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  1. I would of played it at the time (and lost), but I wasn't a big fan of JPM after system 80.
  2. I usually make a classic before I start on a redraw, but do not release them. I will have a look at my backups, and see what I have saved.
  3. This was a Dadsfme.com release Bar X 7 DX (dadsfme.com) I remember something about it needing to simply be rebooted if it errors.
  4. Also, if you open up more than one copy of a game, the GAM file will be read only on any additional emulations.
  5. That was not the point I was getting at. If it is ticked, it may cause errors due to server problems because there are no more updates.
  6. Have you got "Check For Updates on Start Up" ticked in preferences?
  7. I have played quite few casino slots with the option to use touch screen stake/start buttons, or a physical button. Repeatedly pressing a piece of glass is a bad experience, but OK for making selections. I think having a touch screen for a top glass is perfect for MFME but definitely a bad idea to use for start and hold buttons.
  8. Good start:) I guarantee it will never end! I started out in a similar way 3 years ago, and I am still tinkering away!
  9. Version 1.1.0


    Hi guys... Here is a brand new 40 year old layout! - Lite a Nudge (MK1) from JPM, running SRU Tech:) This is a complete redraw, and is 2572(W) x 2880(H) made for MFMEv20.1. For shortcuts and info please refer to the README.txt Special thanks go to the following people: Wizard (1965-2020) MFME creator. Midibob (fruitemu.co.uk) for providing the extremely rare ROMS. Richy100 for the enclosed Lite a Nudge flyer. Line Up Chris (fruitemu.co.uk) for the bell pics and youtube vids, they always help me with colours and text.
  10. Applicable Coin Size: Diameter: 18.0-31.5mm Thickness: 1.5-3.2mm Should be OK for most coins. (I have no idea what size a pound coin is though). If they all work, that is not bad for 3 hoppers. 2 for hopper 1 and 2, and another to work as a triac output using an arduino.
  11. @davep180 Just out of curiosity are you using one of them external USB hubs with 3-4 sockets? If so, that may, or may not be a problem? I have had a lot of Pacdrive faults (just keeps paying out) when I use one with a layout with fast hopper payouts.
  12. If the Pacdrive errors and you reconfigure something, remember to unplug the USB power to it, or it will not reset (rebooting PC wont reset it). If the hopper is spitting out non stop coins, have a keyboard handy so that you can manually press the [ or ] to at least eliminate certain faults.
  13. Have you run the Diag/Misc box to see if it is using 2 pound hoppers, or to see if it is paying out the odd pound in 20ps? It is possible the hoppers are not full enough. I do not know if the released layout was topped up or not, as I always reset the RAM on new layouts.
  14. I have not heard of lucky lotto club, do you mean lucky lottery club? If so it uses hopper 1 for the squids, and triac 1 for the 20ps.
  15. I do a similar thing to Reg. I have 1 folder with all the layouts set up without altering the backgrounds, and another folder with all the layouts set up for my cab for personal use only. I have a 55" curved screen in portrait mode, and like to have the buttons barely visible at the bottom of my screen, and the layout as wide as possible, and make sure the background colour is set to black. Occasionally, I will save the background, and edit it in photoshop to clean up some edges, and then re-add it to the layout.
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