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  1. Version 1.0.0


    ...aaannnnd since I had this sitting on my PC for some time I thought I'd release this too. So here is an updated version to my Grand Golden Game layout I did a while ago. This one is much bigger and crisper looking than my old tiny sized layout. That is thanks to @Player for the resources once again. Again, I have to keep readjusting the topbox size on my PC, I hope that's not the case for everyone and once you set it up, I hope it stays set up for you. Hope all is OK, but please let me know if not
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Here we have Golden Game Deluxe - 3 Player, running on £25/30p/90% by Mazooma So after releasing Monopoly Deluxe as a standalone version, a few of us here discussed whether the resources were available for the triple version of either Monopoly or Golden Game Deluxe and turns out we do have ROMs for both and some excellent pictures of the golden game version with many thanks AGAIN going to @Player for those. A huge thanks also to @logopolis who provided a sorted catalogue of the many different Golden game and monopoly ROM sets which came in handy here and will definitely come in handy in the future. 3 Players in MFME can be a bit finicky to set up on different screen sizes, but hopefully once you've adjusted it, then it should load the same as you left it next time. However for some reason on mine, I cannot for the life of me get it to save the correct size of the topbox so always have to readjust that each time. (Any help with that will be appreciated!) But hopefully it works for you. Any problems let me know. Notey doesn't work, I've just lit it for aesthetics. Thanks!
  3. Hi. Sorry I dont use the effects on my MFME so didn't notice it. just untick both hoppers in configuration to fix.
  4. No that is the 'wonders of the world' triple version. Unfortunately the screen versions are not supported by MFME as they run off PCs rather than the fruit machines hardware
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Here is an updated version of Mazooma's Monopoly Deluxe running on £25/30p/90% This is basically a standalone version of Golden game and it's clones and plays pretty much the same. Not everyone's cup of tea but with the amazing resources provided by @Player I couldn't resist giving this one a revamp, so thankyou very much for the resources! Also thankyou to whoever created the cab I've used (Unfortunately I can't remember which machine it was originally used on) As always if there's any problems please let me know. Hope you enjoy.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Here is Clownin' Around by BWB. Set on £15/30p/86% This machine is very well known for it's emptier which was never chipped. Good luck finding this machine anywhere in the wild these days for that reason. Anyway, as I had some images from when I owned this machine of the £15 decals I thought it could do with an update on the higher jackpot amount. Thanks to @Tommy c for his version which helped me with the lamp numbers and to whoever provided the BWB reel symbol resources. Anything wrong, please let me know, but for some reason the 'nudge now' lamp doesn't appear to work except in attract mode. Looking at the lamp matrix, it doesn't appear to light anything when nudges are active. Thanks for downloading.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Here we have another release with the bearded one on it. This time, fortunately, its the classic 'Noel's House party' by Maygay. Dual release, so pick your favourite. Either £10/25p or a smaller £6/20p both all cash. Great sound package on this one, and 10x more bearable than today's modern machines with Noel's face on. Very large DX (around 4k in size) so if you have a large monitor then this should look decent on it. Hopefully all is in order but please let me know if anything isn't right. Thanks to @spa for his Google drive where I grabbed the flyer from and of course the original uploader. And thanks also to all the contributors who provide resources for the scene for which we all enjoy. Thanks for downloading.
  8. This is why I stuck to non-touchscreen. I needed to keep the costs down Thankyou so much!. Long time no speak. Yes it was awkward at times but working in a front opening cab was far better than working with my old one. Can't wait to see your new cab
  9. After many weeks of finishing my cab, I thought I'd share a quick video of it with some commentary for those that are interested.
  10. No1Stoney


    MFME works and looks great with a monitor in portrait mode. Just set your desktop settings to portrait mode and fire up MFME. Then put mfme in full screen mode. Nothing else to it. As for having another monitor in landscape thats fine too just goto desktop properties and arrange the monitors how they are on your desk.
  11. Sounds almost like some wires are bridged somewhere ? If there's nothing in the way of the coin out sensor and its still pressing the [ or ] key and its from the wrong hopper then I'm not sure why else it would be doing that. I'll have a think.
  12. Some layouts have hidden buttons at the side of the layout (only visible if you edit the layout and expand the window to see the hidden components). If that's the case, then the pacdrive settings are probably picking up the keyboard shortcuts from those buttons
  13. Most freshly downloaded 3 players should load up everything automatically, just open the topbox first. If it doesn't, load all the slaves and topbox individually and move all the windows around until they are in the right position (press ESC on a window if the window is borderless to be able to move it around and resize, and F1 to revert once in place) now make click onto the topbox and press ALT+L to link everything together. Now they should all work as intended and when you close any window it will close them all. Also when you now reopen the topbox, everything else should load in how you left them last time
  14. Also remember you need to press the config button after loading in your template or setting up manually. Make sure you set up the same keyboard shortcut for all your buttons on each layout. So for example always make sure you use C for collect and ' for cancel etc etc
  15. If you don't have hoppers you can use 15 and 16 for your lamps.
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