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  1. Hi... do you guys still need the sound for this machine? I've just got mine up and running and the sound is all good. Let me know if you want me to dump and upload the Eproms. Would you be able to tell me what version Rom you have and if you can get it on 25p/£250? I'm on v2.2 Thanks
  2. MattyL

    The MiSTer FPGA

    This looks really cool. I saw on FB earlier someone had built some new PCB's for a Monaco gp arcade cab using an FPGA... I'm always interested in FPGA's and ASIC's as they're the one thing that's impossible to repair or reproduce on original Fruit machine boards. Hopefully one day we'll be able to drive our classic fruity techs with new FPGA's... it's beyond me at the moment but Imagine a fresh impact or m1 mpu driven by an FPGA. That would be awesome. Keep us posted
  3. Hi, you can get £60's -£70's from the Rollercoaster feature and big money. Equally it will award you those when it's on the take and give you poor wins to hook players in. It Rolls in Jackpot too, cashpot awarded on the nudges column on the board. It's the same as any machine though. If it wants to pay % it will, you just get more wins. Can't really notice blocking...but you can't be greedy. As with all clubs if you went jackpot hunting it's going to cream you, i think thats what Awp players expect a jackpot every 15mins. This one did have 'sh!t as fvck' scratched into the side , so you
  4. Yeah apologies I broke it down to respray it all and renovate it all. I did bring it home for a while end of last year but got side tracked... that was before vectra started hounding me lol. I messaged you on the mecca about a machine for DX earlier actually vectra
  5. Hi I have my renovated of these in (buried) in storage. When I dig it out I will take some pictures for you guys. It's decent machine I love it. The bottom feature is pointless as to land on it you need a #1 so you can always gamble up the feature ladder. However back in the day we worked out you get decent wins on it e.g. £50's.
  6. Fantastic... I'll pm you later, I'm a reel fruits man but id love to learn how to stats play my roms and settings. Does anyone know the current dip settings your using running it? That will give me more of a clue what to set it at.
  7. Are you auto playing it Dougsta? Very interested to know your stats Do you think it's going to a certain point of profit before the jackpots get unlocked... or it's as you say massive 4k inbetween jackpots?
  8. Good to know the cashpots can reset and accumulate. I will have to go through the dips one by one and suss them out before I fit the battery. I had the Epoch version too- that was just a remake as the original was no doubt a success. Both will be coded more to what's typical at the time and play differently e.g. the Epoch will take thousands and be difficult to force. The sounds on the scorp1 are more early 90's and fun... theres abit more humour with the nurses theme-the real machine has much more charm to it too. I like them all for what they are Forgot to add the Gold over
  9. Looking at it a while ago i thought fruit and nudge looked identical to heartbreak hotel. X2 x3 x4 window is a bit of a giveaway for a global clone. I would upload you guys that one but it's on stealth tech which isn't emulated.
  10. Nice work Vex great to see what you do to imortalize them. Enjoy peeps
  11. There's a few I know of. There only pure Maygay/Epoch one I can think of is The great escape club. There's a few maygays cloned from Globals like this around such as Fruit N nudge
  12. Hi i used to have one of these and the title can lamp up in 2 different colours for features if that helps. I'll have a look now for a pic but doubt it will be good enough to use. Think I have some decals for it.
  13. Will send you the Roms if you want them
  14. Sure here's the set that are decent gameplay in the picture. I've got a vid of the jackpot from x3 cherries all the way to the top somewhere. Two friends and myself all had the other set of not roms as good as originals in our machines. Treasure Island door,loom and reels are in storage ATM as I've got CMTB fitted on my cabinet. As soon as it's jackpotted I'm swapping back over. No probs on the pictures when it's done it's one of my favourites.
  15. Yeah ive jackpotted alot of clubbers mine's CMTB is on £250. Out of similar scorp4s I've had jackpots for £1500-2500 (treasure island+viva mexico). Both unforceable. The improved gameplay Treasure island roms did it on about £400 in which I was amazed at. Played much more like I remembered back in the day aswell. I'm hoping some more sets of CMTB are about. I have the decals for £1000 but you've just put me off trying that setup
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