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  1. Version 1.0.0


    PCP - Master Spy Tech: System 80 Can you spy the jackpot in this fun game? Will you finish up becoming a Master Spy? Keyboard shortcuts in the notes Thanks to: Wizard (RIP) for MFME @stevedude2for the reels The rom & image providers. MFME V20.1 only
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  2. Version 1.0.25


    A request from Jan 2022 so finally Remade it The original deal or no deal on the upgraded £35 Jackpot the art for the layout was originally from the £5 version i did, hence why its missing the notey and a big fat deal box is there thanks to All that have made this happen @slotsmagic for the £35 decals shortcuts are as standard, notey does work and the tabs are to the right side of the machine, shortcuts are 7,8,9 Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!
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  3. Version 1.0.0


    Here's a trio of Spiker The Biker layouts, made using my photos that I took at Skirlington Leisure Park. At least I think that's what it is called. It did have a retro arcade section but based on recent videos it looks like it's no longer running retro machines. Let that serve as a reminder to people - grab resources while you can, you never know if you'll see the machine again Anyway - back on topic. Layouts are £5/10p (I'd suggest upping to 20p if you want a faster game), £15/30p (you can drop to 25p if you want a slower game) and £25/30p (again - you could run at 25p but I prefer the speed of 30p at the higher jackpot). It's a brilliant machine in my opinion - I owned one years and years ago and still kick myself for selling it. Must be coming up to 20 years now since I owned it. For some reason it was never cloned. I'm sure others from the same era weren't either, but I don't get why it didn't perform that well. It's got a cracking sound package, decent art, interesting upgrade system, and quite a few 'hidden' things. Maybe it didn't do very well as it's a bit predictable - but I used to feel very 'safe' playing it? Hopefully the layouts are fully working with no issues - I've had a few lovely people - @Mort and @Boulderdash - cast their eyes over slightly earlier versions and they both picked a few issues up which I hope I've now corrected. Knowing me however I've probably introduced more issues as I've made those corrections. Fingers crossed I haven't! Some of the suggestions made I have not implemented but I will definitely consider implementing some of the ideas on future layouts! Thanks for @logopolis for providing a couple of different ROMsets for me - the £5 and £15 are running early ROMs (named : BIKE) - which is odd as I've only ever seen ROMs named SBTR before? The £25 layout runs the SBTR ROMs as the earlier ROMs aren't switchable for £25. Thanks to Adam on Facebook - I think he might be a member but he's not made himself known on here. He sent me great photos of his decals, insisted it was no bother and he wanted to help. Got me a bit more motivated to complete this release as without those decals it would have been £5 only and the decals I originally had looked terrible! Thanks to @Reg for the site. I'll still tag him even though the account is closed. Thanks to @Wizard as always for MFME and the last 20+ years. Thanks to everyone else who puts up with me and my ridiculously off-tangent WIP threads, waffling posts like this one, and who downloads and plays this release. Regrets? I built the layout on a tatty old 22" 1920x1080p display and only when I moved it up to my 65K 4K TV last night did I spot even more issues. From now on I will exclusively design on that screen, at 4K, from the off. Way, way easier to spot issues. Probably would have allowed me to get a more even result as well. Working on large art on a small screen at about 1/2 resolution makes no sense. In edit mode you can only see a teeny bit at a time Enjoy what is left of your bank holiday - and if you find any issues do let me know! I'll swear, punch my monitor, and then fix them (in that order) *NOTE* - I have unpacked the blended lamps, but this might be a bit hard for older / non-gaming PCs to run, especially during busy lamp cycles (jackpot sequence e.t.c.). Runs fine on my old and new gaming machines at 1080p and 4K respectively. If needs be I can release a fix with no blended lamps for those who need it. Will see what the feedback is like first.
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  4. Version 1.0.0


    Here's my DX of the BWB game, The Big Match. First thanks go to, as always, the late, great @Wizard for the fantastic emulator. Next to @Leeham for the original release. Finally, thanks to @infection for his image database. I hope I have done a good job in everyone's eyes, because the original was taken sideways on and it took me quite a bit of editing to get the left corners put together to look like a proper machine. I used the shirt image for the GOAL options at either side of the net and edited the image so it looks like it's lit (not 100% happy with it but I figured it looks okay). With the lack of images foor the nudges, I used the text colour blue and it has white edges but I think that's something to do with the emulator as I have found this on a few machines and thought I'd leave it as it is, unless someone has images of the nudges etc. I also put the repeat text under the jackpot amount as I wasn't sure where it could go otherwise, so if anyone has any suggestions or images to suit, please let me know and I'll update the machine Hope you all enjoy the machine and as always, stay safe and take care! P.S. This was done using a mouse instead of the laptop's touchpad and I found it easier and quicker to use it.
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  5. Version 1.0.1


