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  1. Yay! I love Viz! Remember this in the club Caprice nightclub in Margate back in 1998.... oh those were the days! Thanks Dave
  2. Wow, the 42" screen looks a good choice, size wise... pretty sure the end result will have me green with envy! Good luck with it and keep showing us how you did it!
  3. Thank you @geordie52 for the info.... will have a nosey...
  4. I tried to run MFME on wine ages back and it did'nt work... could you please tell me how or point me to some information (dummies guide style would be good ) so i could run MFME on Linux... if it works good i can finally ditch windows... :) Thanks in advance
  5. Are ROMS not included in the Legacy layout? Bummer if they ain't... used to hate getting ROMS separately back in the early days of FME... never know if you have right ones...
  6. Dayyyyyytoooonnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaa let's go away!! Loved playing that in the arcades in Margate back in mid to late 90's. And Ninja Warriors, was amazing tune... i had the PC Engine version.

    ZX Spectrum Next

    I missed out on the original kickstarter so hoping to get on the 2nd kickstarter if and when that happens... I have to say that the Spectrum next keyboard looks awesome... beautiful looking bit of kit.
  8. Thank you for this release.... looks excellent.

    Amiga Avvv IT!!!

    Had an Amiga A500 that would creak as my fan heater would heat my bedroom and cause the Amiga to crash loads! Annoying! Later got hold of an Amiga A1200
  10. Can't pick just one so my 5 choiices (in no order) are.... Ultimate: Play the game Software Projects Codemasters Mastertronic Ocean
  11. Sinclair ZX80 and Sinclair QL are machines i would of liked a dabble with.
  12. Looks amazing A:E brilliant work
  13. https://youtu.be/Ie7GL3yL5yA Degsey Degworth talks about numbering in this YouTube video... Hope that helps.
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