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  1. Did it again, if that was in the wild, you wouldn't go for it, hilo on a 6 @ 500. But from previous play in the ermulator, I knew it was gagging. Still a fair bit adrift, might be more afterbirth in this...... EDIT or maybe not, killed me straight off for the next 6 boards so far.
  2. niallquinn

    Blackjack Club

    Sweet. Hammer this bugger tonight.
  3. Yep, riddled with the Fuerboos E!cl trojan. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/threats/malware-encyclopedia-description?Name=Trojan:Win32/Fuerboos.E!cl That aside, there wasn't any layout or roms in the archive, as I said before. Only the mfme exe, associated files, and the game and ram files. Curiously all time stamped 29/12/20 instead of the 03/08/20 that it should be.
  4. The layout files and roms aren't in the archive you've posted. The gam file and the ram file is though. Thanks!
  5. Thanks to anon for the years fees. Still sent a few quid over though.
  6. Brilliant to see this, it really is.
  7. Was just thinking, back in the day, the excitement of, will he release a new version at Christmas? The joy when it happened.
  8. Ah thank anyway. I'll have another crack at it this week.
  9. @Jamessco You got anything for this mate? Thanks.
  10. Been playing this on and off for the last two weeks, started to look promising, getting to about 120/130 wins, and it crashed overnight, and the ram is back to the default!!! Anyone got a decent-ish ram they can post? Thanks.
  11. Spent yesterday with my two fluff bundles. Seal point Birman, and Tortie Birman. both little monkeys. Last night; usual Saturday night, curry and music. Not doing much today, looking out the window watching the traffic on the ECML, waiting for the 37 later. Norwegian Forest, wow, that must take some brushing with a coat like that!
  12. Hmm, I was thinking something like Money Bags??? Bit crap when I can't be arsed to load it up and check.
  13. Sweet. I thought we had this, either that or there's a clone that's the same? Thanks!
  14. Many thanks, nice era the 6-10 quid JPMs, but I'm buggered if I can remember this one.
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