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  1. you guys are right , didn't finish watching the new two parter . To explain why , I would have to be sexist , racist and all sorts of bad . But the way it goes these days , not long before a reboot ………………….
  2. Thanks dude , looks bloomin astounding , double thanks , hoorah mr pook
  3. Sweet DAD , and a completely irrelevant GIF to say thanks , enjoy yo day
  4. I see the good lady Doctor is back , well im happy , sod you lot
  5. Cheers dude , looks great , high five
  6. becks

    Strange Gaming Videos...

    That's what the kids watch , found myself amused by it , he does an amusing character called but man too , pretty sad . its shocking the views it gets , someone somewhere is making a fortune . anyone heard of blippi ?
  7. becks

    Strange Gaming Videos...

    great stuff , This world never fails to amaze me , good call reg , isn't life friggin great its the humanity in each little thing we do , makes me smile , knowing we are all big kids
  8. friggin hell , what a absolute beauty 11111 9 btw my shift key don't work 0 , you should be proud rolo ,
  9. Thank you mr vectra666 , looks like beauty , knucks dude ,
  10. becks

    Cluedo Super Sleuth

    Sweet , thanks andy , loved the board game , I rekon it was Evo1 , with a lead pipe , in regs hidden underground command center , big hi , from sunny Basildon , I look forward to this andy , cheers again ,
  11. did it say red sky in the morning too ? . When I read the title , volcano fruit machine , I figured Krayzeestyles had bought a new toy
  12. Mate , friggin legend fatdad , this tune was on the latest simpsons episode , I knew it was a Christmas tune but had no clue of the name . Honest it was driving me crazy , ive used apps and allsorts to NOT find it , and boom its here . Friggin legend , once again I can sleep
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