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  1. No worries. If you do go down the AutoHotKey route just let me know and I'll post my remap script to give you a start on tweaking it to your own liking.
  2. You could always use a frontend like Launchbox and then use AutoHotKey to remap those keys when you launch MFME? I do a similar thing when I launch my Hidden Object game. That uses left mouse click and I wanted that mapped to my Ctrl key (Player 1 Button 1 in MAME). PS... if you didn't want a front end you could just run AutoHotKey manually before you start MFME and then turn the AHK script off when you come out of it? PPS.... There is probably a way to make AHK auto exit when the MFME process is closed but I don't know how to do it off the top of my head.
  3. The limit is on how many inputs you have on your IPac board. If you were to get the Ultimate I/O board I think there's 64!! So plenty!! (there's cheaper ones with less inputs too).
  4. Wow!!! Great total!!! Well done all involved
  5. It's been a great event this Reg. You've done brilliantly in organising it. Can't wait to find out what the final total is.... it's like watching Red Nose Night!!! Are we getting Lenny Henry on to announce it?? Pat yourself on the back Reg for a job well done and, I'm sure that Chris will be very touched with your hard work. At the end of the day, the cash is a lovely surprise but I think it's the thought and sentiment that's come out of this that really counts. Hopefully Chris will see all these messages and realise that between his software and the rest of the hard working members of t
  6. It was a joint effort Reg. I think we've all learned from each other along this journey. Great that others are making cabinets and buttons modules though.
  7. That looks superb!! Great work mate
  8. Yep I second that... most of Brewdogs offerings are decent. I'm also a fan of Innis and Gunns lager beer and Hobgoblin Gold. Both nice tipples....
  9. Well maybe you can let us know what you drink - as long as it begins with a "W" and Reg can change the title...
  10. If there's one thing I've learnt during my 46 years on this planet.... it's that you can never have too much wine!
  11. Great idea Reg. More than happy to fire in a donation. All the guys here helped me get my cab up and running and I'll always be eternally grateful for all the work that Chris and the other main players on the scene contribute, whether it's providing the flyers or coding the machines or running the forums. You're all very much appreciated. Thank you
  12. Awesome machine. Thanks for putting this together
  13. Thanks for these (as always) Dave. Looking forward to playing them
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