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  1. I just tried this out on my cab. The shortcuts that are universal work, but the payouts and leds wont work, unless there is a PAcDrive config set up. With most cab set ups being unique, this is going to be a future challenge, unless we are able to load layouts locally, or have a something that can convert a universal set up to our own.
  2. Thanks for this:) I Not played ths before, so it will be fun, as it looks a decent game. I have to agree with Vecs though, the off images are not lined up with the on images (full screen 4K). However deleting the off images, and religing the on images seems to work a lot better for me.
  3. I am glad you spotted that. I had a weired unboxed squid win, a couple of times last night. Hopefully a quick update is on the way:)
  4. Thanks HTS:) Another rarely seen game!
  5. Thanks for this:)
  6. Thanks for these classics Clo:) You just can't beat the old 2p games!
  7. Thanks for sticking this together HTS:) I never saw this in the wild, so I am interested to give this a play on my cab shortley. Procon games always seemed to give a fair game back in the 10/15 squid era.
  8. This don't half ring a bell. I am pretty sure I played this back in the late 70's. The reel symbols should not be an issue, as most of them are early JPM, and the others can be drawn from scratch. Hopefully a good scan will show the cam degrees up.
  9. Thanks for putting this up HTS:) I like Project stuff, but I don't remember seeing this one before.
  10. Thanks for this one Vecs:) I used to like the AWP version of this, so it is nice to see the club version.
  11. Thanks for this:) Not one I have seen before.
  12. Thanks for this one HTS:) Anything SRU is cool!
  13. Thanks for this one HTS:) Looks like it could be this one.
  14. Thanks for another great release:)
  15. Thanks for this one Tommy:) For a Concept game, this looks very promising!
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