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  1. Well after nearly 4 years in the making....We can wait a bit longer LOL:)
  2. Thanks for this:). I am just about to give it a whirl.
  3. Amusements

    Hot Six

    Thanks Reg:) I never got chance to play these style of machines in our club, but I know they were popular elsewhere.
  4. I am a bit late too, thanks to time zones. Here is a final toast to Chris for everything that he has given to us. I hope that MFME lives on in all of us for many years to come.
  5. I am shocked and saddened, but will be forever grateful for what Chris has done! RIP.
  6. I think the reels need checking. Just set this up on my cab, and had to change a single bar on the 3rd reel (2nd symbol below the clock) for a treble bar.
  7. Great stuff! Thanks Bung! Btw...George says it looks like his favorite jumper:)
  8. 2 squid jackpots were in 10p tokens back then, and usually on 10p play. 2p stuff was usually a quid, or 1.50 in cash when Silver Shuffle came out. There was a place near me that had blue Eachway Shuffles on all cash (not legal at the time), and they covered the tubes up with black tape, so you could not see how full they were.
  9. Hi Guys Something that struck me the other day whilst playing some 2p games, was.... what is 2p from 1982 is worth now, and how much is a 2 squid jackpot in todays money? Answer.....Thanks to the bank of England calculator https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/monetary-policy/inflation/inflation-calculator 2p is now worth 7.11p 10p is now worth 35.5p So 2 squid jackpots were the equivalent of 7.1 squid. Makes playing the old stuff more interesting. (BTW.I don't have a pound sign - keyboard is fukd (it's made in Thailand))
  10. Thanks Vecs:) Looks expensive at 2 squid a pop! Thanks goodness for MFME:)
  11. Nice looking release! Well done Bungle:) Me and Zippy will be playing this later!
  12. Here is a copy of the shortcuts sitting in my MFME folder. Multiplayer stuff starts with Alt: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shortcuts in normal mode: ------------------------- F1 - Borderless Alt F1 - Show Picture Viewer F2 - Borderless Maximised F3 - Borderless Maximised Full screen Shift F3 - Borderless Maximised Full screen ( Stretched ) F4 - Manager Toggle F5 - Toggle Cropped/Normal Mode F6 - Load Random Game F7 - Quick Save F8 - Take
  13. They pay 10 squid plus repeat chance on Dads version.
  14. Thanks Geddy:) We don't have that many SWP's, so they are always welcome.
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