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  1. Nice one Woodsy. Great stuff.
  2. No worries JP. Like I said. When I get the room back I can take as many pictures you like.
  3. Dartboard, flat screen, fruity.. beginnings of a man cave perhaps? No worries. As soon as I get that feckin water tank out of the spare room I will a: get better pictures and more measurements b: hopefully get the man cave more sorted P.S If anyone knows of a qualified plumber/electrician that can install Mixergy tanks thats willing to travel to Bristol, I have money waiting! I can then get the mfme/arcade/quiz/console cab back into the spare room!
  4. If you need a Barcrest Horizon Cab and you can get to Bristol, you can scan my Happy Campers machine mate.
  5. I was about 17 when this came out. Just got my driving licence. I lived in Margate at the time, we regularly made a profit off these. I was (still am) into rock music and me and a mate went to an Almighty gig in Folkestone. £70 profit on the day. Bought several T-shirts and a few beers. Money and the young, easily separated!
  6. Courtesy of steelfix1 at the mecca.
  7. There is a classic of this called Find The Lady. I think I found it on MPU Mecca. It seems harder to play than the ones back in the day, maybe i'm that much slower! Actually I've attached it. If @Regor the layout author want it removed, then no problem. £10 Challenge.zip
  8. Great stuff. Thanks Vecs
  9. Great looking layout. I honestly cannot believe that you haven't been doing this for very long. Hats off to you sir!
  10. Superb work yet again! Thanks Vecs
  11. Thanks @RegStep 3 would have saved me hours of fun playing guess the Triac! With this information, it's far quicker to setup my older favourites.
  12. Awesome again. Many thanks Vecs
  13. Great work here. Thanks Vecs.
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