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  1. Another quality piece of work. The reel fix worked for me too. Awesome. Thanks
  2. Quality stuff mate. Your Youtube vidz got me to this site! This brings back memories of childhood in Margate, and slightly strangely, a token version of this in Florida.
  3. Excellent layout. Thank you. 50p best payout so far! Working on the tenner, need to brush up on commonwealth games of '86! (Among a lot of other subjects)
  4. davep180


    Awesome mate, love this one. Thanks to Richy for the sounds too!
  5. davep180

    Prize Tetris

    Nice one. Thanks
  6. davep180

    Arcade Punks

    @AK45 The work shown on the above video is amazing! How long does each one take you to put together? Only asking, because there must be hundereds if not a thousand machines out there!
  7. Thanks Reg. Great collection.
  8. davep180

    Arcade Punks

    Fair enough. Maybe I over reacted. I think I may be Manstruating! I do think you may be surprised about how many new people have come here due to the Arcade Punks pack. If you have any wheel art or intro videos for Hyperspin would you be willing to share? I wish you nothing but good intentions.
  9. davep180

    Arcade Punks

    Thanks AK45. What you haven't mentioned is that because of this pack I am now a member here and have donated to the cause. I know not everyone will do the same, but you kind of made me look like a dick.
  10. Coin Ops Next looks good. You get a base pack, then add differnt consoles, arcade and pc games in downloadable packs.
  11. davep180

    Arcade Punks

    It's a Hyperspin Add-on pack. I downloaded it and ended up here! It has video intros for about 160 Fruities. What brought me here, was the lack of old skool machines. The pack has to be integrated with RocketLauncher, but works well for me.
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