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  1. Hi John, just wanted to put it out there, that of course you can use any of my releases in your program. Who doesn't want to see their creations come to life like this? Truly amazing work so far!
  2. Now crop the bottom fit that "max monitor res" has created. To get to the bottom bit, change window size to something small, then pull out each edge until correct.
  3. @Reg, That didn't go quite to plan did it @Road Hog Mad Yes, just like Reg showed, there is no 'tool' to crop.
  4. Machines such as that popeye one, goto design mode and crop out the side art. Do this with any layouts you want, just simply crop out anything that isn't the actual machine from all sides. then save. machine will stretch to fill the screen now
  5. It would need to be able to interact with eh pacdrive DLLs for that to work. He would need the new board to be able to identify itself as a pacdrive with correct ID numbers. Interested to see how that he gets on though.
  6. @Reg @vectra666 Thankyou to both of you. I know vecs didn't mean anything by this release so I stand by what I said about leaving it on the site. Would seem really bitter to ask for it to be removed, I certainly don't want him to do that. I apologise for snapping last night but it did really get to me when I saw it. I have woken up in a better mood but the points I raised still stand. It won't stop me releasing as and when I find something to put together. I think the main thing here is just ask, as I persoanlly wouldn't dare pull bits of peoples work without asking first. So yea, leave this on the site, its another layout for people to enjoy nonetheless. Thankyou both for your understanding.
  7. No need to remove @Reg wouldn't be fair on anyone who has downloaded it or wants to. @vectra666 I'm sure I'll get over it. It's a passion to create these layouts as I'm sure you well know, and constructive criticism is usually welcome. But I feel, for whatever reason you seem to take aim at mine and love pointing out the flaws in them. I just couldn't believe my eyes coming home from work to this layout, without so much as a 'Do you mind?' Just so you could release a 'better' one. I'll sleep on it.
  8. I'm sorry but I'm going to take issue with this release. I'm actually quite angry about it. I suppose its a build up of events over time but this is why I'm feeling the way I am. Firstly, vectra has more than just 'nabbed' my top reels without the etiquette to even ask if it's OK to do so. He has also taken my bottom reels too, literally saved from my layout and added to his. These took a few hours to get right and mess around with, for him to just take them for his own work is shocking. (I'm well aware the symbols aren't mine, but the backgrounds and editing certainly are) Didn't even ask. Secondly he couldn't wait to pick out the problems with my gold rush layout and messaged me back and forth to point these errors out and how hes edited to make it right, for me to re-release, including comments on the release thread about how he's sorted the issues etc etc. Did the same with my red, white & blue layout. Why? I thought there was a certain etiquette to asking for permission before using elements from other people's work? I have always made a huge point in NOT taking anything from others' layouts (or ask/thank those if I ever did), and recreate my own reels, except for the reel symbols themselves. backgrounds, number reels ALL my own work. Vecs also needed help getting the mutiplayers linked which I helped him do, no thankyou there either???? I just don't get it, vectra constantly releases a v1.1 of his layouts moments after release as he doesn't test them properly and no body bats an eyelid but on my threads he's there picking out the faults on them. At least I'm honest with the 'faults' in mine, and its usually because it's something in the emulator I'm not familiar with such as masking but feel the layout is good enough without needing to change it. It's only really this guy who's winding me up, but he's a big player here and I don't want the hassle. To that end, its unlikely you guys will see anymore layouts from me as I don't wanna put hours and hours in and just get shit like this, like a kick in the teeth. "Here's my better layout" Thankyou to everyone who has enjoyed and played my layouts and supported me in the past. I do appreciate you guys. I create(d) layouts for the love of the scene, when that's gone, what's the point.
  9. Just attach a bulb to it and if the bulb comes on when you turn on the PC, its the wrong one.
  10. Yes that my (somewhat messy) diagram Do you have the pacrdrive that is OFF on startup (the special version) ? Sounds like it could be to do with that
  11. Thank @logopolis for the heads up here. He gave me an insight to the different programs available and this sounded the best one
  12. Looking at the ROM notes, there is a DIP setting to 'disable forcing of red streak' not sure exactly what it does, but I guess some arcades would use it and you wouldn't know. Its off in this release
  13. Yes thanks, just not got around to amending it
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