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  1. For the idle / clueless / tired folks,any chance of an upload of the Tommy layout converted to work in v20? Thanks!
  2. Thanks - really made me laugh that!!!!!!!!
  3. No reason why not, it's fully playable in MAME, just tried it. Here's the current MAME roms, the MFME ones it expects will probably be different. v4dealem.zip
  4. @Chopaholic I think it's actually an AY8913, same as the CPC. Looking at the Barcrest MPU4 board schemtics, theirs was. Others may have used varients, I guess, like the 8912 Sp128 or the 8910 ST maybe?
  5. Andy capp, any old samples, "where to you think youre going?" "Flowers for you pet?".???
  6. Don't be daft, you've nowt to apologise for!
  7. Thanks for the updated version!
  8. niallquinn

    Amiga Mods

    Yep, me to, it was one line of 68k. move.w #0,$dff1dc to knock it to 60hz, or #20 to knock it back to 50hz.
  9. niallquinn

    Amiga Mods

    Winaue for emulation. Or if you fancy going down the FPGA hardware route, MIST, MISTER, or any of it's clones.
  10. niallquinn

    Amiga Mods

    modules.pl site rip. https://mega.nz/file/CUYw3JIY#PTLzRFMYW04MJy4IJBQf_trvrrg9zdm9uO-g0iiZXGM
  11. niallquinn

    Amiga Mods

    Sorry @Regforgot about this. I've uploaded the UnExotica collection which has games and demos, games ones is pretty complete, but the demos side is pretty poor, anyway here it is - https://mega.nz/file/CYolXKBK#DVpdh2ZqmMeWTB2KnxH0gibDIukVcMvB2yF7ulBjXJc I'll leave it up for about a week incase anyone else wants it. Currently doing a site rip for the demo side of modules.pl, I'll upload them when I've got them all. Doing a Wget script which only downloads one zip at a time, so this will take a day or two.
  12. Years since I've played it, but I'm sure of you load up the sound roms, there's an unused sample in it that was pretty good. Going to have to try it now to remember.
  13. I was going to say that one! Pub talk on Andy Capp, "where do you think you're going lad"? "fucking nowhere bitch" the pub would shout. Happy misoginistic days. Crystal Maze, me dad still plays it in MFME, and says with every board "you're locked in, you lose Billy Crystal". After the 1000th time, it get's less funny.
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