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  1. Just had a good bash on this, and noticed it was showing 240% payout, despite losing wads of cash! [Meter 3] [*1] needs adding under Meters In.
  2. Interesting question as I am sure everyone has their own method. Me personally: After I finish drawing my glasses, cabinet ect, I merge everything in to 1 layer with the lamps in the off position. I then cut out each lamp section and save each one as a little PSD. I then load each file and highlight only the bit that lights up, and go to Image/Adjustments/Exposure and start with +2 for lamp on, and save 2 bitmaps (on/off). I then add the lamps in to MFME and see how they look. If needed, I will add a mask, or go back an adjust my PSD exposure.
  3. Congratulations on your first joint release!! I will really enjoy playing this one, so thanks to everyone involved. Hopefully the bug will bite you now, and you will be churning out more great classics:)
  4. Thanks for the 8 squid version Vecs:)
  5. Thanks for this Vecs:) A very nice update indeed!
  6. Thanks for this one Pook:) This was the most popular clubber we ever had in our local club!
  7. Lets us know if you survived:) I spent my 50th in a casino in Laos......Unusual things happened.
  8. Excellent stuff:) Really looking forward to this belter! Thanks Pook:)
  9. Thanks for this one Pook:) I remember playing something like this once, and not getting a single win out of 80 squid, then going home broke and sober!
  10. Just played this, and it is amazing:) Just one question though. Was this a 10p Token machine? This used to be in my local arcade, but I cant remember very well. Anyway I just got a 1.60 win, and it payed 16 coins from Triac 13.
  11. Thanks for this one Clo:). I don't think I ever saw one of these on site. I seem to remember the odd one covered in dust, at various operator storage places though.
  12. Thanks for this one Vecs:)
  13. Thanks for this one Vecs:)
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