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  1. looks fantastic great work to all !!!
  2. thanks for this vecs.. and all involved
  3. never ever heard or seen this but ill sure give it a go.. also cheers to all involved again !!!
  4. thanks clo for this and all others thats helped cheers
  5. never heard of this til now ...and again thanks to all involved!!!
  6. i had a version from here good to see an update on it cheers to all
  7. thanks clo and all cheers
  8. thats still a decent lappy and am sure it will now run most things that didnt b4 hand
  9. thanks clo for this cheers again
  10. cheers for this and thanks to all
  11. fab work put in there and cheers to all involved !!!
  12. one on the classics cheers to all
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