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  1. It's my own that I created for myself. It looks slightly different from the photo as I continue to develop it
  2. Cashflow 126/129dfx works a treat and I can send you across a wiring diagram on how to wire it to either an ipac or a keyboard encoder. It requires a 12v power source (pc?) P.s my current build
  3. I was replying about my 12v hopper which I said I was using The U2 works in 24v or 12v too
  4. Correct. Just wire directly from each of the hopper pins to ipac / pacdrive and a 12v source
  5. Azkoyen U2 parallel hopper is in my build. Works perfectly without additional wiring etc. And they can take any coins
  6. Hi Tommy. Many thanks for this layout. I haven't yet had chance to play as am out at the moment but it's one of my favourites back in the day. Did you fix the reel error from the £5 version as one of the reels had a 2 on one of the icons when it should have been a 1 IIRC. Again many thanks for the release!
  7. I know. I haven't got round to playing it yet.
  8. Amazing looking layout, look forward to playing it. Thanks
  9. Deleted as read the wrong thing
  10. I did think It looks like a concept machine but couldn't get any roms to load. That being said I am really not sure what roms i need to be loading into MFME to test.
  11. Hi guys. Looking around from ROMs for this. (Not sure if it's already been done) but not sure of manufacturer or tech. Plenty of roms for "Bar 7" etc but cant get any to start. I'll confess I have no clue about most other techs other than mpu and scorpion. Was hoping to make a DX from this image. Or if anyone else wants to take it on? Thanks.
  12. I'ts OK guys, I haven't a clue what he's even talking about
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