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  1. You know, I'm not religious, but in the pet world, there's a thing Americans came up with, called Rainbow Bridge. The idea being, all your pets die and wait for you at Rainbow Bridge, then you all cross the bridge to meet St Peter, and go into the gates of heaven. I'd like to think there's a fruit machine version. All your mpu3 machines, all work 100%, no knackered lamps, artwork looks brand new, and you play, unlimited free spins, to your hearts content. If so, I'll see you there one day.
  2. 2 years today since he last visited the site. Still miss you man.
  3. NOTE - From Bedroom To Billions - Special Edition, 2 x DVD - is now £10. EDIT, I can't get DVD1 to play, for both DVD's, but I can only get DVD2 working.
  4. Heavy heart, and with a pelicon with an enorgomous bill. From Bedroom To Billions - Special Edition, 2 x DVD - £30. From Bedroom To Billions - Official Soundtrack CD - £10 *** SOLD *** Memoirs of a Spectrum Addict by the late AR, DVD - £10 Ocean - The History - Paperback - £10. All as new as I rip dvds/cd, and keep the original safe. Postage won't be much, £2 per item. Also cross posted in Retro For Sale on FB. Thanks.
  5. SRU is in the current build 0.244. The problem with MAME, is, and always will be, as far as FME is concerned, it how to create the layouts, and someone to do it. There isn't anybody. End of.
  6. Keyboard here all the way, probably me just being cack-handed!
  7. Ah, I thought that was just me, it did that on Track And Field.
  8. Commando is rotated through 90. As was Galaga. Track and field was great though1 Loving how playing on a FM, you had hear the arcade in attract modes in the background. Top Stuff!
  9. Oooof, many thanks! I'll see you at christmas!
  10. Got to love a nice moquette............
  11. Bloody Harrogate, the poshest place in North Yorkshire. You know, queuing for 3 hours to get a cup of tea at Betty's.
  12. Pluto? Really? There's a certain manufacturer that still uses Proconn for £70/100 lotechs!!!
  13. Yep, one of my fav golf games...a nice play on the NeoGeo.
  14. Good thing it's an old release, not a good idea to have anyone of the CHD based games, as of 0.239 they take up 614gig of space.!!!!...........
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