to seeing it complete and running.
  11. Great story Reg , thank you for sharing this with us.I bet there are many people who would give their right arm to have met him,you are very lucky soandso hehe
  12. Many thanks Clo06 much appreciated.
  13. Many thanks MRM, Much appreciated. :@)
  14. bungle

    Hot Six

    Cheers Reg,many thanks indeed.
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