    I was going to add this to my own layout but felt it deserved a release on it's own, due to the work @vectra666 has put into it. One of the subtle but important changes is the colouring to the cash amounts. I was going to change it on my version but after the issues I had with it, I totally forgot about it and just wanted it to be released. Anyhow, here's the £100 version and it has issues with inserting notes (albeit I've not played about with it too much so I'm more a designer than a fault fixer lol) so I suggest just inserting pound coins for the time being. Anyhow, many MANY thanks to @vectra666 for his work and as always @Wizard for his superb emulator. I apologise for not tagging you in or @infection for his superb images as it was the first place I went to, to see if there were any images and I was very pleased with the results So as always, enjoy everyone
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  6. Version 1.0.0


    Next up is Betcom's Quids in America, not a mention of kim wilde anywhere Thanks goto @Matty.n - £70 classic used for 99% of lamps etc @infection - images and reel symbol images used, great images keep em coming!!!! @Mort - test mode help, i should know them by now as made enough lol @Geddy - for original £100 roms used but realised they had a lamping error within so @fruitsnappa - came to the helm to deliver some roms with a corrected lamp issue in them @Wizard - for Mfme's past and Present Shortcuts written within the notes Enjoy and Happy Gaming!!!!
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  7. Version 1.0.0


    Part touchpad and part mouse created (much faster with the mouse) I'm pleased to release Grab The Bank. The original image I used was not very good so I managed to edit out all the lighting issues and tried to get it to look as realistic and as good as it can be. The hammers I managed to find from a YooToob video and did a screenshot of it and managed to edit it and used it in this machine. Okay, so as always, the first and always will be first thanks, go to the late and great Wizard for this superb emulator. I started this a while ago and thank everyone for their input and help that they've given me (please accept my apologies for not tagging you but I forgot who did what; I blame my age!). I find it a slightly confusing machine to play at times but with the odd bit of luck, I got the jackpot a couple of times. Anyhow, as always, hope you enjoy this one and I really enjoyed making this one.
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  8. Yeah, what Tommy said. I tried it a while ago with BFM Club Explosion and even though the pot is a paid for win it simply refused to go to the top, reversed or otherwise, until it had taken the same amount of money that would have built up that win.
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  9. You can max them from reset, but that game will only pay one of those when the maths has been met and that fan cost literally thousands of pounds not plays. It will then eventually catch up and some times will pay two cashpots within a few quid. Cops gold got a receipt so when the cashpot was won it auto reset to the jackpot value. Very tight game compared to the version that would reset to 000.
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  10. sorry. winner bakes all is the megastreak on LALP
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  11. No problem Gary @MPU_FIVE We'll be here for you when the time comes!
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  12. Thanks for the layout, is this the emptyable version?
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  13. Absolutely, that is indeed the situation right now - to rebuild and expand on Chris's incredible legacy of emulation work will take a lot of coding and reverse-engineering... but that said, steady progress is being made in MAME-based FME As fruit machines are very niche compared to even pinball, we are short on coders with the requisite skillset+motivation - so patience is the name of the game right now. Hopefully in a couple of years or so, Arcade Sim (plus the new MAME internal layout/config work), will make developing/rev-engineering these drivers more appealing, so more coders may get involved - but we already are seeing great progress over the past year; James and David have pretty much done Impulse hardware, and David is massively pushing forward on MPU4 (most notably the new Chr chip work which has revealed previously unknown patterns wrt. lamp scrambling). And of course @SomeRandomGuy is absolutely killing it on the early techs right now I plan to always keep MFME support in AS (when running under Windows OS) alongside MAME so the Pluto 5 games will be playable for MFME users before Pluto platforms are done in MAME. On a somewhat related note, the user @Sneddrs has had Arcade Sim working fine on a newer Apple Mac M1 under Parallels: ... so great news there , and it sounds like MFME-based fruities should also work fine under that setup . So while not a true native Mac version, it does sounds like it's already fully working 'for free' on the new Apple silicon macs.
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  14. very nice @vectra666 thanks so much for this.
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  16. Thank you for this, Vectra.... lovely looking layout you've done there. Cheers, Gary.
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  17. Who you calling retro? This is a bloody modern machine, this! Fuck I'm getting old. Thanks for the layout and added depression.
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