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  1. Thanks Clo. Not seen this before, which is a bit weird, as it looks a decent game.
  2. Yes Turbo Reel, Club 2000 and Mistral do not sound familiar. Andy Capp and Cash Buster are in the legacy downloads under Barcrest and JPM. Not sure where Reel Cash is, but it must be here somewhere because Reg released it!
  3. Hi guys. Does anybody have any pics of CTL's 2p Silver Shuffle? (SRU tech) The only image I can find is the Gif below which is enough for me to do a top glass, but the bottom glass is a bit of a mystery. I can't even find a video of it anywhere. Thanks in advance:)
  4. Thanks for the update, especially as we are in the 4k era, this is a great machine too:)
  5. I know how you feel. I did my first layout at age 53!
  6. Congrats on your first layout:) BTW. I see that you left A Knights Trail_Epoch_unpub.fml.bak in the folder. That is a back up file and not needed in the public release, it also doubles the size of the download.
  7. For me..I always make 3 versions of all the layouts I download. One "as it comes/as released" with all the buttons/LED's/hoppers set up for my cabinet (That becomes my main back up). I then reset the RAM , refill, and adjust volume, and make that the version I personally play. A copy of that is saved for next year when I reset my stats. That way, I get a fuller experience of what was originally intended.
  8. The Nudge Shuffle Personality Pack is Copyright 1981. There was no date on the glass as far as I know.
  9. Amusements

    Prize Tetris

    Thanks for this:) I would love to see more SWP's released for MFME, and more pics for DX'ers.
  10. Thanks Clo. Another clubber I have never seen before:)
  11. I remember getting a full Norton suite for free, with a Lexmark printer. I ended up throwing both of them in the bin!
  12. Thanks Spidy. Another one for my foreign folder:) I played slots in Spain too (Tenerife), and it put me right off going in to any arcades/casinos there. They had this stupid 60% payout on minimum stake, and it only went up to 70% or maybe a little bit more? if you played a higher stake. They were god damn awful! I only ever won on 1 machine there (25 Euros) and that machine disappeared literally the next day!
  13. A lot of the common buttons are the same, like the hold, start, cancel and collect. However you can program each button to what ever key press you like. There are 2 short cut boxes on each button. Or you could even duplicate the button to add even more short cuts. You can also use the same key press for different game buttons, so long as they are not active at the same time. IE: an exchange button can also be used as a feature button.
  14. It's the exposure (+2) turns it yellow. A bit difficult to get right without looking a bit dim. I left it as is, because it is quite easy for people to edit their own preference now in MFME:)
  15. View File Nudge Shuffle - JPM (System 80) Hi Guys Here is my updated version of Nudge Shuffle from May last year. Now in a cabinet and with many other updates:) Thanks go to LIAM (fruitemu.co.uk) for the enclosed Manual:) Dad for the ROMs:) Wizard for the amazing work he does bringing us MFME!! I hope you enjoy this amazing piece of 80's history:) Submitter Amusements Submitted 20/05/20 Category JPM  
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